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Vaccine injuries and medics speaking out.


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Great idea @Liberty to keep the vaccine adverse reactions in one place. Thanks for starting this thread.


Whilst the UK's Yellow Card scheme, following the MHRA AI tool tender, apparently does not provide publicly available info concerning side effects of vaccines, the CDC's 'VAERS' is publicly available and tracks adverse reactions. It can be found on the following link.




I previously posted about it in the megathread here:



UK Column also picked up on VAERS earlier this week after a viewer emailed in after scrutinising the reports of Pfizer/BioNTech adverse reactions. According to their viewer, in just 15 days (!) up to the end of the year, the Pfizer/BioNtech jab was third highest on the list in terms of numbers of adverse reactions whereas other vaccines had been tracked for the whole year. 11 recipients had died since receiving the Covid vaccine and 956 had not yet recovered from their symptoms. UK Column cover it from around 49:50 in their video below.



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8 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

Great idea @Liberty to keep the vaccine adverse reactions in one place. Thanks for starting this thread.


Whilst the UK's Yellow Card scheme, following the MHRA AI tool tender, apparently does not provide publicly available info concerning side effects of vaccines, the CDC's 'VAERS' is publicly available and tracks adverse reactions. It can be found on the following link.




I previously posted about it in the megathread here:



UK Column also picked up on VAERS earlier this week after a viewer emailed in after scrutinising the reports of Pfizer/BioNTech adverse reactions. According to their viewer, in just 15 days (!) up to the end of the year, the Pfizer/BioNtech jab was third highest on the list in terms of numbers of adverse reactions whereas other vaccines had been tracked for the whole year. 11 recipients had died since receiving the Covid vaccine and 956 had not yet recovered from their symptoms. UK Column cover it from around 49:50 in their video below.



I think that is my new favourite channel. I watched all of that. Thank you for the vaers link. If only we could be so transparent in the UK. I used to think we were.  

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I have a question about the vaccine. Lucky me that I am not allowed to get one. Anyway the mother of my best friend has to take the vaccine because of her job. Those it harm you when you believe it doesn't. It's all frequency after all.Maybe something natural can help against this. If you have anything from icke or other websites please send me a message. I would really appreciate it. Thank you

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9 minutes ago, Rolandson said:

I have a question about the vaccine. Lucky me that I am not allowed to get one. Anyway the mother of my best friend has to take the vaccine because of her job. Those it harm you when you believe it doesn't. It's all frequency after all.Maybe something natural can help against this. If you have anything from icke or other websites please send me a message. I would really appreciate it. Thank you


I've heard stories of monks who resist the effects of all drugs by sheer will.


Could be all bullshit, but maybe it's true. Check it out.

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3 hours ago, Jode said:

Just adding about my friend I did post on the main thread. In hers 20s health care worker developed bells palsy within 12 hours of receiving first dose 

When everybody would just say no, it is over by tomorrow

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32-Year-Old Mexican Doctor Suffers Seizures and is Paralyzed After Receiving the Pfizer Experimental Vaccine


The Mexican Press is reporting that a 32-year-old female doctor in Coahuila has suffered seizures and become paralyzed after receiving the Pfizer experimental COVID mRNA vaccine on December 30, 2020




WARNING: 3,150 Injuries in First Week of Illegal Experimental COVID Vaccines Among American Healthcare Workers! Pregnant Women Included



The first week of injecting American healthcare workers with the experimental illegal Pfizer mRNA vaccine has resulted in over 3000 of these healthcare workers reporting that they were injured to the extent that they could not continue on their jobs and perform normal activities, requiring care from a doctor or healthcare worker.

This report is directly from the CDC and was published yesterday, December 19, 2020




Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines about to be mass injected into the unsuspecting public assisted by military forces around the world.









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The list of sources below has been doing the rounds on social media and firmly belongs in this thread. Some of the cases will be duplicates of those already posted. I have added the last case which has only been reported today and added the image to the first source.


A massive 2.7% of people who can no longer work after having the Pfizer vaccine.



Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers'

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Wife of 'perfectly healthy' Miami doctor, 56, who died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is certain it was triggered by the jab, as drug giant investigates first death with a suspected link to shot.

75-year-old Israeli man dies 2 hours after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Death of Swiss man after Pfizer vaccine.

