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Where to escape to?


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53 minutes ago, Trampfoot said:

I'd argue about the racism in Thailand thing. I lived there in the outskirts of Bangkok for about two years, the only westerner in the area, and never got any trouble. In fact it was a pretty damn safe place to be, no funny looks, no hassle, no overcharging. Compared to the UK, young people had very high moral standards and respect for their elders.  If you've never lived there, you're subject to the ideas of others who may have brought negativity on themselves. There's a lot of BS about life in Thailand.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes it was based on others' experience's and the global racism index, of which Thailand is normally in the top few https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/most-racist-countries


I take your opinion on board though having lived their yourself. TY.


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The brainwashed minion (liberals) have invaded (just about) every formerly conservative stronghold.


More and more states are turning blue with endless waves of illegal aliens, refugees and white liberal arts majors chasing minimum wage jobs at big box stores.


The point is, running away doesn't work. There are no more untouched, hidden oases. Google maps ensures a bus ride, or even a long walk means any city or state can be inundated with a woke infestation literally overnight. Anti-discrimination laws ensure that they cannot be discriminated against, and affirmative ensures that they get first dibs on all important resources.


Stay where you are and fight.

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Someone mentioned that it costs 2K p/h to hire a private jet.

I am pretty certain if you hire, you will not have an airline pestering for mask or vaccine status.

After all, you are the one hiring it.

It takes approximately 10hrs from Poland to Dubai which will cost 20K....let's say.

So this guy has just visited Poland and now back in Dubai and no sign of quarantine.

I think this is the way to travel IF you must. Fuck climate change woke consciousness, it doesn't exist, not manmade at least. If you were to travel with 6 people, each of you will pay approximately just over 3K. Now, if you check on Emirates, business class costs 2.5K and 1st class costs 4K+. So with all the comfort that comes with flying on a private jet, it's well worth it. Of course, the guy I'm talking about was travelling alone though....cos he can.


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I know this isn't new....about five months old but just adding it here how fellow British rapper has been treated in Bulgaria. He could even be a member in this forum.


Imprisoned in Bulgaria for being British

Sequel: Bulgarian Prison Food Review


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On 1/15/2021 at 12:55 PM, Ed8 said:

As we descend further into fascist, Orwellian technocracy, my family and I are starting to consider escape routes - places where it might be possible to avoid vaccine passports, compliance-linked UBI, state surveillance and away from a helplessly brainwashed society that is only getting worse. 


Tanzania holds appeal - sunny, nice beaches, no masks, no vax. Although possibly in the pocket of China (as is much of Africa) so who knows what is down the line.


Does anyone have any ideas?



Can't believe this thread's a year old already. The post feels like a 100 years ago!


There's no place to escape to. The only place to go is within to find your own uniqueness and creativity and then share that with others, otherwise you just end up complaining and blaming everyone else all the time, which is very corrosive for the soul in the medium to long-term.


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