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Vaccine injuries and medics speaking out.


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7 hours ago, Jackunjill said:

Ah it was a bit late when i read the article. Missed that part. 

i guess kids dying at 22 of heart issues really is the new normal these days. 


Sadly this story which may just be a complete freak, one off, one in a billion chance, will be used as the "new norm" poster boy, justification when inevitably thousands if not millions of similar aged young individuals start dropping like flies all around the world due to their immune systems being completely destroyed by the poison they've accepted like brainwashed lemmings or clockwork oranges as Anthony Burgess so brilliantly wrote about 60 years ago. 

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4 hours ago, SimonTV said:


That is the same condition that I have seen on a colleague's arm. He has been extremely zealous for the jabs, often wears two masks and covers his gloves in lashings of 70% alcohol - and has been doing so for a very long time (over two years). I think he had his jabs at the same time as the majority, including the booster when it became available. He has this condition down the same arm as he got the injections and it now hangs loose with no strength to do anything.


He has told me about it - I can see it anyway - but neither of us mention the jab as a possible cause because we have had many conversations going back to March 2020 where it was established that I was a conspiracy theorist that is not worth listening to. I think he is dying for me to say something in support of my many valid arguments and warnings but I refuse to do so. I discern that he wants to get me in some sort of trouble with our employer and use that as a safety valve to make him feel better.


The damage has been done. He has to live with it.

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3 hours ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:

Vax injured or vax dead in Scotland? This is what your MP thinks of you:




That MP is living up to his surname. Without doubt he was openly mocking. He is full of arrogance and is not just cold but sadistic, deriving pleasure from the reaction he would undoubtably elicit. 

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- immune suppression 

- Increased cancer rates

- Reactivation of latent viruses

- 30,000 VAERS deaths, over a million adverse reactions

- All-cause mortality is higher in the jabbed

- Persists in the body for at least 60 days...



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