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Vaccine injuries and medics speaking out.


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7 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Same here mate. All unfolding as predicted, re cardiac issues, immune problems and regular "cold" attacks despite boosting up to their eyeballs.


But you can't say a thing.


I shook the dust off my feet with just about everybody I had previously pleaded with. 


My silence on the matter probably unsettles them more than when I was impassioned. They no longer have any pearls to trample in the mud, but I'll help them help themselves if ever there's a genuine cry for help. 

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Telegraph reporting on AZ induced GBS


AstraZeneca vaccine linked with ‘spike’ in cases of rare disease that can paralyse victims

As studies report rise ‘attributable to’ Covid jab, The Telegraph speaks to people who developed Guillain-Barré syndrome after vaccination


Scientists have drawn a link between the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and a “spike” in cases of a rare disease that can leave its victims paralysed.

Three separate studies reported an increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) shortly after the roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

GBS is a potentially deadly condition in which a person’s immune system attacks their nerves and gradually paralyses victims from the feet upwards. While most patients recover, it can be life-threatening or permanently debilitating.

Two of the studies looked at rates of GBS in England and said there was an increase in cases “attributable to” the AstraZeneca vaccine, or that there was a probable “causal link”.

The Telegraph has spoken to several people who developed GBS after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, and have become severely disabled as a result.

Two of the individuals have been awarded payments through the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme but the third has been refused compensation on the basis that he is not “60 percent disabled” – the threshold for a pay-out.

On Friday, one of the victims spoke of his “anger” that he had the AstraZeneca jabwithout knowing that it posed such a risk.

‘Side effects ignored’

Anthony Shingler said: “It feels like the side effects were either missed or ignored.”

In one of the studies, researchers studied NHS data and found that the rate of GBS was lower than usual for most of the pandemic – but that it shot up to well above normal levels in March and April 2021 – after the AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out had got under way.

More than a quarter of people who developed GBS in England in the first 10 months of 2021 did so within six weeks of having the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to the paper by scientists at University College London and researchers at the UK’s medicines watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

The researchers stressed that the risk of GBS was “very small” in proportion to the benefits that Covid vaccines offered. For every million doses of the jab that were administered, there were less than six extra cases of GBS, according to the study.

However, the scale of the vaccination programme meant that by July 8 2021, there were between 98 and 140 “excess” cases of GBS in England that researchers said could be “attributable to” the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The authors of the paper, titled Covid-19 vaccination and Guillain-Barre syndrome: analyses using the National Immunoglobulin Database, compared the rate of GBS linked to the AstraZeneca jab to the rate linked to the swine flu jab, which became a huge controversy in America in the 1970s.


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On 12/4/2023 at 11:38 PM, Saved said:

I shook the dust off my feet with just about everybody I had previously pleaded with. 


My silence on the matter probably unsettles them more than when I was impassioned. They no longer have any pearls to trample in the mud, but I'll help them help themselves if ever there's a genuine cry for help. 

You can try but it’ll fall on deaf ears.


The old man and his partner are still ill with their ‘colds’ after two and a half months of non stop coughing spluttering, one of them losing their voice, feeling like they can’t even leave the house. 
Desperate for a new excuse to defend their beloved nhs and vaccine boosters, they blamed their illness on their new baby grandson, as he coughed a couple of times and had the sniffles when they went to see him.

Delusional. This country and its inhabitants beggar belief. I’m honestly shocked, and this is my own family I’m talking about here.

I gave them my final warning on the vaccines the other day, which went down like a lead balloon. 

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Working in the fitness industry I am seeing many, many cases of people unwell with short or long term illnesses, and getting cold after cold during the winter. Before 2020 I would see most people getting one or maximum two bad colds or a chest infection per year that would result in them missing classes for one to two weeks. 

Now I see people with cold after cold, bad ones too- not the sort where you would just cough up in a morning and make sure you had tissues and lozengers for the rest of the day. 

I also have a couple of people who claim they have ‘long covid’- fatigue, wheezing, generally aging by 10-15 years in the space of a few months. All these people are vaxxed. 

Weird that I personally haven’t had one of those yearly bad cold since before covid, though I know some fellow unvaxxed that are also becoming unwell. Read a thread the other day, I think on Reddit, about the actual virus as well as the vaccine being harmful to all not just the vaxxed. As in, exposure to one or both is bad for the immunity. I have no proof of anything. Just noticing patterns around me. 

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Ray Kurzweil: “It’s A New World”



And he also warned about prions.


Prions are pathogenic agents that can cause abnormal folding of specific normal cellular proteins in the brain. Prion protein damage, once it reaches the inflammatory scarring stage, causes tiny holes to form in brain tissue, making it appear sponge-like under a microscope.


Prion disease is usually rapid and always fatal.


The spike protein can cause some of the proteins to change shape, misfold, and lose their function. In prion disease, the misfolded human protein can then cause other similar proteins to also misfold, which leads to an exponentially increasing problem.


