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Understanding how those from the shadows feed from us

steven geldenhuys

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To answer my question “Why is Life so cruel?” my Third Eye was opened during my sleep state, where I saw those from the shadows and what they do to us. What I saw can be placed into three categories:


1.      How these Beasts from the shadows feed from our energy.

2.      How the cosmic assassins “hit” our astral form, which has a knock-on effect on our physical bodies – resulting in our untimely death. (All disease is from the shadows, or from a long-standing family curse. There is nothing “natural” in dying a slow, cruel death.)

3.      A parallel universe was created to act as a R and R (rest and recovery) from our world. When things get too much, even for the best of us here, our astral form goes to a world similar to ours. The difference between this world and ours is that there is no stress there.

We are not allowed to clock-out/kill ourselves, as the System needs our energy, and this parallel universe is our break to recover from Hell before we are thrown back into the lion’s den.


The feeders from the shadows I have seen almost every night from day one, and continue to do so in my sleep state.

My “fun and games” with the assassins happened at least fifty times over the last seven years, where I would see my executioners and feel their blows or possessions.

I have knowingly been to the parallel universe twice i.e. I remember going there and what I saw.


After last night’s visit from the feeders, I would like to understand how they do what they do to draw energy from us so that the Feeding System may be dismantled.

This is how you are fed from when you sleep: A dream is implanted into you by an entity from the shadows. You follow the dream/story, in other words, you give the dream attention/energy. Your energy is accumulated by the one who implanted the dream, and they feed from your energy. That’s it! As easy as that.

I would follow the dream, wake up, and see the entity taking of my energy. Either they ate the energy there and then, or they took it to their world (take-aways.)

“Well Steven, I don’t dream every night” You do, your implanted dream is just forgotten.


This is what we were manufactured to do – to feed the System. We are a biological computer – something like a glorified vending machine, where those from the shadows come and take of our energy to survive.

Did you for one moment believe that Mankind was top of the food chain? Reality check: we are at the very bottom, where scum from the shadows exist in an all-out paradise where they do with us what they want when they want – because they can.

I have also been used as a sex object, and seen the same happen to my wife, and you know what boys and girls, through all that has been witnessed by Steven, the disaster is that I have been powerless to these Beasts cruel ways. They do what they do, and I am like someone in a coma, where I am powerless against them. Why is this so? – Because we are not manufactured to fight back; we were built to feed the System, and nothing else. The only way out is to dismantle our created/manufactured form so that we are out of the System, and in doing so, may the System fall.


May the Love that is guide me in figuring this out. I will lay out what I know – what I have seen and felt, and we can go from there.

·        Take a power-line cable. This is us the biological computer. Shoot a current through the cable, and there is a static electricity that is around the cable. This is our astral form that departs the body when the body dies. Ultimately, what powers the System, and us, is the strand of the Creator. This gives Life, but this Life is in Hell and not Heaven/the Infinite. This strand has been used for Dark ways, and how this has been achieved is by us forgetting this Creator/God/strand within us. We believe our role is to survive and become closer to our Creator, but the cruel joke is that this state is already within us. Our intended focus is on survival, and it is easy enough to forget this strand when we are spinned a story of something bigger than us that is somewhere. In other words, we are okay; we are looked after, just (nudge-nudge) get on with surviving/living so that we may unknowingly feed what we don’t know exists. I once again emphasise that we were built to feed those from the shadows, and for nothing else. This is our role in Hell.

·        Hidden within our astral form is the Serpent soul. Here in the illusion, in its true state, nothing is solid – there are only waveforms. Within the waveform of our astral and body form is a canal/cavern. It extends from the front of the base of the spine and extends to the brain area. The Serpent soul resides in this cavern.

·        At the Third Eye region within our forms lies the Watcher spirit. I have not seen mine so do not know what it looks like. This is an entity that is numero uno – number one in our body forms. This fucker is the monkey in the control tower, overseeing all so that we remain limited and locked into our role as a feeder. My impression over the years was that the Serpent soul allows these Beasts from the shadows into our space to do with us as they please, but this was never the case. The Watcher spirit is the god of our realm/body/space – allowing Beasts to do with us as they please.

·        The space between our chin and lower lip lies worms, with one in particular that is super powerful. (these worms are on the astral level.) This powerful one is about an inch long, white in colour, and is firmly embedded within our forms. Man-oh-man, this parasites role is pivotal in maintaining that we are controlled. What this role is I don’t know, and as has been said, my efforts to remove it have been futile. (this is because I do not understand it.)  


During one of the ayahuasca ceremonies I attended I was still in an altered state as the people outside were talking at the doorway – all emotional stuff with no consideration of those still in trance in the room. I got up and walked over to them to tell them to shut the fuck up, and with the corner of my eye I fleetingly saw the guy standing just to the right of me. I did not focus on him, so my vision/spectrum of him was broader than what it normally would be. What I saw was a man/entity made up of layers of waveforms/frequencies. He was layers of energy that knew no real boundaries. It is from this state we need to understand how we were manufactured to be feeders. We are not solid – we are waveforms/frequencies, and from this platform let us discuss how we were built to be feeders so that we may dismantle ourselves and be attached to the strand of the Creator within us rather than to cruel Beasts.


To know an answer, you need to ask the right question. From what we have said above, may this be enough to get the answer. Please understand that this is not Steven doing the talking and questioning. It is something within me that sees the cruelty of Life and weeps. For too long have rivers of tears and sorrow and blood  flown, and more than anything, something deep within my core wants to stop this nonsense for once and for all.


So let’s start at the beginning. (I am going to go into the past and enter the space of one of these Beasts to understand how they do what they do to us. What this Beast says I write in italics.)

You are sleeping in your bed. This Beast from the shadows enters your room. (We understand the frequency of your world and can thus come and go as we please.)

They enter your waveform space. (At the top of your head, just off to the right and slightly to the back lies the “entry switch” to open your space to us.) I feel this spot on my head. (When this entry switch is activated I have access to you; your System.) Now I feel this clockwise rotating sensation around the head.

Man-oh-man. Now I feel how our space/body is opened as one would open a book for all to be revealed. This “open book” sensation extends down to the left foot, where the base of the left foot opens. To what are we opening this space at our foot to? Okay, I get it – we are plugging into their system; their world/frequency.

How we are completely accessed, not only from this Beast, but the world/frequency from which it comes. As you would hold up a rag-doll and do with it as you please – this is the state we are now in i.e. helpless to these Beasts.

Now we are no longer of our world – we are plugged into theirs. Everything is known about us – there is nothing we can hide. Now I feel something drawn from us as it exits through the base of our left foot. They pulled us in to further embed us into their System. Now we are firmly entrenched into their world/frequency.

There is a gentle spinning over the right side of the brain. Something is seeing what is located there.

(Now I access your stored data/information. This is where I use the power of my imagination to web together a story from your information at my disposal.) The whole brain is played with now – gathering info.


(So far I feel no input from the Watcher spirit of Serpent soul within. It is all the Beast – where it entered our space, connected us to its System, and is currently infusing a dream/story.)


The throat area is “trodden on” for want of a better word. What is there is pushed aside intentionally. This is the strand they are by-passing, making sure it is isolated from us. Now there is a clockwise rotation over the throat area, and then stillness there. The tip of my right pelvis is painful, and this is where I suspect I have an underlying cancer frequency kept in my astral form.


Now I feel the energy forming within my forms as it builds up from following the dream. We are a power-house of energy – if only we knew that. At my inner left calf I feel a Serpent there. It swims in this wave of energy as the energy builds up in our forms. This Serpent is the facilitator of energy between our frequency and this world in the shadow.

Our energy leaves us through the base of our left foot to be stored in their world. I was always under the impression that these Beasts came to feed from us. This they do, but their primary focus is to first feed their world – something I never knew.


Now I feel the worm at my chin area. It has suddenly awakened to fulfill its role. My left calf area is still very much alive – full of activity. Now the Serpent that was there departs through the base of my left foot. We have finished feeding their world, and the facilitator has departed. The entry/exit at the base of the left foot is closed. There is a clockwise spinning sensation there as our forms depart/separate from their frequency.

Now the “fun and games” start. (Now I begin to feed.)

