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The Ivory Trade Blame

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Now, there is only so much that can be done, and complaining only gets you so far. This is something that will actually work, putting pressure on the rich about their involvement in the Ivory trade. If Rhinos go extinct in 10 years, PETA and VEGANS will riot and start burning down mansions and ransacking them!!! Now, I am not saying it will get that far, what I am saying is that if we put pressure on the rich to ACT NOW for Ivory animals (especially Rhinos) b/c consequences will cost them mass unrest. 


The smoke will not clear to rich mansions, starting with Newport RI and the KING of FAKE NEWS on CNN, lol lol....... in the mindset of PETA and VEGANs.


You will 100% be held responsible for the LOSS of this creature on Earth, and YOU WILL be held responsible and be dealt karma. 


Now, what rich people can start doing as asset protection is donating to save animals like the Rhino and the African Elephant. 


I am not saying I would engage in such activities, what I am describing is the frustration that WILL COME if an animal like the Rhino goes extinct. It will be a melt down of perception which will lead to the blaming of the rich, resulting in PETA and VEGANs going after them. 

They know gorilla warfare and how not to get caught. 


It cost more then GOLD and MORE then COCAINE, its the rich demand that is creating the market of need. At one point a rhino every 8 minutes was poached to the point that experts are saying they have 5-10 years left.


For the LIFE of RHINOS we take the HANDS of the RICH and PUT it on the HOT STOVE!!!!!! Dont do it again!!!

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At any point they can send in a buffer, someone they like -- like Drake or Rhianna, a large enough group of influencers and prevent the mass unrest that can ensue from the extinction of the Rhino. It will be a MASS reset to how people think and what is really important in life, and the first thing that happens when people think like that is BLAMING THE RICH.


See?? You make it look cool, your saving the Rhino. and saving your a$$ with this thread.


This is a warning, what you dont want to do to PETA and VEGANS is kill off the Rhino. Even I am scared FOR THE RICH and I have to deal with poltergeist all the time. lol True story. lol :) What you wont be able to control, is the gorilla tactics of PETA, Feminist, and VEGANS.


Tell them to stop doing it, and start donating to save the Rhino. (them rich selves included) 


You were warned. 

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He wanted a Rhino birthday party, wanted to be a Rhino for Halloween, and kids always want to see the RHINO. 


You will greatly regret the awakening and back lash that will result in the Rhinos extinction. 


(CNN JOKE) We all know that the only thing from Africa the King of fake news would touch with his sensationalism is an Ivory piece. Time to move over for Cuomo. lol Has me wondering what he looks like with his sh!rt off on vacation. lol Not that I watch often, but when I do. Better do those donations FAKE King before word gets out about Africa. lol :) He dosent fool me. Donate to all those FEMALE African rhinos!!!! lol 

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