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Guest Gone Fishing...

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29 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

Iain Davis of In-This-Together joins us once again, this time to discuss his latest article, "Acceptance of and Commitment to Freedom." In this conversation, James and Iain move from an examination of the feelings of hope and despair that have been instilled in the population by the would-be social engineers to a conversation about how we can use behavioural psychology to reassert our power and regain our sovereignty.




james act.jpg


Nice to see JC  and Ian Davis socially networking, as a long time follower of both James Corbett and UK oolumn.


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Guest Gone Fishing...
4 minutes ago, MarcusOmouse said:


Nice to see JC  and Ian Davis socially networking, as a long time follower of both James Corbett and UK Column.


JC seems to be able to get all the heavyweights of 'alternative' on his show  :O)

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Guest Gone Fishing...

Jacob Hornberger of The Future of Freedom Foundation joins James to discuss his recent article on "Crisis-Filled Lives." In this conversation, Hornberger notes the various crises that have come to define our precarious existence in the maws of the welfare-warfare state and what we can do to reverse the Crisis and Leviathan effect.




corbett jacob.jpg

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Guest Gone Fishing...

JOIN THE OPEN THREAD: https://www.corbettreport.com/openthreadfeb22/

So, what video from The Corbett Report archives would you like to see highlighted as a future SUNDAY FLASHBACK? Corbett Report are invited to log in to corbettreport.com and leave their suggestions (as well as their questions, discussions and news tips) in the new open thread. 



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On 9/1/2021 at 10:49 PM, Basket Case said:


Did you know there's a searchable archive of the last 12 years of tv news? Or that every moment of all of the major news network's broadcasts from the week of 9/11 are available for free online? Well, you do now! Go forth and research!




In light of the recent RT censorship, James Corbett's latest Solutions Watch upload 'How to Get Around the Digital Iron Curtain' is an important one to watch in conjunction with the 'Research Resources' video posted by BC along with 'How to Research Online'.





In summary, the main solutions presented in order to access blocked or deleted content are the following.

  • Use a VPN
  • Tor browser is suggested but with some reservations from Corbett as to its origins.
  • Should you have the URL for what you want to access, Way Back Machine on archive.org - dubbed the 'Library of Alexandria' - may have captured the site. This could also apply for YouTube videos not accessible in your country.
  • Similar to Way Back Machine, archive.today is a time capsule for web pages which may hold a snapshot of a URL you wish to view.
  • For those wanting to keep up with RT, there are channels on Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble.

With DuckDuckGo now censoring its searches, Corbett has made a video about Presearch which is an alternative, decentralised search engine which may be worth considering.



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SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/deletesocialmedia/

Even the Big Techers admit it: social media is ripping apart the fabric of our society. So the solution is simple, right? Delete your social media! Or is it not that simple? Join James on today's edition of #SolutionsWatch as he explores the solutions to the Media Matrix problem. Some silly cunts threaten it, but hang around like a bad smell.




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Last year, Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond appeared on #SolutionsWatch to introduce you to the concept of YouTube Pirate Streams.
This year, Ryan is back to talk about how the concept has developed and expanded . . . and to introduce some upcoming #CorbettPirateStreams where James and Ryan will be doing a watch along and Q&A on False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda.
Be there or be square!



pirate stream.jpg

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SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/filmfestival-aq3/


On Sunday, September 11, 2022, James Corbett appeared at the 2022 9/11 Truth Film Festival (in support of the Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and their upcoming film, 9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom) to talk about Part 3 of False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda. He discusses the film with Richard and Gail Gage of RichardGage911.org and answers questions about the research that went into it.

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Whitney Webb of UnlimitedHangout.com joins James once again, this time to discuss her new, epic, 900-page, two-volume tour de force, One Nation Under Blackmail. In this conversation, Webb and Corbett dive into the sordid tale of Epstein and his compatriots and begin to unravel the incredibly complex web of the intelligence/organized crime/blackmail syndicate. 




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Hello. Not sure where to post this or who to ask. Thought James Corbett fans would be more understanding. Where I live I do not have the possibilities of home schooling and I do not want to take my kid to school. Is there a community of other like minded parents, to ask for advice?

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How James started on his path.. 


"As mentioned in my recent conversation with Tjeerd Andringa, my TedX talk from 2014 has now been set to "Unlisted" on the TedX YouTube channel and it now sports a disavowal from Ted: NOTE FROM TED: We've flagged this talk because it falls outside the content guidelines TED gives TEDx organizers. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. Watch it in all its uncensored crimethink glory here.

FROM 2014: Since the rise of the internet people have changed from mere audiences into authors and editors. With pieces of technology small enough to fit the whole world into your pocket, a revolution might be on its way. The net is now mightier than the sword. This presentation was delivered at the TEDxGroningen conference in the Netherlands on November 20, 2014. "






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Grab a spanner and get out and dismantle the NWO..  


From ULEZ camera sabotage to culture jamming in the supermarkets to QR code tinkering, there are no shortage of wrenches that can be thrown in the gears of the technocratic enslavement grid. So, what methods of monkeywrenching the New World Order will work for your own purposes? Let's put on our thinking caps and explore the possibilities in this mischievous edition of #SolutionsWatch 







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SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/flashback-bbc/ 


FROM 2013: For much of its 80 year existence, the BBC has been criticized by those who believe it to be an insidious mixture of political and cultural power, and now in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the British public is once again outraged at their national broadcaster. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we examine the history, function, and institutional biases of the BBC, and how the British people are rising up against the Big Brother Corporation. 







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Let's face it: comments often suck. And who's to say they're even real? But what's the solution to these crappy communications? Well, don't read the comments, of course. But if you do decide to wage into the the infowar battlespace that is the comments section, then at the very least you need to arm yourself with knowledge of the various tactic that the trolls, bots, disinformation agents, psyops warriors, sealions and forum spies are employing to derail you from taking meaningful action. Today on #SolutionsWatch I'll help do just that by reviewing The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies. 







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I mentioned this golden oldie in the MAM thread. Corbett considers it one of his seminal and most popular pieces. And:



if you have any questions about this story, you are a batshit paranoid, tinfoil hat wearing, dog abusing baby eater who will be reviled by everyone! If you love your country, freedom, happiness, rainbow, rock 'n' roll, puppy dogs, apple pie and your grandma, you will never ever express doubts about any part of this story to anyone. EVER!



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