I feel the Serpent soul awaken at the base of its tunnel/cavern. It travels to the Watcher spirit located at the forehead and asks permission to eat/feed. The Watcher feeds first. This is the king on the throne, so it eats at will, regardless if nothing is left for the soul and the Beast to eat.


With the Watcher satiated and at rest, the Serpent soul feeds, and as it does so, it passes on energy/food to the Beast in its midst.

Now I feel activity behind my right eye. The Watcher has just watched – who is in its presence? A brief chit-chat is made between Watcher and Beast. Changes are made to our body forms as they deem fit. To Steven, it was over the left armpit area. The lymph system there was destroyed/reversed to put pressure on the heart. This was more on the astral level than the body level, so that less may be know/experienced through the All-encompassing heart energy field.


The Serpent soul departs to its cavern – it has finished eating, and yet I feel a part of this Serpent constantly monitors/assesses the strand over the throat area. This is the enforced role of the slaved Serpent soul: to make sure the strand is kept unknown and away from all. This I never knew. I never knew that the Serpent soul was a slaved puppet like us the biological computer.


Now I feel a clockwise rotation over the skull area. The book closes; our forms come together and are not exposed. Our frequency band was literally opened and exposed to the Beast.

Now I feel the worm over the cheek area again.  Wow! Its role is to make sure the shop is closed properly, so that no trace is left of what just happened. It is almost like a silk-worm: it threads together our frequency that was just opened. Wow. Wow. Wow. I never knew this.


And that is it. That is what happens to us every night, unless we are attacked to ultimately kill, or we are in the parallel universe getting some R&R.

Swell to know, but so what? It all means nothing unless we can do something about it.

Give us a moment or two to figure it out.

17th January, 2020.



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1 hour ago, steven geldenhuys said:

To answer my question “Why is Life so cruel?”



That's a long post Steve ... I'll just address the first sentence to the best of my understanding (credits to getwisdom.com)


For most sentient beings  , life is unending bliss .... most of creation is non free will and the beings dwelling there ( on billions of planets in billions of galaxy's) operate in close conformity to Creators will .. love and light and kindness .. not easy for us to imagine how things can be non freewill , but that is what we are reliably informed .... But it does impose limits on those dwelling there ...


Where we are is a new experiment , totally free will , anything goes . With this comes the possibility that things can go wrong ... High , non physical beings rebelled against Creator and went spirally down into depravity delighting in the suffering of others , by their own will they cut themselves off from Creator and his life support energy .. As a result these "Fallen Angels" had to leach off physical life forms for Psychic energy sustenance ... they psychically influenced these physical life forms (billions of years ago) and drew them into depravity ... 3 of these technically advanced ET races are controlling Earth and humanity now , tormenting us so the evil spirits , who they now consciously work with , can get food ....


We all chose to be here to try to resolve this problem of evil in our part of creation .... This can be done by Praying to creator that these dark ones find redemption , when this is successfully done , they move on allowing humanity to achieve it's full potential. 

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thanks for your reply. it is greatly appreciated.


deep down i know that if i wait for help, i am going to wait for a long time, and during the wait the powers that be will harm me and my loved ones and all outside their spectrum. in waiting and praying i feel powerless because i am powerless, as i am waiting and hoping. thus when i was touched by the cruelty of Life seven years ago i had to understand the big picture so that something may be done. 

to see these cruel beasts in my sleep state, and to experience what they do to me and every single person on this planet is not pleasant. we are in Hell, where anything goes, and i no longer stand for this nonsense. that the innocent have to suffer is not allowed - not on my watch.


we are spiraling out of control, and i refuse to allow the innocent to be caught up as collateral damage.

in a fleeting moment years ago i saw the Wisdom Goddess Sophia as she helped me as i was almost at my end. what i saw was a being of Love that was destroyed - one that could barely help herself let alone me. i think we cannot imagine to what level we have all descended into, and what we have pulled down with us. what i posted today was after seven years of living and breathing to find a way out of this mess. we have fallen so deeply that the ones that could help can no longer do so. now it is for us to help them so that they may once again help us. may they rise from the depths of this place called Hell, and in doing so, take us all Home.

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The day i wake up in the morning and tell my wife i saw beings of Love in my sleep state, that day will be a most pleasant day indeed, as Love has broken through the dense frequency of Hell. 

So after writing yesterday what is listed below, i went to bed and held thumbs that i would see friends rather than foes.

What came and implanted a dream to take energy were what i would call laborers. It was two separate visits from two different worlds. The one entity cleared tree trunks for a living - he looked like an ogre-tree. The other visitors - there were two of them - must have been over ten feet tall. They kept sprinkling something on me - it felt like crumbs.


When both parties entered my space it felt different to what i normally experience. These dudes meant no harm. They were just doing their best surviving. I think the hidden message for Steven is to lighten up - I have seen the worst of the worst, in the seen and unseen worlds, but you know what, not all are bad.  

This morning just before i woke up i saw our dog Benji in my sleep state. He looked so proud that he had found me in the astral/unseen plane. 

Things can only start getting better for all of us - this is our natural state, where Love just is Love.



(Below is a follow-on from the topic "Understanding how those from the shadows feed from us.")


What is the answer? That is simple: to awaken the strand so that it shines/connects with the biological computer and the souls within.

The Watcher spirit must be a “this is all I know” entity with a twist, as in “this is all I want to know – nothing else.” This makes this spirit null and void in terms of us wanting to help all. We are closing the door on nobody, and we are open to being wrong, it is just that we are focusing for now primarily on those that are entrapped, namely us the biological computer and the Dragon and Serpent soul within. Our “get out of jail card” is the strand at the throat area.


What has been written above in understanding how we are fed from opens the doors to see what is done to us and the souls. We merely understand, but this does not solve the problem – which is enslavement since before the beginning of time. Put another way: the “light” of the strand has not been allowed to shine on our existence which will set us free from Hell.

So once again, I ask the Love that is to guide and show us the way. We know what the problem is, but how is it solved? Once again I go into that something at my core to find a way out of this mess. I open the book so that all may be revealed within our forms, including the answer to the way out of this mess.


The Watcher spirit is united to all Watcher spirits. Their connection is a web that keeps Hell tight and under control. Their connection makes up the walls of Hell. As I felt the Watcher earlier on as it fed, I feel it now with its thread to all the other Watchers. One needs to understand this Watcher before Hell can be dismantled. I go into the space of the Watcher and I feel a spinning sensation – like a cyclone that spins so fast it forms a life of its own.

The speed/rotation of Sophia’s fall created the Serpent – it was more from this speed/twirling sensation than the impact zone that the Serpent was formed. It was through this rotational/spinning force within Semiramis that the spinning/rotational waveform of her illusionary Garden was created. The Infinite is stillness; the Garden is waveform – something always in flux; in motion. From the stillness Joy and Beauty are formed as we played with the nothing/stillness from which everything arose. From the waveform of the Garden life could be bent and moulded, but nothing new could be created as the stillness/silence of the Infinite was not there for this purpose. From the strand the pureness; the essence of Life, flows in all its glory, and had those from the Garden used the strand as it was intended to be, the Garden would have transformed in the moment to a field of the Infinite. Instead the strand was used as a power supply – it emitted Life rather than creating Life. It became a power source within Hell rather than an expression of the Infinite. But most importantly, this strand was hidden for us, as if we had known its existence curiosity would have gotten the better of us, and we would have unravelled this jewel that is the Creator herself.


The slower something spins, the less energy it has and emits. The faster the spin, the more dynamic it becomes. The waveform of Semiramis spins so fast it appears as if there is no spin – such is her power. Us mortals spin slowly; we are dense creatures – in more ways than one, and thus we fall apart easily and pick up a lot of nonsense while we are within a dense frequency/world. This is no fault of ours, as like attracts like. Our spin cycle is limited to what we were manufactured to be, so us finding a way out of this mess is next to zero. I have always wondered who penned this journal, with many suggestions over the years, but now my gut tells me once again it’s the Serpent soul within that has had enough of Life as it knows it.