88-year-old collapses and dies several hours after being vaccinated.

Thousands negatively affected after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Hospital worker with no prior allergies in intensive care with severe reaction after Pfizer Covid vaccine.

4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’.

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

U.S. officials report more severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

NHS told not to give Covid vaccine to those with history of allergic reactions.

COVID-19: Single vaccine dose leads to 'greater risk' from new coronavirus variants, South African experts warn

CDC reveals at least 21 Americans have suffered life threatening allergic reactions to Pfizer's COVID vaccine

Woman experiences side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

COVID Vaccine Side Effects More Common After 2nd Dose.

Bulgaria Reports 4 Cases Of Side Effects From Pfizer Covid Vaccine.

Two NHS workers suffer allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine.


13 Israelis suffer facial paralysis after coronavirus vaccine - report


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@Mitochondrial Eve is there any information on adverse reactions for the Oxford jab? My missus, god forbid, is insistent she's having the jab, and has been told it's the Oxford one. 


Now, I might he mistaken but I have not seen or heard of any reactions to this jab. Has anyone got any info on adverse reactions to the Oxford jab? I could do with scaring the shit out of her so she doesn't do it. 


Thanks in advance. 👍

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16 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

@Mitochondrial Eve is there any information on adverse reactions for the Oxford jab? My missus, god forbid, is insistent she's having the jab, and has been told it's the Oxford one. 


Now, I might he mistaken but I have not seen or heard of any reactions to this jab. Has anyone got any info on adverse reactions to the Oxford jab? I could do with scaring the shit out of her so she doesn't do it. 


Thanks in advance. 👍


I am sorry to hear about your wife Morpheus.


I don't think I have heard anything either yet about adverse reactions for the AstraZeneca vaccine since it was granted regulatory approval and let loose on the general public. So I think the best I can come up with for now is the fact that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials were halted more than once after recipients developed adverse reactions.








Also, there is the information contained within the Regulation 174 leaflets about potential side effects - best to get this info from the health professionals pamphlet rather than the one for patients. I posted about this on the megathread (linked below) with the key points being that:

  • No interaction studies have been performed which could be relevant if your wife is on any medication;
  • There is very limited research as to whether the vaccine may affect fertility and;
  • A variety of adverse reactions have already been picked up despite the limited testing that has been completed.


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There’s the one in India. He’s now being sued to accusing the vaccine of his neurological illness. 

The volunteer, who developed a neurological illness on 11 October, 10 days after he had received the first dose of the vaccine in the southern Indian city of Chennai, was among 1600 healthy adults recruited at 17 hospitals across India for the trial—an observer-blind randomised controlled study. Health officials said that the volunteer was discharged after treatment in the trial hospital and that investigations by the institutional ethics committee, the data safety monitoring board, and CDSCO did not find any correlation with the vaccine trial.  



the one who died in Brazil was from the AZ trial but they said he had the placebo. 

aome developed transverse myelitis but they said the volunteer had an undiagnosed condition of MS. That hadn’t been picked up before the vaccine https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02706-6

Here’s a good write up from BMJ on medicine playing politics and corruption. 

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science 

When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die

Politicians and governments are suppressing science. They do so in the public interest, they say, to accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments. They do so to support innovation, to bring products to market at unprecedented speed. Both of these reasons are partly plausible; the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. But the underlying behaviour is troubling.

Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health.1 Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science.




There was a link on the main thread to all the adverse reactions from what might have been the Oxford vaccine a few days back.  





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Safety and efficacy of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine (AZD1222) against SARS-CoV-2: an interim analysis of four randomised controlled trials in Brazil, South Africa, and the UK. Lancet 2020; published online Dec 8. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(20)32661-1.

P16 -21 Table S6 Serious adverse events by MedDRA system organ class and preferred term at any time during the study, in randomised participants who received at least one dose of vaccine.


Lots of Nasty adverse events in that. 









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Preston councillor rushed to hospital with severe Covid vaccine side-effects

"Within 10 minutes, I could tell that my breathing pattern had changed. I was having to dig deeper into my diaphragm to breathe," said Coun Akhtar.

"My breathing went and I started to feel a bit nervous and clammy. I wasn't sure what was going on. But I tried to ignore it and told myself it would pass."

