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Corona is hoax, but what about respiratory problems? Please HELP ME UNDERSTAND


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On 3/5/2021 at 6:39 AM, Thehoneybadger said:

I am probably shadow banned so you most likely will not get the opportunity to read this

There is no 'shadow banning' here...
lf there are problems then there are 3 options.

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No other options.

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On 1/27/2021 at 5:46 AM, Boba Orolicki said:
  • Finally, these severe respiratory problems, as well as other unusual symptoms reported for Covid-19-positive patients including problems with coagulation (if they are really positive for this virus) could be explained by the possibility that this virus is not only from "Corona" family, but it has other regions in its nucleic acid sequence (some data suggest presence of HIV or lentiviral sequences). Thus, if the virus was generated in Wuhan, maybe it "escaped" before the research was done, and maybe all this pandemic hysteria is due to the fact that creators of the virus have no clue what are the possible effects at this stage.

I hope this can help and we can maybe think together about this pandemic hoax...

Best wishes from Boba


Hi Boba, thanks for that input ending in the above bullet point. 


In what way is 'regions' being used in your last bullet point here?  Interesting and shocked at the inclusion of HIV... What are we saying. For all we know the suggestion seems Covid-19 could be thought of as a harbinger for HIV now or is that too wild as my intepretation?

(maybe I have this all messed up apart from being  a fairly conclusive covid disbeliever as I am -  anyways, just probing a bit for possible answers... Etc)  



PLUS NOW---Just searched "lentiviral" and sort of made think as follows because lentiviral seems to have a connection with LTR =Long Terminal Repeat (like a thing as in slow manifesting diseases is that?) ... 

So applying LTR if right to do so, to therefore wonder in the era of BSE, ('mad cow disease') do you know was the BSE disease anything considered as a "lentiviral" in characteristic since that was long incubating and since now you mention HIV which is a lentiviral virus too I think I just read in lookup over the web?... 


Whatever someone maybe able answer to connect any dots, I guess one thing I might be told is diseases and virus are never one and the same ever? Any clue there higher scoring than I can guess at?


Well... That was just me trying to decipher and not let sidenotes be sidelined where possible these sciency points of yours or my amateur interpretations could have issues of relevance worth exploring or at least clarifying wheresoever I've misunderstood.. ..


And I mean whether concerning "human focused" pathogens in mind, like covid supposed ones etc. 

But no less are animal formed or animal sourced  pathogens (like if the whole "manmade" Wuhan affair is to be believed as one possible source of the outbreak involving frankenstein labatories).....and if and when they (animals) share much in common with us humans, when asking in terms of any migrating virus or disease from human to animal or vice versa where applicable.  

(I think back to BSE in Europe and I believe that was transferable to humans from cows for example). 

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My view on why people are getting respiratory problems and auto-immune problems, more now than ever, is that prescribed drugs are toxic.


The whole immune system is taking a beating.  For example, fluoroquinolone antibiotics are lethal. They are prescribed everywhere, even when not needed. They leave toxins in the body that have to be chelated out...and most people dont realize that they need to be.


Statin drugs and other drugs ( too many to mention) are known to cause inflammatory responses. These responses cause an over active immune response and I believe this leads to systemic inflammation.  I developed fibromyalgia from fluoroquinolone antibiotics....even a liver specialist I was seeing at the time had to agree in the end. But I managed to chelate the shit from my body. I now focus on my immune system. I take no prescription drugs unless absolutely necessary which in recent years has been only on an as needed basis and thankfully not needed more than a couple of times.


The blood pressure drug Ramipril is known to cause bad reactions in some people and has a symptom of major coughing. The result can be induced asthma, which of course can cause more respiratory problems. The virus in PHARMA... and lack of proper education for doctors, who are trained to prescribe this crap rather than look for a cause and natural cure.


I take magnesium, zinc and Vits B C D.   I use oil of oregano and a few other tinctures for infections... depending on where the infection is. I dont use aluminum based deodorants or other products containing it. 


I guess my point is that I believe so many respiratory ailments are due to drugs, vaccines and things used on our bodies that disrupt the natural immune response...leaving the body hypersensitized and inflammed, causing many illnesses, not least in the delicate linings of the lungs.


Just my opinion...but based on my own experiences and what I have read and seen as I looked for explanations.

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I listened closely to the President of Tanzania before he disappeared and died. He recommended artemisia annua in a drink or just open the capsules and chase with juice. I’m not a doctor and this a story only. My husband was very ill after being exposed to whatever it is. Two capsules twice a day for 2 days and he was fine. We have used this so many times now! Note: Artemisia annua is a type of Wormwood. It is NOT Artemisia absinthe. Very different! Of course, ask a doctor even if it’s just for a laugh. Costs $5 per bottle. LOL! I’ve heard it’s a strong cousin to chloroquine, used for malaria. 

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On 1/16/2021 at 8:52 AM, Danieldelmar said:

Hi guys,


I love David and have been listening to him for a long time over several years.


I do believe covid is hoax, but I am dealing with something. We all know flue ,,disappeared,, and was resignated to covid mostly. 

Nevertheless, my father has been paramedic for all his life, almost 35 years, he doesnt believe in pandemic either, BUT, there are lots of people dying in his hands of RESPIRATORY problems. He said he never saw this before with flue or anything else in his life. I need to solve this piece of puzzle. We live in Jesenik, small mountainous town in Czech Republic with no 5G towers.


So how would you guys, or you David (I know you dont come here hah) would explain an enourmous increase in respiratory problems since covid started If its complete hoax and no 5g towers in my town? Lots of people are on air support and not able to breathe by themselves. Lots of them die. Now thats my father telling me this. And he has no agenda. Its his first hand experience.

I need to get it straight in my head to stand firm my ground of belief.


thank you everyone!!

Hola, it is called mass psychosis, causing anxiety attacks which feels like asthma attacks.

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Hi there,

I believe and expected people to have respiratory problems as soon as you wear a mask...


Breathing through a mask will cause respiratory problems.



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Hi there,


to further expand. I believe the dark knew that respiratory problems would be a result of prolonged or constant wear of masks. I expected it also. Likewise, Isolation and Social distancing provokes illness and does not heal the human being. We are social creatures thus isolation kills the spririt and what makes us human.





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Masks and possible chem trails


i too have had resp problems literally since this started. I honestly don’t know as it comes and goes, but it’s only started since this pandemic.


Defo masks and long Covid are linked. I can’t believe how MSM and normal people have forgotten the reason we breathe out, it’s crazy

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