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Germany builds Detention Centres for COVID dissidents


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Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


I highly doubt these are German decisions.


We dont know that.

What we do know is that there is a general consensus on the agenda, which is of course logic.

How much freedom these political puppets is given to them is however hard to tell.

I actually do think there is some room to play within these actions. (can't proof that for certain, its just my standpoint)

I mean why in the nine worlds would germany be the first place to install these?

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more MSM fake news... second link nowhere alludes to COVID but 'regular' detention camps for illegals...



Detention pending deportation is usually carried out in specialised detention facilities. Since July 2014, when the CJEU ruled that detention for the purpose of removal of illegally staying third-country nationals has to be carried out in specialised detention facilities in all Federal States of Germany,[1] most Federal States which did not have specialised facilities before have announced that the necessary institutions would be established; deportees were sent to facilities in other Federal States in the meantime.



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