Feeling uneasy, Coun Akhtar returned home expecting the unpleasant side-effects to soon pass. But his condition rapidly deteriorated.


"I didn't have an underlying health condition that was expected to trigger a reaction," said Coun Akhtar.


"But the flu-like snuffles and muscle ache kicked in, followed by a horrendous fever. When I closed my eyes to lay down I felt like the top of my scalp was melting and sliding down my face. It was horrible.


"I was really struggling with my breathing, I was so short of breath. So we called the ambulance and I was taken straight to A&E.


"My fever remained and the temperature shot up to 40°c. It was this combination of symptoms that made the A&E team suspect that I might have Covid-19 or a reaction to the vaccine.


"That was the scariest bit, when they said that they suspected I might have Covid and put me into isolation."







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447 reported adverse effects after Covid-19 vaccination, 3 hospitalised: GovtMore than 224,300 people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus disease so far, out of which only 447 reported adverse effects and only three had to be admitted to hospitals, the Union health ministry said on the second day of the nationwide vaccination drive on Sunday. The health ministry said 17,072 people received the vaccine on Day 2 of the vaccination drive in six states.


These are just the immediate effects that have been reported. We’re only on day 2 of this in India. They’re saying the most adverse events were fever, headache and nausea but they are side effects which it says on the packaging not adverse events. So an attempt to downplay this like they did with the volunteer who sued for nerve damage. I doubt these are the real numbers but it’s something. 



India is starting its vaccination campaign at a moment when the virus is in retreat — unlike in the United States and Britain. New cases have dropped drastically since peaking in September: India is recording about 18,000 cases and 200 deaths a day.




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California halts injections of Moderna Covid vaccine batch due to ‘higher-than-usual number of adverse events’

18 Jan, 2021 07:03 
California health officials are asking vaccine providers to stop administering a batch of Moderna’s Covid-19 jab, after an unusually high number of adverse reactions were linked to the drug.

Doses from Moderna Lot 041L20A are suspected of causing a “higher-than-usual number of adverse events” and should be shelved until a proper investigation can be conducted, the California Department of Public Health said on Sunday. 

State epidemiologist Dr. Erica S. Pan said in a statement that “fewer than 10 individuals” suffered “a possible severe allergic reaction” and required medical attention over the past 24 hours after being injected with the specific batch of vaccine. All of the incidents appear to have occurred at a single community clinic that was administering the lot. The site reportedly closed for several hours after the string of adverse reactions occurred, before switching to a different batch of the drug. 


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VAERS update (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)   (USA - co managed by the cdc)

VAERS updates every Friday. Last week we were at 10 reported deaths. There are currently 55 deaths recorded following the Covid vaccine:

VAERS ID: 909095-1, 66yo
on 12/24/2020 the resident was sleepy and stayed in bed most of the shift. He stated he was doing okay but requested pain medication for his legs ‪at 250PM. At 255AM on 12/25/2020 the resident was observed in bed lying still, pale, eyes half open and foam coming from mouth and unresponsive. He was not breathing and with no pulse.

VAERS ID: 910363-1, 84yo
Patient had mild hypotension, decreased oral intake, somnolence starting 3 days after vaccination and death 5 days after administration. He did have advanced dementia and was hospice eligible based on history of aspiration pneumonia.

VAERS ID: 913143-1, 84yo
Vaccine administered with no immediate adverse reaction ‪at 11:29am. Vaccine screening questions were completed and resident was not feeling sick and temperature was 98F. At approximately ‪1:30pm the resident passed away.

VAERS ID: 913733-1, 85yo
My grandmother died a few hours after receiving the moderna covid vaccine booster 1. While I don't expect that the events are related, the treating hospital did not acknowledge this and I wanted to be sure a report was made.

VAERS ID: 914604-1, 74yo
Spouse awoke 12/20 and found spouse dead. Client was not transferred to hospital.

VAERS ID: 914621-1, 89yo
Resident in our long term care facility who received first dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine on 12/22/2020, only documented side effect was mild fatigue after receiving. She passed away on 12/27/2020 of natural causes per report. Has previously been in & out of hospice care, resided in nursing home for 9+ years, elderly with dementia. Due to proximity of vaccination we felt we should report the death, even though it is not believed to be related.

