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The White Desert : Death in the Sterile Machine World : Pandemic Drama To Stay Alive


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I had the impression that people so bored and lost in their meaningless sterile robotic lives .... they generate hatred in order to stay alive.   In order that something is happening in their lives.

If they don't they will die, they will disintegrate through lack of challenge, lack of use.

The modern world has removed every challenge with health and safety ... large corporations mechanising work.

This is also why the nurses dancing ... they are dancing because for the first time they have something to do, they feel important ... why?  Because their work is so sterile and mechanical.

The sterile world of liberal global utopia and mechanisation is killing people; and people are responding instinctively to stay alive, by creating a large drama. 

People do not have the ability to create endless dramas ... but Coronavirus is an effort from them to stay alive at least for a while.  Once it ends they will start dying again in the sterile white death of a sterile society where anything alive is killed.

Witness "science" telling you that feelings are bad, god does not exist, love is hormones and that you will die meaninglessly, and that "scientists" know better than anyone else.


In the following study from the 1960s a city of mice was experimented on ... they were given everything for free in a utopia, bottles of water and food ... you would think they would be happy, but in fact they started dying : details on that study are here:


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