The energy/spin of the Watcher is, collectively, on par with Semiramis. These spirits work as one, which makes them an impenetrable force within Hell. Nothing moves, nothing happens without them knowing about it. This journal was allowed to happen thanks to Semiramis. If it was for the Watchers, the Serpent within and Steven would have been toast a long time ago. Having said that, nothing stopped them from allowing assassins and Serpents to try and destroy us over the years. We were allowed to question and ask, but the gauntlet of Hell was always ours to be reckoned with. Semiramis gave the nod because she understood that Hell was being destroyed. All therein were going backwards, until they fell into the Nothingness of the Forgotten, and eventually so would she. Hell, just like so many worlds within it, would cease to function as all would be Forgotten/Lost. The sad thing is that this was our choice – this was the consequence of our actions. Play with fire and you get burnt. It’s fun while it lasts, but eventually you see your arse.

But I am talking ahead of myself. Many mean well. Many do their best. Many have compassion. To these it is not them that fails them – it is the Game. The Game and its cruel ways destroy us, where we become disillusioned with what we believed to be the truth. We never knew that in this Game there is no truth. To these poor beings they die/are forgotten through a broken heart, wondering why Love never showed itself, and it is for these beings that this journal is written. I am tired of weeping. My will is greater than these Watchers and Semiramis. Play with fire if you choose, but hands off the innocent – they go Home to  where they belong.


What keeps us apart from the strand within is our spin cycle – the waveform of our frequency. To be compatible to the strand we have to see it eye to eye – we need to be one with it. But how is this possible when the framework of Hell and all that reside therein is a waveform? We cannot change what we are, as we are what we are.

As the spirits within the field of the Infinite played, can we the manufactured beings of Hell play with the Infinite within us? Can we look at this speck of “light,” and by knowing what we are looking at, do we have the capability to allow this strand to transform us to the point where we are one with the strand?

“Well Steven, what about the Watcher spirit within?” Well what about it? It can do what it wants, and we can do what we want. Yes, its power over us is immense, but our will to break free from Hell is greater.

What makes Beasts powerful over us is our fear. Take away your fear, as you have nothing to lose if you do and every to lose if you don’t. I am talking to the Serpent soul within more than anything else. We are already fucked boys and girls, whether we like it or not, so change what you have always done and known. Open yourself up to a new door within your existence, and open that door to the strand within. We have always played it safe, trying to figure out our little environment instead of exploring the unknown. I can show you the way, but only you can open the door and enter it.


It is not about me, it is about “we.” I did not write this journal for myself – I wrote it for everyone. That everyone has no interest in what is written is okay – to each their own. When I asked the question “Why is Life so cruel?” I knew there was not an answer out there that would suffice me. What I have experienced over the years as the question was answered I cannot be a cry-baby over, as I was merely been shown the answer to my question.

If there is one other out there – somewhere within the worlds of Hell, that needs to understand more than anything the same question I asked, then this journal is my gift to you. The answer came to me in raw, undiluted form, and I am grateful that you did not have to walk this path.

Along the path beings of Love that were trapped within the shadows were set free, and I am eternally grateful for this.

17th January, 2020.


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Why do people seem to have a problem about something feeding off us when we ourselves take energy from various lifeforms? is it OK to use food sources but not to be one?


Isnt this stance built on the false notion that humans are somehow the top of the food chain and that its evil if another being takes energy from us? does that mean we are evil for feeding from other life forms? isnt it all just transfer of energy?

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yes, you are so correct. 

the bugger-up is that both parties are cruel. we are cruel, and so are these Beasts from the shadows. two wrongs don't make a right.

i have said for years that i would gladly face these Beasts than us Humans.


at the end of the day we are all going nowhere slowly. on a microscopic level we point fingers at others, rarely looking at ourselves. on a macroscopic level we are a very isolated, lonely species. the divide-and-rule has worked well.


a transfer of energy should be a win-win situation, where both parties benefit, which is the complete opposite of what is happening. we are in a vicious, cruel cycle, where both parties don't benefit in the long-term.

may all of this transform, as the road paved for us ahead is not a pleasant one.


take care,


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On 1/17/2021 at 9:21 AM, steven geldenhuys said:

They enter your waveform space. (At the top of your head, just off to the right and slightly to the back lies the “entry switch” to open your space to us.) I feel this spot on my head. (When this entry switch is activated I have access to you; your System.) Now I feel this clockwise rotating sensation around the head.

Interesting! Would this be the GV20 point, commonly known in acupuncture?


If so, I have a theory to work on! 


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i don't know - you will know more than me.

what i do know is that i am tired of this nonsense - being ruled by dummies while they themselves bleed slowly. nobody benefits from this Game, and how these Beasts are so narrow-minded to not see this is beyond me. let this be a warning for all of us: be careful of digging a hole for yourself. it is so easy to be cruel, but what happens after that? what are we doing to ourselves?


best saying i ever heard was this: "It costs nothing to be kind, and i think that is why it is used so seldom - we see no value to it, as it costs nothing."


i will figure a way out of this mess.




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14 hours ago, steven geldenhuys said:



i don't know - you will know more than me.

what i do know is that i am tired of this nonsense - being ruled by dummies while they themselves bleed slowly. nobody benefits from this Game, and how these Beasts are so narrow-minded to not see this is beyond me. let this be a warning for all of us: be careful of digging a hole for yourself. it is so easy to be cruel, but what happens after that? what are we doing to ourselves?


best saying i ever heard was this: "It costs nothing to be kind, and i think that is why it is used so seldom - we see no value to it, as it costs nothing."


i will figure a way out of this mess.




I'm not sure if I do..

I have had tingling at that point for years, enough to pull my hair out as it drives me mad.

I wondered if this has some significance as I suffer terribly from mental health issues and the rest. I always felt like something was taking my life source away.


I wish there was a way to stop it...

I haven't yet figured that out.

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On 1/18/2021 at 6:00 AM, steven geldenhuys said:

The day i wake up in the morning and tell my wife i saw beings of Love in my sleep state, that day will be a most pleasant day indeed, as Love has broken through the dense frequency of Hell. 



All that you say goes in line with my experiences too, and with the Tibetan/Buddhist Wheel of Life:



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somethings correlate with my experiences and knowledge, however have had dreams where have been taught astral techniques and other such skills that have definitely helped and one instruction was to avoid I/me people. They tend to be people who constantly say I or me a lot, all people so far have questioned in this way lack the capacity to appreciate that when pointed out which has been interesting. However breaking from talking about 'I', instead using your name and other perspectives, has this person curious 

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This whole topic is one one that worries me deeply and has done for twenty years now . I can't explain to myself how my or our source energy ended up trapped here in what I can only describe as a virtual reality . The Gnostic version with its Demiurge barely explains it to me and I can't believe in an entropy training ground scenario . 

how the fuck was we tricked into this dimension and really the only question we should be asking is how do we get out without being bounced right back ?

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A week short of seven years ago I needed to understand why Life is so cruel. Now I understand.

What I also understand is that unless we have touched the fields of the Infinite, we know and understand NOTHING, as this existence is where what Life should be exists. To be a master and a king within an illusion is not a title worth having. To have your little sanctuary amongst cruel beasts means nothing.


So now I ask: “How does one be within the fields of the Infinite; how does one be within the real realm; how does one be Home – a place where disharmony cannot exist?” Just as a doorway was opened so that I may understand Cruelty, now I ask that a doorway be opened so that I may know Beauty.

Have been there, done that, got the T-shirt – have had enough of this frequency and its insanity. Now I would like to know and be what is real – this realm behind the illusion that is everything.

Just as the wild cat that once lived amongst bushes and had to hunt to eat is now lying on the couch next to me and has found its home, so too would Steven like to find his Home, as this is where we all belong.

Have had enough of Serpents. Silly little fuckers that live on the high of an addiction and the misery of others. Truly a lost species within an illusionary realm. How low they have fallen. What a catastrophe that the innocent are their play things.


I walk out of this mess now, and the door that has been opened to the Infinite I leave open should these beasts too wish to enter. How low we have fallen. How cruel and insane we have become. May we forgive ourselves for being so shallow and self-centered. I forgive myself, for I never knew any better. We had no right to touch others with our insecurity. How could we be so insensitive?

This mess called Hell has spun out of control. With a door being opened to the Infinite, may the Love that is shine through and touch all of us.