VAERS ID: 914690-1, 83yo
Within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine, fever and respiratory distress, and anxiety developed requiring oxygen, morphine and ativan. My Mom passed away on the evening of 12/26/2020.

VAERS ID: 914805-1, 63yo

VAERS ID: 914895-1, 78yo
Injection given on 12/28/20 - no adverse events and no issues yesterday; Death today, 12/30/20, approx.. 2am today (unknown if related - Administrator marked as natural causes)

VAERS ID: 914917-1, 63yo
Death by massive heart attack. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA

VAERS ID: 914961-1, 88yo
pt passed away with an hour to hour and 1/2 of receiving vaccine. per nursing home staff they did not expect pt to make it many more days. pt was unresponsive in room when shot was given. per nursing home staff pt was 14 + days post covid.

VAERS ID: 914994-1, 90yo
pt was a nursing home pt. pt received first dose of covid vaccine. pt was monitored for 15 minutes after getting shot. staff reported that pt was 15 days post covid. Pt passed away with in 90 minutes of getting vaccine.

VAERS ID: 915562-1, 88yo
pt received vaccine at covid clinic on 12/30 at approximately ‪3:30, pt vomited 4 minutes after receiving shot--dark brown vomit, staff reported pt had vomited night before. Per staff report pt became short of breath ‪between 6 and 7 pm that night. Pt had DNR on file. pt passed away at approximately ‪10pm. Staff reported pt was 14 + days post covid

VAERS ID: 915682-1, 85yo
Resident received vaccine per pharmacy at the facility ‪at 5 pm. Approximately ‪6:45 resident found unresponsive and EMS contacted. Upon EMS arrival at facility, resident went into cardiac arrest, code initiated by EMS and transported to hospital. Resident expired at hospital at approximately ‪8 pm

VAERS ID: 915880-1, 99yo
Patient died within 12 hours of receiving the vaccine.

VAERS ID: 915920-1, 96yo
Resident was living in an assisted living facility. She fell on 11/24/2020 and was seen in the ER. There, she tested positive for COVID 19. She was admitted to this facility for rehab. She showed a decline after admission and was referred to hospice. Received vaccine 12/28/2020 in am and expired that afternoon.

VAERS ID: 917117-1, 82yo
After vaccination, patient tested positive for COVID-19. Patient was very ill and had numerous chronic health issues prior to vaccination. Facility had a number of patients who had already tested positive for COVID-19. Vaccination continued in an effort to prevent this patient from contracting the virus or to mitigate his risk. This was unsuccessful and patient died.

VAERS ID: 917790-1, 90yo
At the time of vaccination, there was an outbreak of residents who had already tested positive for COVID 19 at the nursing home where patient was a resident. About a week later, patient tested positive for COVID 19. She had a number of chronic, underlying health conditions. The vaccine did not have enough time to prevent COVID 19. There is no evidence that the vaccination caused patient's death. It simply didn't have time to save her life.

VAERS ID: 917793-1, 78yo
Prior to the administration of the COVID 19 vaccine, the nursing home had an outbreak of COVID-19. Patient was vaccinated and about a week later she tested positive for COVID-19. She had underlying thyroid and diabetes disease. She died as a result of COVID-19 and her underlying health conditions and not as a result of the vaccine.

VAERS ID: 918065-1, 64yo
Vaccine 12/30/2020. 1/1/2020: Resident was found unresponsive. Pronounced deceased ‪at 6:02pm

VAERS ID: 918388-1, 65yo
Vaccine 12/30/2020. 1/1/2020: Resident found unresponsive without pulse, respirations ‪at 04:30 CPR performed, expired ‪at 04:52 by Rescue, No acute illness at time of vaccination. History of: CVA SCPT Dementia Seizure Disorder HTN COPD.

VAERS ID: 918418-1, 65yo
Vaccine 12/30/2020. 1/1/2020: Resident became SOB, congested and hypoxic requiring oxygen, respiratory treatments and suctioning. Stabilized after treatment and for the next 72 hours with oxygen saturations in the 90s. On 1/3/2021 was found without pulse and respirations. Resident was a DNR on Hospice.

