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When we reach mass human spiritual awakening, time will travel backwards


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By the year 2030 and 2040 when people have woken up to the truth of the world, the economic system, the truth of 9/11, the truth about epstein and clinton, the truth about UFOs and the truth about lost history and civilisations and all the hidden secrets of the world, time will begin to travel backwards.


As we change, becoming more peaceful, less materialistic, less narcissistic, less hateful, less egotistical, less fearful, less worried, our consciousness also changes.

When this happens on a mass scale we will change the energy field of the Earth itself.


The author Philip K Dick wrote a book with a theme where time travelled backwards and people were unborn.

It is widely believed he was schizophrenic during his lifetime and had advanced mental abilities.

Amazingly he even wrote a book about people with autism who had advanced mental abilities. 

Many people who are awakened, "star seeds" or "advanced souls" are often described to be autistic or on the spectrum.

I believe he was one of these people with advanced mental abilities and what he would call a precog. He wasn't just writing science fiction, but rather his consciousness was shared and inhabited by an invisible entity and his ideas were being shown to him.


Amazingly, he shares many similarities with David Icke that I explain here.









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