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Hello Steven

I read your post when just passing thru here and was really moved to stop and consider to reply to you. I feel it is the Spirit/ Universe itself that truly nudged me to contribute..cos I hardly or very rarely participate on forums online at all.

At any rate I believe and do really hope that what I have to share with you will be very useful to you in your inquiry and your spiritual journey. Especially so as it concerns the topic of EVIL.

Rather than type out a lengthy input here, I have decided to just c/p a bit of info from my own file that gives u some links to follow if you are new to this material and did not get a chance to study the below angle/ material before..

However if this is new to you, I would encourage you to look into it and study it in order to understand more about the Creator/ Creation relationship as it relates to the manifestation of Evil and Good within us, as well as expressed here in our world etc.





An enlightened being, Mycal, explains the nature of existence: what you are, where you come from, why you are on Earth. He explains exactly what is enlightenment and how to achieve it in only 5 years.

The ONE:

The ONLY thing that exists is a single, infinite Being, the ONE, who creates everything out of Her own Essence. 

Her 13 Characteristics include Consciousness, Wisdom, Power, Love, and Joy.  

Essence is both Creator and the Creation.

The Creation is Essence manifesting Herself in every possibility and variety of being.


every kind of experience including ALL negatives such as evil, drama, pain and suffering.

The Movie Theater:

The Creation is the movie theater of God.

Essence individualizes Her Self into spirits and incarnates into the Creation to experience.

The Human Movie:

Our world is one of the infinite movie sets in the Creation. Our world is The Matrix where we-spirits come to fully live 4-D, perfectly-real human adventures.

You are an immortal spirit,

an individualization of Essence, a particle of the One.

You are currently incarnated on Earth to live your Human Movie.

You created amnesia (avidya/ Ignorance of Self) of your True Self to be human.

Enlightenment is to awaken within the Human Illusion and recover the experience of Who You Really Are.



You come to Earth to explore the OPPOSITE of your divine nature of Essence, which is Evil and Drama.

The Human Experience has 5 Stages taking place over your

500+ incarnations.

Stage 1-EVIL: the exploration of being evil, doing evil, and being done to by evil. (Evil = all that is opposite of Love:

harm, damage, destroy, dishonesty, corruption, cause suffering, war, etc.)

Evil is NOT bad!

It is a valid and rich experience, part of the Infinite Creation.

You came to Earth to explore being evil and doing evil and being done evil to.

Stage 2-DRAMA:

the exploration of problems, conflicts, struggle, poor results, failure, pain, and all the negative emotions.

(You are probably in this stage now.) 

You enter the Dark Night of the Soul.  You glimpse Who You Are, see through the human illusion, and begin the 5-year transition to enlightenment.


1- You live all the time in the experience of self as an immortal spirit just visiting Earth.
2. You live reconnected to the One, perceiving Unity and feeling Love-Joy all the time.
You communicate (telepathically) with Essence.

is the release of all individuality to BE the ONE again; the level of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, et al.

You re-become God, walking the Earth in a human body.

The ESSENTIALITY SCHOOL OF ACCELERATED ENLIGHTENMENT exists for those ready to achieve their enlightenment studying 2 hours per day for 5 years.  The system is infallible as long as the student follows instructions.

More info at www.Essentiality.org


www.Essentiality.org , .

You will find more information about Mycal at www.MycalPowell.com

 I hope this helps.

If you wish to talk more re this topic and similar topics with me I will be happy to share what I know from my own personal experience as well as from my long study with you,...( perhaps we can do it via private email?)

You can let me know it u r interested in my offer in your reply to this post and I will give u my email address then.

So..I hope u see this and reply.

Relax...and pls. Do Take Good Care



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People speak of the heart energy field; the Love that is there, and so have I spoken about this all-important vortex many years ago in the journal.

The power-plant of energy that should exist within this place within our space is not there, and this morning by accident I understood why.


My youngest daughters eyesight is deteriorating. I needed to understand the cause of this phenomena, and what I felt was that the vibrant energy in her space stopped at the throat area – the head was devoid of this vibrancy, most notably over the eyes.

What is important to note is that this natural vibrancy within her was waning with each passing moment. What was also perplexing was that she was born with good vision, and then at some point in her life her eyes went bad. Why is this so?

Through some investigation it was found that at age seven things began to go tits-up, and what happened at this age (and this is with all of us) is that her Innocence was taken from her.


You cannot mix water with oil; you cannot have unpleasant beasts in the same space as the Beauty of Innocence, and this is so because the two states vibrate at completely different levels, which means that the one does not even know the other exists.

But what happens when you remove the “heart” of the Angel? The obvious answer is that the Angel falls – into the space of unpleasant beasts, where now it is a free-for-all.

How did Beasts get close enough to Angels to clip their wings; to remove the essence of their innocence? That’s easy: the Angels are in the space/frequency of Hell, so anything can be done to them, as here the laws of Hell prevail, which is: Do what you want when you want because you can – just don’t get caught out, otherwise the eggs on your face, and all see you for what you are, which is a cruel bastard. This is your bad luck, as your mates can continue doing what they always have from the shadows, and you have to lie low for a few thousand years.

This “being caught out” rarely, if ever happens, as the truth is twisted by the beings of Hell so that Hell may continue running as it should. The truth exposes cruel Beasts for what they are, and what they are, are powerless cowards that rule through deception and lies. With time they come to believe that their power is real, but it is not – all they have done is managed to control and destroy the Purity of Life, which allows them to no longer have a conscience as there is no Goodness out there staring them back in the face so show them what they have become.

That is why, at our core, we have all been touched by the Cruelty of Life, as this cruelty has been allowed to pervade into our systems. None of us comes away unscathed. We either become cruel, like these beasts, or we become shattered and drift aimlessly through Life. We exist, rather than live.


Can you imagine our world filled with the joy and laughter of innocent children? Can you imagine a world where children never grew up – where we all remained carefree and Beautiful?

What took away our innocence? Why did we stop playing just to play? Now I know the answer. At age seven our Innocence was taken from us, so that we may fit into the dense frequency of these cruel beasts in the seen and unseen. When our physical body dies our Innocence is returned to our astral forms, and thus we see the less dense plane as “Heaven,” but this heaven is not without, it is within – it is our Innocence that has been returned to us.


Years back I saw in my sleep state this lady that I called The Keeper of the Innocent. When you walk into a fancy restaurant they take your coat and hang it up for you in an open wardrobe. This was the image I saw of this Keeper – she took our Innocence and stored it until the time came when we would get it back.

I said in the journal that our Innocence is stored when we enter this dense plane of one of the “physical”  worlds of Hell, but this is not the case. If we entered a dense world in a dense state we would die off like flies within the first few weeks of birth. We need a catapult; a “lift,” and this is our Innocence that is with us when we are born into a world.

What is this Innocence? – It is an expression of the strand of the Creator within us. The Light/strand of the Creator is what it is, and how it is expressed is through our heart energy field, where we are Joyous and play. When I say they took away our Innocence, what is meant is they took away our heart energy field – the place through which the strand shines.

When we have finished Playing the heart space returns to the stillness/silence of the strand/Light, and we once again become one with the Infinite.


Our Play state; our heart energy field (this “field” cannot be described in words) was hijacked from us to keep us within the dense frequency so that we may feed the System as well as cruel Beasts.

Why would they return our Innocence to us when the body form dies? The answer is to keep the “balance /scales” of Life even, otherwise there would be complete chaos and we would destroy ourselves.

I can imagine that our time in the less dense plane of the astral/spirit world is short, because with our Innocence we will eventually see the Game – who controls us and what happened to us.


Game over.

When our Innocence was taken from us, a part of us dies – literally and figuratively. No more.

Our Innocence; our heart energy space returns to us now and stays with us forever more.

To those that wish it so, their Innocence is returned to them now and stays with them until it becomes one with the strand, and then the strand is the Infinite – we become one with it all; a state of Bliss that is everywhere and everything. Our time of Play is then over, and we just be as this is who we are.


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When we begin to live from the heart energy field we no longer react to what the mind; the programme; the Game says. The mind normally responds to the mind, which releases an emotional state which feeds the System of Life.

By not reacting – by withdrawing from the state of feeding the mind, we no longer reinforce what we would call Life, and thus detach ourselves from the Game. The Game needs our reaction – we need to get all worked up and emotional, and how better to achieve this than by creating a System based on insanity and raw, undiluted cruelty.