The misfolded protein tangle and the clump can disrupt function further; eventually, scarring and cell death in the region leads to loss of function in the area. Brain cell death can cause physical movement or difficulty with cognitive skills, concentration, decision-making, or speech and sense perception.


Prion protein is transmissible. Exosomes containing spike protein and possibly the mRNA gene sequence may also be exhaled or released in sweat or other body fluids by the recent CoV injected.


Because we are in unchartered territory, we do not know about peak risk. With that said, many, including myself have gotten ill after being close to people who have been freshly vaccinated and/or boosted.


Immune-compromised people are more likely to produce spikes for a longer amount of time than people with a healthier immune system that is better able to detox the body. (You can read more about prions and more in my ebook UNDERSTANDING THE MECHANISMS OF THE COVID-19 “VACCINES.)


A frightening study published by the Human Microbiology Institute revealed the outer shell of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein contains “prion-like regions” that give the virus a 10-to20-fold higher affinity for ACE2, to be exact.


The key region of the spike protein that studs SARS-CoV-2’s outer surface is called “receptor binding domain (RBD).”


In 2017, Johns Hopkins published “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028,” a report about a communications drill for a jab that could “accidentally” cause bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) aka “mad cow” prion disease.


It has rather conclusively been determined that the mRNA-produced S-spike protein is NOT QUITE THE SAME as in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The produced protein is similar but misshaped in 3D.


It is a chiral-mirrored or “stereoisomer” – a mirror image misfolded protein that can lead to similar problems as prion disease.


On January 21, 2020, a paper published by researchers in the Key Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Immunity of the Shanghai Pasteur Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences mentioned that the sequence of a key part of the S protein of the virus is highly homologous to the SARS virus. (6)


Furthermore, some studies show that the mRNA COVID-19 jabs may progressively degenerate the brain from prion disease.

That same year, many doctors on the front lines anticipated that the COVID-19 jab could take up to four years for us to start seeing prion disease.


Why does big pharma anticipate a 300 percent increase in PRION Diseases by 2028?


It seems that doctors are admitting that the Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines can cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and Prion Diseases which are universally fatal.


The 2008 Nobel Prize winner Dr.Luc Montagnier’s paper on a “New form of Rapidly developing Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease” in 26 cases after COVID-19 Vaccination with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca – remains a key paper on the subject.


This new “rapid form” of CJD had symptoms appearing on average 11.4 days after COVID-19 Vaccine Injection.




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Measles now in the UK, apparently. 


"Urgent: The UK Health Security Agency has declared a national measles emergency and there has been a local confirmed case. Your clinical record shows you are not fully vaccinated. Measles can make an adult very poorly.  Please act now for your safety. Click below to book your vaccination"

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18 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

Measles now in the UK, apparently. 


"Urgent: The UK Health Security Agency has declared a national measles emergency and there has been a local confirmed case. Your clinical record shows you are not fully vaccinated. Measles can make an adult very poorly.  Please act now for your safety. Click below to book your vaccination"

Yawn. Don't most people get measles as kids? I certainly did

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Bono's ONE charity announced:
🎉 The malaria vaccine rollout has begun 🎉
  • 50x50_one.png


    A mosquito bite. Such a tiny thing, delivered by a tiny insect. But the impact can be enormous. 15.8 million people have died from malaria since 2000, the debilitating virus delivered by that tiny bite.

    People have tried everything to beat it. Insecticide-treated nets, indoor residual spraying, even a good swift slap of the hand. But those mosquitos and the virus that many carry are resilient. Until now.

    A new vaccine, that was recommended by WHO in 2021, has landed in Cameroon and is being administered to children through routine immunization programs around the country as we speak.

    Will you sign our petition urging Rishi Sunak to bolster efforts to end malaria?



    This is a landmark moment in the fight against a disease that is one of the biggest killers of young children in Africa, costing the lives of half a million children under the age of five each year.

    The road to get here was not easy or narrow; the vaccine was three decades in the making and shows what is possible when we match science and innovation and investment and political will - and not to mention a determined set of campaigners!

    This new vaccine is not a silver bullet. Similar to a COVID-19 or flu vaccine, prevention methods also help stop the spread.

    What’s next? The vaccine was trialed in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi and roll out is expected to continue there. Later this year Niger

Edited by Grumpy Grapes
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Dr. Dan Neides gives tearful apology for pushing vaccines

Dr. Dan Neides, former medical director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.


This speech is from 2017.



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Listen to this story from a guy at work. His wives, father in law, developed cancer of the pancreas and his symptoms were basically upset stomach/pain. When they looked in to his cancer, it had already spread to his bowel and kidney. This guy had turbo cancer, within 6 months he was dead, in the end he weigh 19kg and was in so much pain as even morphine stopped working. He had developed cancer in the bones by the time he died. All within a short time frame from healthy to sick. Oh by the way he was 59. 


Now we are seeing Dr Makis did a report on canadian doctors dying and getting turbo cancer and now doctors and police were some of the first to get the jabs. So if we see mass deaths we should notice it first in their groups and that is exactly what we are seeing. 

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