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I helped a horse.......

steven geldenhuys

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(I helped a horse – because I can.

The horse said to me: “How can I help you?”

I told the horse my problems.

The horse said to me: “As you have helped me through Love (that something bigger than you,) why don’t you ask the same Love to help you?”

I told Love my problems.)

15th January, 2021.


What I said above is not airy-fairy. If you want help, you go to the right people for help. In most cases, our problems are bigger than people – we need Divine help.

To transform the seen world, one needs to transform the unseen world, because the unseen controls the seen. By “unseen” we imply those within us that controlled us, as well as those from the shadow world, and the shadow/unseen world itself. One needs to understand the Game – as it is their Game and not ours.


After almost seven years of living and breathing this journal so that I may understand the Game we are caught up in, have I understood enough to allow the Love that is to shine onto the seen and unseen frequencies/worlds within Hell?

We are approaching the edge of the cliff – it is getting closer. The catastrophe that has been planned for us is on the horizon. What plays with us is not Human. As we do not look twice at the animals in the slaughter trucks on their way to be slaughtered, so to do these Beasts have no empathy for us and our loved ones. Like attracts like, and that is why as hard as we push and shove to get these bastards away from us, we are inextricably intertwined with them. We are them, and they are us. That is why it was vital to understand how we got in this mess in the first place so that we may rise above it and be what we are meant to be.


I understand why people do not like Steven. If I met him I would also not like him. This was the “old” me I am talking about. I grew up, and every day I try and be a better person than what I was yesterday. I want to be better than what I am, as my time here is short, so while I am here I want to learn to laugh and be happy – to live a care-free existence. But we are so small, and yet when we understand what we truly are, we understand we are Everything.


May the time for talking and writing be over. May the Love that has been awakened shine on all of us, as we are all in this mess – those that are destroyed, and those that destroy.

So be it.

16th January, 2020.

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