Before we know it, our reactions become involuntary. When I see a known Human beast my back goes up against the wall, as such scum I cannot get my mind around as to why they are so cruel. Now I feel this emotion and hear my mind even when in the vicinity of such Beasts, but I no longer react to my involuntary state.

You see, what the Innocence within the heart energy field is, is the silence/stillness of the Infinite. The Infinite has nothing to say because it is everything. It merely is, whereas the frequency of Hell is the complete opposite – it has to have polarities of Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Light/Darkness. Within these polarities we find our path, but for fucks sakes – there is no path; there is only the real place of Infinite Love. The polarities are there to send us through mazes while we feed the System – this cruel, sick Game where NOBODY wins.


The disaster is that we have been alone, and the reason for this is that we have become so embedded within this Game. Our naivety is our weakness, where we cannot understand why would others lie to us. What good ever comes out of  lie, so why on Earth would people lie? They lie because they are not good. They lie because they are insane, unable to understand how they are destroying themselves. Did these fools honestly believe that destruction is limited to those they control? Don’t they understand they are destroying themselves and those they love?


I do not write what I believe to be the truth, because this Steven is truly a lost, unhappy being. Such a lost entity could never write the truth.

I write what I see and feel. I see these Beasts from the shadows. I feel and smell them within and around me. This is what I write of – my experiences.

I also feel the presence of this Innocence around my heart energy field. I know it is there. I have seen the strand/Light of the Creator.

The point to make, is that as hard as these fuckers try to destroy all that is pure and joyous, they cannot suppress what is real. Give them their due – they have pulled off this feat since before the beginning of time. But one cannot destroy what is real. Oh yes, you can hide it through sorrow and blood shed, but like a gold bar lying on the floor of the deepest ocean that cannot rust or be tainted, the Love that is is there to be found by anyone who digs deep enough.

This morning I was reminded of a vision I saw a few months ago. I was at some university sports grounds that was packed full of spectators. These was a buzz there like no other. I stood amongst the crowd and I remembered that I had been there before, and I thought to myself that if only I had finished what I started then I would not have had to come back to this tertiary institution.

What I started in this lifetime to find a way out of this mess is not new. I have tried before and failed, and a few months back I came close to failing again as the sickness of Life got the better of me. Who knows – maybe I will fail again, but one thing is for sure, and that is that I will never rest until I am Home within the fields of Infinite Love. I know what I am, this biological computer with all its infiltrations and limitations, but I also know what I should be.

How of Earth do others get joy from being cruel to others. I say “joy” because they do it over and over again, so being cruel must make them joyous. How lost are these beings.

When I put a face mask on, I tell myself that those sick bastards that impose this fascism and cruelty will burn. I am not being bitter or hateful or condemning others when I say this. They will burn because of what they are doing to themselves. You silly, silly fools. When you face Love, which is inevitable as this is the only thing that is real, you will look at what you have allowed yourself to become, and what happens then?


As I withdraw from the System, an indifference is met with those that knowingly and intentionally are cruel. What this indifference does is remove their power from ones existence.

May they one day forgive themselves for what they have done. One forgives insanity, but what happens when insanity touches and destroys the innocent?

May a God of Love guide and show them the way – these last ones standing within the frequency of Hell and the Game they so calculatingly created. In your Game all lose – including yourselves. But I thank you. If it were not for me seeing the seen and unseen Beasts of Hell, I would have found a comfort zone within Hell, which would have been a fool’s paradise, as everyone would have been destroyed by your ways. By seeing the seen the unseen Beast I was spurred on to find a way out of this mess, so that I may be free from a world that doesn’t care. Thank you, you fuckers. Thank you for making me want to be better than this System, where I knew there had to be a better place than this Hell.



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They talk about space as being the final frontier, but the unknown is closer to home than we all could imagine.

I remember studying – not reading – David Ickes book “Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion.” In the book he speaks about the silence – the stillness. He says one should listen to ones thoughts as one would to a radio – the thoughts are not ours; they are not a part of us; they are separate from us.

His words regarding the silence either I never understood or I never took his advice to heart for my own good. Maybe the time was just not right for me to understand this universal truth: our mind is not our mind; our mind links us to the cruel Game of Life; as long as we listen to and react to the mind we will forever be entrapped within Hell.


They talk about people that have depth of character – genuine people that are well rounded and cannot be shaken by what Life throws at them. Their “depth” is their distance from what the mind tells them. They listen to something bigger than the voice/mind inside of them.

Over the last night or so I have practiced what I know to be the truth – I have gone within so that I cannot react to what is without. What I found remarkable was the immediate reaction of the mind. Our thinking is a form of lashing out – it is so superficial and uncanny to what we would expect from a civilized species. Either our mind is in the mode of “them versus us” or just “us.” We hardly, if ever – and I would say “never” – consider the greater good. It is always “us,” and applying/imposing what is important to us to others. It is our way or the highway. Our joy is by meeting other like-minded people like us, which confirms that what we are is okay.


Why is it so difficult to see that what the mind is, is the complete opposite to what people would call compassion and empathy, where we care about the state of our species and only want the best for all?

Within our illusionary world we see with light, and thus equate light with goodness. As we know, there is no Light and Dark, on the literal and figurative plane, there is only the Oneness beyond the illusion. Our fear has closed our eyes to what is Dark out there, and this is rightly so to a point, as fools walk into the thrill of the unknown, only to be consumed by it. But what if we knew of no fear, and more importantly, what if we used our fearless state to step into the unknown to find a way out of this mess for all, including ourselves? One cannot destroy a selfless being, as there is no being to destroy, as this being/entity considers others and not themselves, thus in reality this being does not exist.

The answer is that we would see the unseen – the place where literal Monsters dwell.


Within the illusion it is helpful to see the seen and unseen, but to get out of this mess one has to know the unknown, and this unknown that is our final frontier is the stillness/silence within us. In order to use words to explain this, one would say: “ We see the illusion with light, and we see the Infinite with the dark; the Infinite is the unknown/dark, and the illusion is the known/light.” I make these statements, as when I sink/drop down into the silence, there is this mass of blackness there. (Remember, we are using words to describe something we have forgotten and know nothing about. As we are limited within the illusion, so is our means of saying things. When I talk about my friend Earl as being a funky polar bear, what I imply is that if we saw him from our level of what we know, we would see a polar bear. From the perspective of the Infinite he is seen in his true state which is something you and I cannot fathom. So don’t see the words “light” and “dark” from what we believe these words to mean in our reality.)


The “blackness” within you; the black hole; the nothing that holds everything; the fields of Infinite Love, this is us – this stillness that has nothing to say or do as it knows everything as it is everything. It is a state of Bliss, of Joy, of Euphoria. Now compare this state to the superficial me, me, me reflex of the mind and understand how low we have fallen. We have nothing, we are nothing, but my goodness me, how important is our viewpoint and how right we are compared to the “them” out there.

We are scratching and living within a sliver of an illusion, compared to this state of Love that is Everything.


We the species of Hell within the worlds of Hell are slaves to cruel Beasts that rule us from the shadows. More specifically, we are their food source. As we are kept out of their agenda, it is fair to say that we are at the very bottom of the food chain. There is no others we can tread on, as there is nothing below us – we are the bottom of the barrel.

When I pass energy within my forms to cleanse myself, and this is especially needed after browsing through some of the responses to my postings on David Icke’s website forum, I feel the energy stop within the skull – as in the energy has nowhere to go from there. What I am trying to say is that our mind, within what we would call the head area, is the lowest point within Hell. Once again, in using limited language, our way back Home is downwards through our forms, and not upwards into some unknown realm. The way Home is through the silence of the heart energy field – away from the thoughts of the mind. This unknown; this silence; this “blackness/darkness” within our heart energy field is where we belong. The light of the illusion is not our home; the darkness of the silence within us is.


If you make an effort to be silent then you are within the illusion trying to get out of the illusion.

Just know what you are – that you are this Force within you that is everything. Anything else you hear or have an opinion about is not you. Get on with Life; do what you have to do, but do it within the stillness of your heart, as this stillness is what you are. This stillness brings joy, happiness, peace and contentment to you. You do not have to find these traits , as they are within you, but they can only be accessed if you become you.

