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What is it about Trump?

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>had the power for 4 years
>never once did anything to stop them
>instead, gave them tax cuts


So will people be able to sue Gettr and Rumble for censorship of anti-goldberg opinions?


How about he tries to free his supporters who are being held in fucking solitary for an action he encouraged?

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Bazooka Joe! I thought that you never even so much as squinted at the er....'main stream media'. The Sun! Making no friends in Liverpool there son.


Before you go full Leeroy Jenkins - party over before it started for Agent Orange;




“This isn’t how it works,” complained attorney Janet Johnson via Twitter. “You don’t announce a class action lawsuit. He can’t be the lead plaintiff in a class that doesn’t exist. A class of presidents? This is just repeating nonsense.”

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Leeerooooy Jeenkiiiinns
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On 6/8/2021 at 10:37 PM, spideysensei said:

If he's controlled opposition, the past 5 years of his wrangling with the media/Democrats has been the most elaborate plot ever devised by tptb in order to keep the two (one) party system intact. If he's truly the God Emperor, then why bring in an experimental vax at 'warp speed' for something that other, safer medication can cure?


Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between, he is neither controlled nor god. If he had not brought in the vaccines? Well, one need only imagine how the media would treat him. Perhaps his hands were tied. Perhaps he thought he wouldn't 'lose'. Perhaps he hasn't, but aside from murmurs of audits in Arizona i'm not sure what else is happening on that front.  Like any political leader, it's best not to get a hardon for them, or become too soft, because the right ones need support. He gets a semi from me, for now.

I'm not sure he has had the power to stop vaccines being made. And if he did not finance it he would have been mince meat. Also not everyone opposes vaccines for what ever reason. I think what he did do is put the vaccine out quicker than they wanted, which is why they have dragged their feet this year and been exposed as even bigger liars. They would have much rather the vaccine just come out about now or at the end of the year... 

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Everyone has their own way of figuring things out. For example, with the McCann case, it might be Kate going 'No comment' in a police interview or Gerry securing all of that extra help from the U.K. government or the masonic mass media letting the Tapas 7 do a Houdini act etc.. Something clicks in someone's head and they say 'No way!'. With Donald Trump, I find it very hard to fathom how anyone can't think about just one of his actions, then feel like they have been bashed on the head with a sledgehammer. No anti-PTB person would have ordered all of those executions, when in their last days in office. It was an act of 'Divide And Conquer', stoking up the pro and anti death penalty factions, plain and simple. We are seeing the same thing now, with Biden and the issue of legalised abortion. And don't the PTB just love it, when the Common Man are always fighting each other.





'In Trump’s final days, a rush of federal executions.'     

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