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A Forum suggestion from me, a call to sharing more positive action we can and are taking with the aim of assisting others to do the same and sharing our knowledge

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Has anyone created a thread that we can all add our personal efforts to thwart, resist, continue living the best we can, with solutions we use that we are willing to share with others to help empower them if they cannot find it within themselves [helping hand, sharing idea's], because if not, i'd icke to propose such a thread [pun intended].


It has been on my mind for a while now and as i have made a massive effort in my own life and immediate family to shift away as much as possible from the overly negative to the resoundingly positive.


While i have read through many of these threads since recently joining, i am not willing to go through them all right now, so simply asking those of you here that may know seems the best option i have and the least time consuming.


As i have been awake most of my life and definitely more so from the 90's Fat Cat era, i have seen and heard many things and many changes come to be, and while we concern ourselves with knowledge, facts and uncovering truths, ripping off masks of deceit, awakening our own spirit and all of that, i feel positive and constructive messages, ideals and conversations are becoming less and less.


As with my own personal experience right now, i am as informed of these things as i can be and always open to learning and validating more information along these lines, but i am finding myself seeking to counter all the negative energies with positives too as a must for me. By that i mean that i am taking back more control over my self-sufficiency, emotions, and responses by thinking of positive things to do for myself, my family and hope others are too.


It has been a real guiding light for me and has massively helped me to control my fears that all of us should and would reasonably expect to have regarding all of this. Being a naturally unselfish and protective, honourable Man of this World i wish to try join with likeminded souls to assist in replicating this feeling and self control for others to be able to tap into themselves with empowering self sufficiency and distraction from the evils only so that we can prepare ourselves for what may come and what is already here, thus reducing the overall negativity on the Planet and giving our fellow Wo/man chance to join in with sharing their own idea's on how to combat all of this, protect our Sovereignty, prevent our stupidity in pointless actions that pick us off and inject some realism into this pit of doom we face by sharing a wider pool of knowledge with each other amicably.


Sorry for the large rant, been up all night yet again researching and cross-referencing, etc


For reference i would like to add that some of the biggest things i have done is to start gowing my own fruit, veg and herbs indoors and away from GeoEngineering [as much as is possible], reclaiming my fraudulently stolen Identity from Birth, actively changing my diet, boycotting all products and companies/orgs against humanity, changing my perceptions and looking wihin myself to realise the overly negative aspects building in me beyond my acceptable limits, to the point where i have made changes to counter the negativity with real, important , positive action and thoughts, rather than focus solely on all this easily oevrwhelming mess we find ourselves in.

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  • CharlieBoy78 changed the title to A Forum suggestion from me, a call to sharing more positive action we can and are taking with the aim of assisting others to do the same and sharing our knowledge
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People are not serious.


Even the "woke", "conspiracy theorist" just sits there scrolling through facebook sharing posts while keeping their fingers crossed that it will all go away.


Every now and again you get people who prepare for themselves, but they are just as bad as the rest.

They think that their supplies and skills would save them... when a group of 15 hungry people would leave them hanging from a tree for a days worth of food.


Our selfishness is what will bring us to our knees.. there are people out there who really try to prepare, to help others, and we get kicked in the teeth.

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Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, i have suffered a great setback as my PC has been down since i wrote this Thread. Bloody Microsoft messed up my machine and it has been hell trying to fix it without enouigh money to spare, broken HDD, Windows Updates unremovable andscrewing up my system multiple times.


Anyway, to get back on point, i am well aware of the desperation of others and i truly hope we do not have to fight them too, understanding is fine to a certain extent but i would hope that you can have family close by or with you to help protect you and yours, as i hope everyone else does, or at least can make some kind of plan with their family and friends to be there for each other should things really kick off like that.


I do know it will be difficult especially in America where the distance between relative/friends can be far greater than here in England, but creative methodolgies to stay safe are needed to prepare for personal attacks to steal what you have


It is a real concern that should be prepared for just as much as the things i mention in my OP

As always, we must protect what is ours!

It is good to be back on here finally

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I must also note that whilst i am under no illusion about the evil that people can and may do in desperation, etc, that i will always hold onto the view and hope that the wider populations around the World will stand together more than attack each other. Some may think this naive but i do not.


I see ever day much more than a great awakening, i see a lot of beautiful things and also refuse to be made to fear the power of these 1% and friends who have no chance and are far reaching fuck ups who stupidly think theyve already got us when that is far from the truth, this is going to end them NOT us and hopefully this will strengthen those of us here who do deserve to live life free and in peace

I see it as a great opportunity we have never ever had before, one to eradicate these now more than visible enemies of the World, then we can fix what damage has been done to the best of our abilities and become the free, natural, peaceful caretakers of this World that we always should have been

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Hey @CharlieBoy78 good initiative. I found this thread just now, I haven't been active on this forum for a half a year or more. I might have something more to contribute here in the future but for now I'll give you a response that has to do with helping each other and sharing knowledge. There was a thread somewhere here on this forum where members were discussing prepping etc. And months ago I was about to write there (what I to write here now), but I didn't because I was low on time and for some reason I didn't know really how to stick it in in the midst of the conversations.


Anyway sticking to the theme of (important) knowledge sharing I just want to say that anything Ray Mears does is worth picking up. Ray Mears is a bushcraft master. UK people probably all know who he is, but I heard of him 5 years ago or so, and he has a connection with nature that I think is important. The harmony with nature is what I believe will give us humans success. 


So anyone reading this, if you haven't already - study what Ray Mears has done.



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