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Bill Gates purchases farm land

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The history of Microsoft by Wikipedia........ Bill Gates founded Microsoft und is aee genius...


The reality.......... Kent Evans : dead very young in a climbing accident... Paul Allen : diagnosed a Hodgkin lymphoma when 30 y/o, died at 65 from a non-Hodgkinian lymphoma... Ric Weiland : committed suicide by gun shot at 53... Bil Gates : alive...





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Oxford-based genetic engineering firm Oxitec has announced a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new strain of mosquitoes to combat the spread of malaria. However, while the Gates Foundation has focused on the Mosquito, there has been a covert engineering project to develop a mosquito that spreads vaccine instead of disease. This has already been achieved.




Giant tornado of blood-sucker mosquitoes engulfs Buenos Aires, Argentina





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