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Real reason for Covid haox?


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“A gathering like this can have tragic consequences for all those involved and risks spreading this terrible virus to our loved ones and the wider community,” he added.


But half a dozen news speakers or show hosts and their guests whether they're 5 or a hundred, all squashed in confined TV studios and NEITHER of them wearing a mask take NO risk of spreading the 'terrible virus' because they're all IMMUNIZED...



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On 1/22/2021 at 4:25 PM, andy1033 said:

Like i said at the start, covid19 was an american bio weapon attack on china, as america and trump could not let them win the trade war, that america was losing against them.


Not everything is about the USA on this planet.

Convid19 is not about a war on China by the USA but a war on humanity world wide by the satanic cabal with a very specific purpose.

 ... As if Trump had the power and/or intelligence to do such a thing.  🙄 



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