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Im a new member to the forum but a long time follower of the beautiful david icke, So just a quick hello, glad to be around like minded without the risk of arrest! been to a few protests in london, times are tricky right now, so to calm myself i write poetry, so fuck it, heres a share, about current situations x


I thought I needed to take something,
Build on it, (your notice as this poem goes on i dont do grammar and etiquette and shit!)
i needed cement emotions and memorys of bricks,
rising higher in the matrix,
blue blood, red brain,
fickle as such this shit is,
I kept building, searching,
the philosophy of supplements,
adverse reactions such as this,
dont get documented,
i reached for high shelfs in the library's,
made contrary marys part of me,
all the while i decide to be,
letters on a page,
not even sure who wrote them,
technologys age gives credit to George Orwell,
on stuff hes never even spoken!
so who knows,
who really knows
maybe ya gut,
instincts such a slut now days,
conspiracy's wear stocking and play anal charades,
so ive heard..
dirty little words,
soft dicks in technocratic hits,
finally can get hard now,
in secret microsoft,
sickening ,
we know all this and yet still were bickering,
over masks,
800,000 job losses, billionaires buying up acres of land like were, what?
Going out of business?!
are you mad!
4.5 milion on the healthcare waiting list,
But unless you go in with covid to,
your other disease
but were here to protect you,
if ya just sign here,
In your last breath,
Say it was from covid,
were respect you enough,
to talk freely again.
OH and by the way, sorry,
the vaccine doesnt stop transmission but we never claimed to,
And even if you have it, its that useless it could mean you infect others to,
RIP experiment 2021.
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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 hours ago, Lorelei said:

no idea whatever lol and thanks for the welcome x


Forum Talent Section it is then.
Lots of different 'rooms' here..


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