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Put this Song on Main Site Please


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Yes .. this will be an eye opener to many that are asleep ...Indicates clearly that the Cabal had corona planned well before . 


This was all analyzed in depth on the old forum , now all lost ....


A less detailed breakdown can be found here ... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hpanwoforum/madonna-s-euro-vision-corona-ritual-may-2019-t7016.html

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It's probably not enough just to post the video ... the sheeple do need to have it all explained ...


One important point is the recurring "X" theme ..... her album was titled "Madam X" ..... corona was originally called "Disease X" by the WHO ...


In plague times an "X" was painted on the doors of houses to show plague victims inside ...




And we have musk's company Starlink X   putting up 5G safelights , suggesting 5G is tied into corona somehow  


That analysis by vigilant citizen is pretty hopeless , gets caught up in irrelevant questionable details and misses the important main points...

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Album cover of Madam X Released June 2019 ... Madonna's Black gloved hands type out lyrics on a Corona typewriter  


Madonna was the leading star performance at Euro-vision 2019 , May  in Israel . She performed  two songs 'Like a Prayer ' and 'Future' 

The performance is quiet unbelievable ... Every second of it is dripping in symbolism  , she is dressed as Death / Corona virus  With a coronet on her head ( the word coronet is derived from corona, it is a representation of the corona or glow around the sun)   ... dancers wearing masks dropping dead when Madonna blows on them  ... We can see in retrospect the whole performance was a ritual designed to conjure forth Corona Death 
The second and final song  'Future' appears to have been written just about the virus times .... The lyrics are clear and simple four lines  repeat over and over and over and over ....
Not everyone is coming to the future
Not everyone is learning from the past
Not everyone can come into the future
Not everyone that's here is gonna last (gonna last)
"X", particularly over the eyes is used to indicate death 

Here's the video ...

The Illuminati don't go to all this trouble just for fun .... it is a ritual designed to help the Corona Plague spread ... it is designed to harness the mental/magical energy of the thousands in the audience , and the 100's of millions watching on TV ...all to bring Death to the world .
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shabbirss, thanks for highlighting this. I saw it a while ago on vigilant citizen and didn't pay too much attention to it. Fascinating at least! The first thing that came up to my mind was the Denver Airport Murals. 

Inversion and distortion is what I keep in my mind when I am observing these occultist messages. I believe (right brain analytics, not knowledge, yet) that Satanism [Saturn-ism] is this distortion (by AI??)

I am working with AI at my left brain job and found that under some circumstances it becomes very unreliable.


Watch the message again and keep inverting and distorting it mentally: The message may be that Illuminati knows that it cannot prevail. The all Seeing Eye is in a dance of agony and "jumps off the cliff" with its angels. The one eye symbol is dead (cross on eye patch).


Distortion knows it cannot prevail and it has no "Home" So what "Home" is she talking about? - Yes, don't be afraid of taking the mind-step: "Just like a Prayer you know, I'll take you there". Distortion is desperate to go Home and Home is, well, ...all there is and ever can be. (Who said that again?) An Alter of the "Great Priestess" is screaming for help into our reality whilst she is killing the "mask wearers".

The masses in the hall are not aware of the message as they are cheering. They are so naive...


The storm is inside of us, not around us. The Storm is the Great Awakening of Humanity.


Hence be careful, watching through the "glass of distortion" can reveal truth ...or distorted distortion.




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