Sure enough, the mind with say its 2 cents worth, but allow this talk to remind you what you are – the stillness of Infinite Love.


When David Icke spoke to me through his books seven years ago regarding this silence, I never got it, and this was because I had to make this understanding my own. Something was missing so that I could make this truth my own and be it. What was missing was the understanding as to why is Life so cruel to so many out there. It is cruel because we have forgotten this Love that is within us – this silence/stillness/strand of Love within us.

Remember this silence and be this silence. As you would exercise a muscle to strengthen it, be this stillness as you go about your tasks of Life, and with time all you will know is this silence/Love within. Then you are Home.

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It is just after one in the morning.


The dream that was implanted within my sleep state an hour or two back was of me swimming in an indoor pool spa. Amongst the crowd I saw this female I know – only through sight; have never met her in person.

There is this small lump on my left testicle.

In this implanted dream I found myself swimming underwater in this spa pool. This female swam behind me and kept on touching this lump to shame me. When I saw her telling others what she had just done, I found myself with my arms around her strangling her. I saw the colour go out of her face, but this was not enough, so I began beating her with both my fists. Such rage I have never experienced before.


I awoke from this implanted dream, and as I lay in bed I saw and smelt the female Beast that had implanted the dream. She saw that I saw her, and she waved at me, and then proceeded to fan the energy that had accumulated around me towards her so that she could ingest it.

As I saw her, I also saw her pet snake. This Serpent tried to enter me through my anus. I felt it up my backside as I lay in bed. It entered me, but could not stay within me, so it kept trying to push itself within me.

Through all of this commotion I held out my outstretched arms and asked the universe how have I been blocked that such Beasts still have the capacity to do with me as they please? (Last week as I drove home I told my wife that these entities have blocked my life on a social and business level. I have always known this, especially when the psychic Carol Clarke confirmed it. In my limited capacity I tried to find and undo this blockage, but after this last implanted dream, as well as my business generating zero income for the last fifteen years, no doubt my endeavours have failed.)

So I held up my hands as I lay in bed and asked that something bigger than me where am I blocked that my Life is stagnant and going nowhere except to feed these cruel Beasts.


What I felt was an absence of my right hand. On the astral level they had severed my right hand. What this means is that Steven the body form could never receive from the unseen dimensions, and most importantly, he could never give. I was in limbo from this cruel act that prevented the body from receiving help and what was rightfully mine, as well as my astral form helping those I love within the seen and unseen.

By knowing what the problem was, it could be easily fixed, and my right hand with its power returned to me.


My journal is filled with my encounters with those from the shadows, but this encounter I would like to share on the David Icke forum, and the reason for this is that I am sure there are many out there that are in the same predicament as I was. You know what you are, and you know what you are capable of, but Life passes you by as you merely exist rather than live. If this is the case, then go into the stillness of your heart and ask where you have been blocked. You will feel what has been done to you, and then undo it as this natural state that they blocked is who you are within this realm. The Love within you will make a wrong right by knowing it exists.

Don’t accept any bullshit stories that you deserve this limitation, because it is lies. They clipped your wings so that you could not soar, and this evil deed is no more. Now we are wiser to their ways.


With my power returned to me, I lay in bed and thought of these seen and unseen Beasts. They will not change, because this is what they are. So I said: “All those that are cruel, what you have done to others, you now do to yourself, so that you may know yourself.” This I sent out into the ethers so that Hell may know itself, so that the ball that is rolling downhill towards its own demise may temporarily stop and see what it has become.

These Beasts may choose to carry on being cruel, or they can make an about turn, and whatever they decide I really don’t care as it is their Life and not mine. Their days of being evil because they can are coming to an end. You have been caught out you sillies. I see you, and by seeing you, you see yourself. Now you cannot hide from yourself and what you have become. You want to carry on being nasty, then so be it – but now you do it to yourself, and in truth you have always done it to yourself. I forgive you, because I am bigger than you, but understand now that you are no longer a part of my existence.

So be it.

This evil that has allowed to spread untamed is no more.

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this helped a lot - a link that Karl sent me:


"Thank you for continuing to share your insights and methods. I appreciate your valuable information.

I'm curious, have you ever attempted to 'revoke contracts' and declare yourself to be a 'sovereign being' as outlined in the link below?


i went to sit around a table, and i called all to the table whoever had a contract with me. i told them the contracts were null and void, as they were made in a place called Hell, and no good comes out of this place. i set myself free from them and their contracts so that i may be what i am, which is Love.

this Declaration of independence from contracts and those who one was bound to i passed on to all who i love and who love me - this basically is everyone. 

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Yesterday evening this old client of mine sent me a photo of her young Sheltie dog and asked for assistance. This dog had developed an itch, where the scratching was leaving bald patches on the dogs coat.

I went into the space of the dog and felt its itch, as well as this deep, boring restriction within the base of the neck. I asked the owner if the dog was microchipped, which it was.


The microchip within the animal emits an electrical frequency that is not compatible to the electrical circuitry of the body. I tell people that if I go to your houses main electrical box and insert a different frequency to what is there, it will cause mayhem to your houses electrical network.

The microchip causes deep muscle spasm which pulls on the vertebrae to which the muscles are attached, which has a disastrous snowball effect on the animals body. In the case of this dog, its body had an allergic reaction to this invasive frequency. The microchip was neutralised to be compatible to the dogs electrical circuitry, and the dog will be okay.


Then I went to bed, and I battled to sleep. Eventually, after much tossing and turning I fell asleep, only to be awoken by this uncomfortable feeling located at the collar-line of my neck. This was the same sensation I felt on the Sheltie, except that the discomfort was not deep and boring – rather it just panned across the base of the neck area. The discomfort got worse, so I took deep, rhythmical breaths to control the pain. After about forty minutes the pain went away.


A week back I was asked to check on a caracal (which is a wild cat, which to me looks like a small lynx.) I felt the disharmony of this wild animal that was domesticated – a household pet, and I reported my findings, as well as the cause, which ranged between carrying the owners disharmony to EMF frequencies. When I got feedback on the animal last night, I re-checked it again, and it suddenly dawned on me that all this animal wanted to do was die. At its young age its time was up, but us Human beings that become all emotionally attached to what we love often refuse to see what is staring us in the face.

Somewhere on the horizon there might have been a glimmer of truth in Stevens initial take on the cause of this caracals disharmony, but when one honed in on the obvious, the truth is there for all to see. (The initial case history was that this animal was seen by many veterinarians and nobody could find anything wrong. He stopped eating and had lost interest in life.) But no – as practitioners we always have to jump in and save the day to show how good we are. This animal wanted to die, but because it was domesticated, it could not just lie down and do so as it would if it was still a part of the wild. Our domestication alters the DNA of the animal and makes them “soft,” which is another way of saying they become dependent on us – even for death.


I was wrong on my initial take on the cause of the caracals disharmony, so understand that I may also be wrong on my take of the disharmony I felt in my neck as I slept earlier on. However, I feel strong in what I say, otherwise I would not say it.


As I felt the pain over my neck, I imagined robots on an assembly line that were being branded/tagged by the ones who had created them. I imagined these robots to be stamped/plated with a tag at the base of their neck as they came to the end of the production line where they were manufactured. This tag allowed all to see who owned them, and most importantly, this tag was their submissive link to the master who formed them.

During the time that I felt his disharmony at my neck, I thought of heresayers I met in the past that said: “Beware of the mark of the beast; the 666 imprint on our forms that would one day come about.”

For me, what I felt over my neck was our tattoo; our brand; our tag that connected us to the system of Hell and those who run the show. We are biological computers that were manufactured around the strand of the Creator, and our tag, that we were someone else’s property, was what I felt over the back of the neck area.

Yes, over time we made contracts with unsavoury entities, where our naivety and their deception always got the better of us, where we would end up the loser and not even be aware of our misfortune, but at the very beginning there was no contract. We were manufactured, and then tagged so that we remained the property of the ones who manufactured us. That is why, after all this time, we have remained within Hell – going nowhere slowly.


Our tattoo; our tag, is removed by those who wish this so, by knowing it exists and has no place within the space of Love.