VAERS ID: 918487-1, 94yo
Two days post vaccine patient went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

VAERS ID: 918518-1, 50yo
syncopal episode - arrested - CPR - death

VAERS ID: 919108-1, 100yo
Fever, Malaise, passed the day after vaccine.

VAERS ID: 919537-1, 96yo
Resident exhibited no adverse events during 30 minute monitoring following vaccine administration. Resident found without pulse at 1900.

VAERS ID: 920326-1, 89yo
Alzheimer's disease with late onset on hospice. Redness and warmth with edema to right side of neck and under chin. Resident was on Hospice services and expired on 1.1.21.

VAERS ID: 920368-1, 92yo
12/30/2020 07:02 AM Resident noted to have some redness in face and respiration were fast. Resident vital signs were abnormal except blood pressure. Temp at the time was 102.0 F taken temporal. Resident respirations were 22 labored at times. Pulse is 105 and pulse ox 94% on room air. Resident is made comfortable in bed. Notified triage of change in condition also made triage aware of resident receiving Covid vaccination yesterday morning. Resident appetite and fluid consumption has been poor for few days. 12/30/2020 07:32 AM Received order from agency to administer Acetaminophen 650mg suppos rectally due to resident not wanting to swallow anything including fluids, medications and food. This writer administered medication as NP ordered. Will monitor for effectiveness and adverse effects if any. 12/30/2020 08:41 AM Received new orders to obtain Flu swab, obtain CBC and BMP, and Chest Xray all to be obtained today. Notified family of resident having temperature and vital signs excluding b/p that was abnormal. Family was thankful for call and inierated to nurse that family does not want resident sent to hospital. Did educate family on benefits of Hospice services, but family persistant on continued daily care provided by nursing staff. Requests visits if decline continues. Family assured if resident continues to decline, facility will accomandate resident family to be able to be at bedside when time comes to do so. NP ordered IVF and IV Levaquin on 12/31/20. Family chose at that time to sign for Hospice services and not have resident provided with IVF or IV Antibiotics.

VAERS ID: 920545-1, 93yo
"The resident received is vaccine ‪around 11:00 am and tolerated it without any difficulty or immediate adverse effects. He was at therapy ‪from 12:36 pm until 1:22 pm when he stated he was too tired and could not do anymore. The therapist took him back to his room at that time and he got into bed himself but stated his legs felt heavy. ‪At 1:50 pm the CNA answered his call light and found he had taken himself to the bathroom. She stated that when he went to get back into the bed it was ""abnormal"" how he was getting into it so she assisted him. At that time he quit breathing and she called a RN into the room immediately. He was found without a pulse, respirations, or blood pressure ‪at 1:54 pm. He was a DNR."

VAERS ID: 920815-1, 58yo
Found deceased in her home, unknown cause, 6 days after vaccine.

VAERS ID: 920832-1, 104yo
Vaccine 12/30/2020 Screening PCR done 12/31/2020 Symptoms 1/1/2021 COVID test result came back positive 1/2/2021 Deceased 1/4/2021

VAERS ID: 921175-1, 77yo
Resident received Covid Vaccine, noted after 30 mins with labored breathing BP 161/77, HR 116, R 38, T 101.4,epipen administered, sent to ER, died

VAERS ID: 921481-1, 88yo
Vaccine given on 12/29/20 by Pharmacy. On 1/1/21, resident became lethargic and sluggish and developed a rash on forearms. He was a Hospice recipient and doctor and Hospice ordered no treatment, just to continue to monitor. When no improvement of codition reported, doctor and Hospice ordered comfort meds (Morphine, Ativan, Levsin). Resident expired on 1/4/2021

VAERS ID: 921547-1, 65yo

VAERS ID: 921572-1, 87yo
Resident had body aches, a low O2 sat and had chills starting on 12/30/20. He had stated that they had slightly improved. On 1/1/21 he sustained a fall with a diagnosis of a displaced hip fracture. On 1/2/21 during the NOC shift his O2 sat dropped again. He later went unresponsive and passed away.

VAERS ID: 921667-1, 39yo
LTCF Pfizer Vaccine clinic conducted 12/29/2020 Vaccine lead received a call indicating that a staff member deceased somewhere between 1/3/2021 and 1/4/2021. Cause of death is unknown, and an autopsy is being performed.

