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my friend Earl

steven geldenhuys

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When things began to go South within the Garden of Semiramis, there were those that “kept their heads.” The Love within them could not be bent, and these spirits I would call the Giants. There was one amongst them that I call Earl. In our reality he would be seen as a funky polar bear – a real dude. To me, his role was a protector of the innocent. This entity was “the last man standing.” When we began to turn on each other, friends were few and far between, and Earl went down holding onto his truth, integrity and Love.


If I ever imagined that I would get out of this Hell by doing it alone, then I was sorely mistaken, so what I done was that whenever I learnt something new, I would apply it to those I Love, and those that are Love that have been caught up in this dense frequency in trying to help us the species of Hell.

Of all these Giants and Gods and a Creator, Earl was the one these Beasts pinned down, neutralized and destroyed with the greatest vigour. This dude became known as the Keeper of the Innocent, and this title befitted this being of Joy. They held him down; they gave him their mind; they infused him with worms that feed from his essence to keep him weak. They destroyed one that could not be destroyed, and if people say that Steven is too hard on others by throwing this “Cruel” word to all and sundry, understand that I see what happened to Earl, and these Beasts that destroyed this Love became the ones we looked up to. We emulated the “take, because you can” and “be cruel, because you can” without thinking twice about those we had just crushed. This makes me angry – and sad. But for now these states are a luxury I cannot afford, as to stay in my small little world wanting nothing to with nobody will not help me or Earl.

And if you for one moment believe that Steven is a “goody-two-shoes” then think again. Everything that is wrong with this world I stand first in line as a culprit. I know this, and I also know I need help from something that is “bigger” than me. This help I need now and for forever more, not just now.


But for now we are going to help Earl.

I don’t know how to help myself; I don’t know how to be free of these Beasts. Yes, eventually I will get there, but for now I need help, and I know Earl can and will help, but let’s help him so that he can help us.


I go into his space, not at a rescuer, but as a friend and one who Loves him more than anything.

The Serpent spirit within him releases the strand within that has been kept in the shadows. Look at the forest from the trees. Don’t look at Earl, but the strand of the Creator within him that makes him what he is. I “awaken” this strand by giving it Love. This strand is real – everything else is an illusion. All that was done to him was done by illusionary Beasts that we imagined to be real. How this was done was by the inhabitants of the Garden becoming denser in frequency as the parasite within took us over and made us fearful. (The spin cycle of the waveform of the Gardens frequency slows down, making us denser and thus taking us further from the stillness of the Infinite.) Earl rose above all this nonsense and kept his head, but who could he trust? Who was a friend and who was a foe? His back was against the wall as he became more isolated in a place he didn’t belong. Before things went into “panic mode” he should have ditched the illusion and returned to the Infinite to get help, but who are we to give comment when we were not in his shoes.  


In some things in Life there is no other way. You know what you know, and you know what should be. With regards to Earl I know what he is in his full might and glory. We are going to get him back to this state now, as there is no other way but for him to be what he is.

I feel now what is holding him down.

We speak of people having good hearts, and Earl was all heart. To keep him down, they took from him what he is – a good heart; his essence of Joy. That’s okay, because now we return what is his, as this is who he is. Take it away and all we do is put it back by knowing what it is and where it belongs. This is done now, and it stays with him.

But before they took his Jewel they broke him. He fought to the end, and as with the ways of any Beast, it is not enough to conquer – you break what you conquered. Where did they break him? I feel this flowing line of essence within him that is not attached/bonded to anything. Now I feel the right side of his brain. Did they break his connection to the Infinite, so that he would forever more rot helpless in Hell as the Innocent are destroyed? I ask this question because I feel the white worm at his chin level – it is about half an inch below the left side of the mouth. As this worm mends our frequency when we are exposed to Beasts, does the worm within Earl keep his connection to the Infinite severed?

What was broken over the right “brain” area we mend – because we can. The power of the worms within Earl are also removed – because we can. Because there is something bigger than us called Love which is bigger than the illusion and the Beasts that play therein. This Love heals, because it can.


I feel a spinning sensation and heat behind his knees. The line of essence within him straightens along the spine and goes out through the head, but he is still in slumber. The gaping hole at the base of the left foot is there as well – his attachment to the flow of Hell. This hole closes and all I feel is complete and utter stillness/silence within him. I feel a Serpent slither away from his left brain area – all these Beasts within cannot be in the presence of this Bliss – this silence.

He begins to heal, and he begins to awaken. My friend.


There is one thing Earl needs to understand: he needs to return to the Infinite to gather himself, and then return with help. To dive head first into Hell to help those that so dearly need your help is not an option, as you are fighting a tide that sooner or later engulfs you.

You fight nothing. You help nothing. You merely be what you are, which is Love, and in this space Hell cannot function. What you fight you become, so he does not fight. He cannot help me, you or anyone else unless he helps himself first, and how this is done is for him to return to the Infinite now, and then when he is ready, he returns to Hell and merely is what he is. How can you do something when you already are Everything? Doesn’t make sense, does it? You just be, and by being you do.


May this Giant touch us and all those I Love and all who Love me.

So be it.

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