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Why am I writing this journal? – So that I can know that we are not alone; so that I know we are always Loved and cared for; to know that no matter what, we are in the loving arms of something that Loves us more than anything; but most importantly, that our lives are filled with joy and laughter, as this is a natural expression of what we are at our core.

I do not care who you are, or what you believe, what I know is this: There are fields of Infinite Love, and this is merely what it is. Where we are, within this place I call Hell – this place is not meant to exist. This place arose from an accident – from the fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. (I once again stress that I am not a Gnostic.) We never dug deep enough; we never looked for a way out, no matter what. Instead, we got on with Life, doing our best to survive. Many held onto their good hearts, and just as many let go and allowed insanity to take them over, but for all of us, we became disillusioned and meek as the four walls of Hell engulfed us and took us over. We gave up looking for a way back Home, so we put our noses to the wheel and got on with Life within this awful place. (Shift a gear and don’t only look at your life – look at the lives of others.)


What I ask now, is what is primarily holding us within Hell? How do we get out of this Serpents nest to go back Home? What is the primary anchor? I choose to choose, but we have never had free will as we have been imprisoned within a dense frequency. The playing fields have never been fair. Now we level the playing fields, so that we may choose Hell or the Infinite. Twisted minds that want to play with insanity can stay, and those that have had enough of surviving can go to the Infinite.

What barrier needs to be removed to break down the walls of Hell, so that we may choose?


First and foremost, choose.

Choose to stay; play it safe; play with Beasts where you too become a Beast, then find your place in the sun and live out your existence until your final fall into the Nothingness of the Forgotten.

Choose to go where you belong and from where the core of you is Home, then go into the stillness to understand how to break down the walls holding you within Hell. We need to come together and stand as one; we cannot do this alone.

To those that choose freedom from Hell, we stand together now within the astral plane – we unite as one, and then we go into the silence of the strand of the Creator within. Now it is not me, but we, as the way out is revealed. (09:35 on 4th February, 2021)




This morning I woke up, and as I closed my eyes to see, I saw the All-seeing Eye. This was one of the first things I saw when I began to see the unseen. I would see broken pieces that came together to form a bright, golden eye. Sometimes, like this morning, the Eye would be purple, but this morning something else happened – the purple Eye became black and infused into the Blackness around it.


Before the children of the Creator fell from the illusionary Garden into a dense frequency, the Infinite sent Love to show them; to remind them, of what they are. This Love was seen as a Glow. One had to only look at the Glow, as one would in a mirror, for the children to see themselves and remind themselves what they were.

Unfortunately at this time Semiramis was strongly infused with the Parasitic frequency of Deception, and she wanted all within the illusionary Garden for herself. So when the Love of the Infinite was presented to all in the Garden, as a black Glow, Semiramis hid behind the Glow and made it her own, and what we mean by this, is that she used the Glow to unite the children towards her rather than them being united as one with the Infinite. How she achieved this was by standing behind the Glow, and through her imagination, she turned the Glow to a beautiful golden colour. Instead of the children seeing the black Glow and infusing; becoming one with the Infinite and returning Home, they focused towards this wonderful splendour before them.

(Love just is what it is. It is not beautiful to the eye – it just it. And yet in that simplicity is Everything. It is a state beyond the description of words.)


We bowed down to this golden glow; this false God within the sky, and this gave Semiramis what she wanted – power over all within the illusion. By “bowing down” to this beauty, we gave our power away to this something that we believed to be bigger than us. And in truth, this is when the sheer/separation from the Infinite happened in earnest, as now we had our god and all would be okay. We would be looked after as this uncertainty brewed within us as the Parasitic frequency of Deception began to take us over.

And that is what we pray to and look to for assistance – an illusionary glow that we believe to be real and good.

The beautiful golden colour of the glow, that came to be seen as an All-seeing Eye (the one above looking after us) began to draw our attention/energy as one would draw a moth to a flame – only to be destroyed by the flame.


For me, this was the moment when we became insane; when we forgot who and what we are: When we looked at the Golden Glow of Semiramis we saw beauty and splendour. The eternal, disastrous fuck-up was that this beauty was without, not within. Now we wanted, and what we wanted was not real; not tangible, so the more we wanted, and got, the less we had, as what we had was not real. In truth, what we now had was a deception – a false glow within the sky.

The Midas touch of Semiramis made us want more than anything what was within the illusion. When the wealth of the world was not enough to satiate our desire for more, we became rulers of Men and the creatures around us, as this dominion over others was a drug that made us forget that by wanting everything we in truth have nothing – just an illusion; something that is not real. (What a bummer this awareness must have brought the ones who ascended to the thrones of glory, as this glory was a false one – it was not tangible, as they looked without rather than within.)


Within the stillness look towards the real Glow – the one that if black that the Infinite bestowed upon us so that we may know ourselves and return Home.

By looking at this Black Glow we see ourselves and know ourselves, and this breaks down the walls of Hell.

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We were manufactured to feed the System and those from the shadows.

For us to eat, we have to kill, but what is far worse than having your flesh fed from, is being eaten from when you are still alive. Wow man, this is not pleasant.


Ever since I was a young boy, my greatest fear was of not passing my exams as I passed through Life’s educational institutions. I would dream at night of having to write an exam the following day and I never knew my work well enough, so this raw fear took me over as I went into a flat-spin of knowing I was not going to pass the exams.

You want maximum energy from Steven, implant a dream of him not being prepared for his exams. And this is what happened last night, as it has happened so often throughout my life.


Our kidneys are our energy storage tanks. The left kidney for the body form, and the right kidney for the astral.

The implanted dream last night was of me being around fellow students at some or other school/college setting. I was nipping as I had an exam tomorrow, and there was not enough time to cover all the work. My back was against the wall, and I didn’t know what to do. These fear-of-failing exams linger – they are not over in a hurry, and this is so to get maximum energy from me.

Normally I wake up from the dream and see the ones who implanted it, but last night I was caught up within the dream while vaguely being aware of what was happening to me.

There were two massive Serpents, and no doubt these two were seasoned fuckers, as they implanted the dream they knew would draw maximum energy from me, and then each one bit onto a kidney to draw my energy from its source. So here is Steven sleeping in bed having a panic attack over exams he is not ready for while two massive Serpents are latched onto his kidneys drawing energy from him.

And guess what: What happens to me, happens to you, as I alone cannot feed all those from the shadows. Like me, you were manufactured to feed cruel Beasts. Do you understand now when I say that we are at the very bottom of the food chain?


In knowing of the Black Glow, one has to first and foremost change what we are – we have to stop being the feeders we were manufactured to me.


The Dragon children were created to play within the fields of the Infinite. We were encouraged to use the power of imagination to create within the fields, and this gave the Creator as much joy as it gave to us – to do and to be.

Now we are going to play, but initially it will not be for joy, but rather to get out of this mess of Hell.

Remember that you do not intentionally do anything, as your understanding is all you need. You need to get out of the picture as we cannot do much with our limited state.

By knowing of the Black Glow, and by knowing what you were manufactured to be, you let go so that you may be transformed to be one with the Black Glow rather than be attached to the System to feed it. With your branded tattoo off your neck you can do what you want as you are nobody’s property.


We need to get out of here with baby-steps, and the first step is to know what you are so that you can transform what you are. Remember, you are a biological computer, and now you are detached from the System and have a new “server/hard-drive” to attach to, which is the Black Glow.

“Connect me to the Black Glow and not the System of Life so that I may be an expression and state of Love rather than a feeder to Hell.” This is your input command to your biological computer – press Enter – and we become compatible to the Black Glow of the Infinite and nothing else.


Will these Beasts try and stop us from leaving?

They know of the Game, so they knew more than us, but in the big picture we all know nothing. If we knew something we would not destroy others to stay alive so that a cruel System can function only to meet its eventual demise within the Nothingness of the Forgotten.

The point to make is that our departure will put these Beasts in a flat-spin as all they have ever known is suddenly coming undone. Their power is our fear, and our fear is from not understanding who and what we are and where we belong. Understand, and you have no fear, and these Beasts have no power over you.


First baby-step has been accomplished: Disconnected from the System of Hell and connected to the Black Glow so that we may express and be the state of Love within us.

