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Protect Your Vulnerable Loved Ones

Foggy Dewhurst

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If you have a relative residing in a "Care"home or in any facility where you cannot be with them,please be on your guard if you represent their interests and do not wish them to receive the untested,unproven,dangerous jab.


As someone's voice I have had several calls and texts to book their appointment,despite stating categorically that it is not wanted.


It seems like these drugpushers are persistent and if you give the "wrong" answer they will keep on,relentlessly harassing you like a dog with a bone.


It's like the Referendum Question all over again,"If you vote the wrong way we will keep having referendums until you get it right,or we can fiddle the results in our favour".


Only this is crucial,unless you stand firm your relative could be another Bell's Palsy or Huntingdon's Disease or Fatality Statistic.



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