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A quick, easy way to find out what you are


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Its in the gap

We have a constant stream of thoughts, but there are gaps between each thought
We have a constant stream of bodily sensations...theres always something going on. One sensation runs into another seamlessly. Actually, there are gaps inbetween.
One memory runs into another, into another.
What you truly are lies inbetween those gaps
When you see whats in the gap...you see your true nature

How to do this?
Simple and easy

Use a fleshy part of your body, say, the lower part of your thighs. Press down with your finger on that part so as to give a distinct feeling
One second later, press down on the other thigh giving that similar sensation
Do it again putting close attention to those short sharp sensations
Do it 5 or 6 times, then stop

Notice, what is there...what do you see?

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The secret is in the gap


At anytime, day or night we look at our minds, bodies, exteral objects...

We see an endless stream of thoughts, feelings, impressions, movement. When one thing ends immediately something replaces it

From a thought our attention moves to a feeling. From the feeling to a memory. From the memory to a visual object.....wheres the gaps? Usually there are no gaps

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But sometimes there are gaps

Everybody on earth has experienced an empty gap for usually a short time and dont know what to make of it. 

Its quiet, its strange, its mystical, its uncomfortable , its boring, its empty, its dark.....i hope it goes away soon etc

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Our true identity is revealed in this mysterious "gap"


But there are no gaps! You say


Dead right there are no gaps


We make some coffee, IMMEDIATELY after our attention goes to making the toast, straight after that our attention is we sipping the coffee. Coffee cup down back on table we think about the shopping list. That ceases when we hear scraping and gnawing sounds in corner of kitchen...our eyes search the floor looking for mice. While we do that we are interrupted by a pain in lower back. Suddenly the thought....the banks are closed!


Non stop action of some sort all day and all night

Non stop means exactly non stop

Non stop is our natural mode of operation


No gaps

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If there are no gaps we must create them

Thats the purpose of the crude elementary pressing flesh to cause a distinct sensation. There are many such tricks


Whats in the gap?




Thats it? 


Thats it

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