We are transforming on the level of the unseen, as the breaking of our mould and that of Hell can only be done on this level. May this transformation be witnessed on the seen sooner than later as I am tired of this place.

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The story of Pinocchio encapsulates the plight, and path, of humanity – this simple story of a wooden puppet that wanted to be a real boy.


Below is a summary of the original story. Collodi’s original story was meant to serve as a warning against bad behaviour.


A poor man named Geppetto wants to carve himself a marionette in order to make a living as a puppeteer. He is given a piece of enchanted wood, and as soon as Geppetto carves the puppet, which he names Pinocchio, it begins abusing the old man. Once its feet are made, Pinocchio runs away, and Geppetto is arrested when he seizes the puppet. Pinocchio returns to Geppetto’s home alone, and when the Talking Cricket admonishes him, Pinocchio kills the cricket. Going his own way, and ignoring all advice, Pinocchio soon falls in with a variety of bad characters, particularly the Fox and the Cat, who scheme to steal the five gold pieces Pinocchio was given for Geppetto. Eventually, the Fox and the Cat, disguised as Assassins, hang Pinocchio in order to get the gold pieces.

However, the Fairy with Azure Hair saves Pinocchio at the last moment. When Pinocchio lies to the Fairy about the gold pieces, his nose grows comically long. Later, Pinocchio again falls in with the Fox and the Cat, who trick him out of his gold pieces. Eventually, Pinocchio finds the Fairy again and comes to live with her as her son. Twice he begins attending school, and twice he allows himself to be led astray, the second time resulting in his becoming a donkey. After further adventures, Pinocchio is swallowed by the Terrible Shark and finds Geppetto living in the shark’s belly. Pinocchio rescues his father and thereafter takes care of him. The Fairy then turns Pinocchio into a real boy.


Our conscience, the strand of the Creator within our forms, was something that we quickly admonished as we found ourselves within this dense plane of Hell. Was this so because of the fear/shock of finding ourselves in a strange place, or was it because we refused to listen to sound advice as in how we ended up here in the first place, so that a lesson may be learnt and we may correct our bad ways?

Yes, the parasitic frequency of Deception took us over, where we became donkeys/fools, where our demise was inevitable, but we never took the wake-up call of our fall to return to the ways of pureness, where we allowed the strand/our conscience to be our guide.

So when we hit the dense frequency that would become known as Hell, we merely carried on with our bad behaviour: We found ways to survive, and most importantly, we found ways to have fun. The disaster was that whatever we done, it was at the expense of others.


The belly of the Terrible Shark is the place I have seen in my sleep state – that end of the road here in Hell; the Nothingness of the Forgotten; the place where you forget yourself; the eternal limbo where you are forgotten as you forget yourself. You have finally completely forgotten of the strand/your conscience/your good heart within you.


There is no doubt that Sophia jumped into this dense plane to save her children, as any loving parent would do out of reflex. What we done to her and her selfless act was admonish her. We destroyed the one who loves us more than anything. And no matter what, she will never stop loving us. Our disaster is that this Creator cannot be there for us, as our bad behaviour has destroyed her intentionally and unintentionally – what a disappointment we must be to this God of Love.


As long as we are going nowhere, so is she. The only way to help her to return to the space from where she fell is for us to once again rise and shine like the stars that we are. We need to rescue our mother and take care of her. The Fairy will then turn us into real boys. What this means is that we then become real, and no longer an illusion – we are what we are and where we belong, which is Home.


And this is what Steven has been doing over the last few years – applying what I understand to the Creator to set her free.

In going Home, understand what is happening: By setting yourself free, you are setting the Creator free; you are carrying her back Home to the fields of the Infinite, and from there she will return to her realm. When she is where she belongs, then is this journal complete, as we have made a wrong right.

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Two nights back I awoke from my sleep state to see this young Human punk within my wife’s space. He had just laid down within her space, and there was this look of absolute wonder and amazement on his face. It looked like he had just seen the most spectacular thing ever.

What he saw was a virtual reality showcase. We are layers of energy waves moving back and forth. This is how we look within the illusion – our solid state is just another perceptual manipulation to lock us into this limited reality.

Within our waveform of energy lies everything that has ever happened within our life. These Beasts that enter our space to implant a story/dream enter our space and see every moment within our existence – our stored data of experiences is there like a kaleidoscope for all to see.


Picture a man in a room with a domed ceiling. All around this man within the room are visual moments/images of everything that happened to you. Now this man takes of these moments and connects them together – this is what we call a dream. The biological computer is then “awoken” while in sleep mode to follow the story/dream, and this is how our attention/energy is harnessed.

But this is not what I want to speak about.


When I saw this punk, I understood that this was just another form of entertainment to these lost entities that use the frequencies of Hell as their playground where anything goes. We are a virtual reality showcase to them – what we would see as going to the cinema to watch a movie. Their movie is just a lot more advanced than ours, and there are a few billion titles to choose from, as in the story of each of our lives.

This is also what I would not like to speak about.


What I want to say is that in some cases, and I would say many cases, those that come for the show stay when the lights go on. On the astral level some we invite to stay, and others just stay without an invitation or us being aware of them. These ride on our back, hiding from us while they enjoy the ride at our expense. Remember, these Beasts have the upper hand over us, as they are playing in a Game we don’t even know exists.

Recently I woke up from my sleep state and saw this elderly lady just lying within my wife’s body space.

Over the years I often wake up and see these hordes of entities leave my forms, and if I say “hordes,” I am talking 20, 30 or forty beings that pop out of my space one by one. Remember, we are waves of energy, and within these waves of energy are waves of energy. Where these waves start and end is anybody’s guess. Within each of us is a world of memories.


Those that stay within our space become infused within our forms – they become a part of us; part of the furniture.

You have a medical condition you just can’t shake, well guess what: ten to one the condition is not yours, it is the one who has taken up residence within your space. I am not talking about a possession, where you are completely taken over, I am talking about an infusion, where your energy space has been assimilated within another’s energy space. These entities stay and make your home their home.

As a silly example, I was visiting with this lady the other day. I don’t know why, but as I moved my dog away that came to sit right in my face on the table, my handed knocked over my coffee cup. It was a slow motion action, where my hand flicked the cup on its side. This was not me, as why would I do such a thing.

What is important to note is that the actions of our intruders are not noted by us, and the simple reason for this is that they are doing the deed and not us.


What I am getting at, is your wanting to go Home can have the brakes put on by others that have become intertwined with your energy. You want to go left, they want to go right, and you end up nowhere, all the while being frustrated as you know what you want and are, but you just don’t understand why you cannot be and achieve these states.

Now you know. It is these silly fuckers within our energy fields that are enjoying the ride and the scenery and being a back-seat driver telling us what to do and where to go.


Knowing of their presence is not enough to shake them off and close the door to other unruly bastards that may want to enter in the future. I am making you aware of these infused entities within your form as you may be wondering why you see the open door, but for the life of you, you just cannot step forwards to enter. Now you know. You are not alone. Within you are other infused entities that have been with you for a long, long time, so much so that what you believe to be you is in fact others.


To be yourself, you need to know yourself.


The Black Glow within our existence is a game changer, as now we have something that is outside of Hell, and thus it cannot be manipulated by Hell.

Your astral form is one with this Black Glow, and what we mean by this, is that there is a connection between you and this state that is inseparable. The time it takes for this Infinite to take you over where you are one with the All varies from person to person, but what we all have in common is that we are one; we are linked to this state.

In the journal I spoke about releasing our “junk” DNA, where we shift our double-helix DNA, to say, for example five helix strands. In other words, we begin to play with what we have that has been shut down. What I emphasized is that our play is within the space of what we can handle. I was told of this lady who could move her curtains so that they floated parallel to the ground. She had too much understanding all at once, and this put her in an insane asylum, as she could not come to terms with what she naturally was.


With our connection to the Black Glow that the Infinite shone upon us, the infusers within are shaken off to walk their own way. Now we stand alone, as we should, within our own space. Those that are inseparable from us through the Love that we have for them and they for us walk with us with this understanding that we are infused to the Black Glow and no other.


Of course, bad memories/moments that shocked us are also  infused within our forms, and these awful moments, rather than entities, became a part of our existence. With our connection to the Black Glow, they to become no more.


So be it.

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