VAERS ID: 921768-1, 58yo
Vaccine received at about 0900 on 01/04/2021 at her place of work, Medical Center, where she was employed as a housekeeper. About one hour after receiving the vaccine she experienced a hot flash, nausea, and feeling like she was going to pass out after she had bent down. Later at about 1500 hours she appeared tired and lethargic, then a short time later, at about 1600 hours, upon arrival to a friends home she complained of feeling hot and having difficulty breathing. She then collapsed, then when medics arrived, she was still breathing slowly then went into cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived.

VAERS ID: 921880-1, 96yo
The resident was found deceased a little less than 12 hours following COVID vaccination, and he had had some changes over the last 2 days. He was 96 and had been on hospice care for a little while. Noone noticed any side effects from vaccine after it was given

VAERS ID: 922977-1, 71yo
Fever, RespDepression & COVID positive REMDESIVIR (EUA) 200 mg x1 then 100 mg daily

VAERS ID: 923993-1, 62yo
Patient was vaccinated Dec 30, 2020. Prime dose of Moderna vaccine. Observed for full 15 minutes post-injection. No complaints when asked during observation. Released. Subsequently, vaccine clinic staff learned from the patient's supervisor that on Jan 4, 2021 that the patient had expired on Jan 2, 2021. By report from the supervisor, the patient was found dead at his home. The patient's primary care provider was unaware of his death when contacted by this reporter today (Jan 6, 2021). Electronic Medical Record without any information since the vaccination.

VAERS ID: 924126-1, 84yo
resident expired 1/1/2021

VAERS ID: 924186-1, 91yo
Covid positive previous with no s/s poor appetite Chronic wound right leg,
Resident expired 1/3/21

VAERS ID: 924456-1, 85yo
Patient did not display any obvious signs or symptoms; the vaccination was administered at approximately ‪10:00 AM and the patient continued throughout her day without any complaints or signs of adverse reaction. Patient was helped to bed by the nursing assistant estimated ‪at around 9:00 PM. The facility received notification from the lab ‪around 11:00 PM that the patient's COVID-19 specimen collection from Sunday, 1/3/21, detected COVID-19. When the nursing staff went to the room to check on the resident and prepare her to move to a COVID-19 care area the patient was found unresponsive, no movement, no chest rises, noted regurgitated small amount of food to mouth left side, lying on left side. Pupils non reactive.

VAERS ID: 924464-1, 61yo
coughing up blood, significant hemoptysis -- > cardiac arrest. started day after vaccine but likely related to ongoing progression of lung cancer

VAERS ID: 924664-1, 92yo
At approximately, 1855, I was alerted by caregiver, resident was not responding. Per caregiver, she was doing her rounds and found resident in bed, unresponsive, mouth open, observed gurgling noises and tongue hanging out of mouth. This primary caregiver observed resident at baseline and ambulating after dinner at approximately, 1800 less than an hour prior to incident. This PCG called 911 for EMS and gave report of incident. Resident was taken to Medical Center Emergency Department. At ER, CT scan and X-ray was performed. Per report from ER RN, CT scan and x-ray revealed an intracranial aneurysm and fluid in the lungs. Per RN, resident was still unresponsive and was admitted to Medical Center for observation and comfort measures. This primary caregiver reported to RN, resident recently received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on 1/2/21. Primary caregiver received a call from Castle RN at 0700, resident expired at 0615. No current illness.

VAERS ID: 925154-1, 84yo
DEATH within 1 day, no current illness.

VAERS ID: 925264-1, 77yo
PT was found deceased in his home on 1/5/2021

VAERS ID: 925556-1, 81yo
Expired 1/05/2021

VAERS ID: 926269-1, 74yo
"Pt last seen at 1200 by nurse for ID band check. No visible signs of distress noted. Pt states ""I just want to be left alone"". 1230 nurse was called to pt room. Pt was noted unresponsive, no pulse and respiration noted. CPR started immediately, at 1239 first shock given. 1245 EMT took over, at 1319 EMT called time of death"

VAERS ID: 926462-1, 94yo
Patient developed hypoxia on 1/4/2021 and did not respond to maximal treatment and passed way on 1/5/2021

VAERS ID: 926568-1, 77yo
patient declined 12/30/2020 and was transferred to hospital where he did not respond to treatment and passed away 1/4/2020

VAERS ID: 926600-1, 65yo
Patient did not report any signs or symptoms of adverse reaction to vaccine. Patient suffered from several comorbidities (diabetes and renal insufficiency). Patient reported not feeling well 01/06/2021 and passed away that day.

