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Things That Have Gone Our Way.


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Id like to know different agendas that haven't quite gone their way this past year or past decade even that they've either backed off of or whether it be by statistics or just a feeling you've had that they aren't where they'd hope to be. 


I get that everything is doom and gloom but their is hope and good will prevail. 


The one im happiest about is the polls showing how many people are willing to get vaccinated.. this is everything to be able to depopulate because as the grip tightens down the less people going against them the better and make no mistake more and more will wake up, but will they be able to have kids to pass on their views to?... so people not jumping in line for it at as high as rates as they'd liked makes me happy and I'm not sure their is any reason to believe in 6 months most of those people are gonna change their mind.


Also, here where I'm at in the states their was the initial stuff about coin shortage and I think most places and people weren't having much of that.

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