VAERS ID: 926797-1, 93yo
had a vaccination on 12/31/2020 late morning passed away early morning 01/01/2020. This is a 93 year old with significant heart issues. EF of 20% among other comorbidities. He died suddenly approximately 0430, it is unlikely it was related to receiving the vaccine.

VAERS ID: 927189-1, 74yo
Patient was vaccinated ‪at 11am and was found at the facility in his room deceased at approximately ‪3:00pm. Nurse did not have cause of death

VAERS ID: 927260-1, 87yo
No adverse effects noted after vaccination. Patient with cardiac history was found unresponsive at 16:45 on 1/6/21. Abnormal breathing patterns, eyes partially closed SPO2 was 41%, pulseless with no cardiac sounds upon auscultation. CPR and pulse was regained and patient was breathing. Patient sent to Hospital ER were she remained in an unstable condition had multiple cardiac arrest and severe bradycardia and in the end the hospital was unable to bring her back.

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Used in the lipid on all the new vaccines. 
Potential adverse effects of nanoparticles on the reproductive system


Previous studies have shown that numerous types of NPs are able to pass certain biological barriers and exert toxic effects on crucial organs, such as the brain, liver, and kidney. Only recently, attention has been directed toward the reproductive toxicity of nanomaterials. NPs can pass through the blood–testis barrier, placental barrier, and epithelial barrier, which protect reproductive tissues, and then accumulate in reproductive organs. NP accumulation damages organs (testis, epididymis, ovary, and uterus) by destroying Sertoli cells, Leydig cells, and germ cells, causing reproductive organ dysfunction that adversely affects sperm quality, quantity, 




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UP hospital worker dies day after coronavirus vaccine shot

A hospital worker in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad died day after receiving a coronavirus vaccine shot. The district CMO confirmed the death of the hospital worker, saying the reason for his death was heart attack.

hospital worker died on Sunday evening after receiving the Covishield (Oxford Astra Zeneca) vaccine shot in Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh. The 46-year-old hospital employee had received a shot of the Covishield vaccine against the coronavirus infection just 24 hours before he died.

Moradabad Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has confirmed the death of a Moradabad hospital employee, identified as Mahipal Singh. The CMO has said Mahipal Singh died due to a heart attack. The reason for Mahipal Singh's death in the postmortem report is a heart attack, the CMO said.





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Bio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid

In this explosive interview with Senior Editor Alex Newman of The New American magazine, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Dr. Lee Merrit explains her belief that America is currently facing what appears to be biological warfare. Whether the Communist Chinese released the COVID19 virus on purpose or by accident is impossible to know, but the implications are enormous. When it comes to the new vaccines, Dr. Merrit, a former military doctor who studied biological warfare, goes through previous animal studies on the technology and paints a dire picture. However, even though modern medical schools do not often teach it, there are ways to treat viral infections that are time-tested and effective, she concludes.





I shall keep an open mind about the first part on whether there was an actual pathogen released in the beginning. This could be true and could have killed some quickly at the time. It could also be true that there wasn’t and it was propaganda. She does say she has been working from home so has not seen any of those deaths for herself. She makes some good points about the Chinese working on the vaccinations and how they could be the perfect bio weapon if someone were to release the actual wild virus in 2 years time. All the studies done on animals from cats to ferrets shown a good immune response but all later died when introduced to the wild virus. She says the vaccines arrived before they had even been approved by the FDA.  But doesn’t question how that could happen or why people in her own country would allow that to happen. 





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This preliminary report into the Moderna mRNA "vaccine" dated Nov 12th 2020 found adverse reactions as per the graph below. The reactions are far worse after receiving the second dose with far more being "severe". In some cases, it seems that 100% of recipients had certain side effects - especially pain, systemic symptoms and local symptoms. Headches, fatigue, fever, chills, nausea and myalgia increased greatly upon receiving the second dose.





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