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I was wrong!

steven geldenhuys

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So let’s get something straight: What if I am wrong? I see what I see in my sleep state, and this is what it is, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as what I see is there.


In the book The Demon Syndrome by Nancy Osborn with Ann Haywood, the demon that controls Ann Haywood Ann calls “the Lady.” To say that this Lady is a powerful mother-fucker is a massive understatement to her immense power.

In the above-mentioned book on page 164 the Lady says to Ann: “Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul. ……… Although they are seldom seen, the superior beings are more often sensed. Soon, many more of us will witness the presence of these terrible-looking, awesome beings. It is part of the eternal plan.

The companionship of the unseen is nothing new. It has always been with us (humans) but never apparent. Now, everyone will begin to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, and be full of fear. The guardians will have much more authority than they do now.”


To get my ducks in a row, allow me to say the following:

·        We are a biological computer. (Yes, I can tick that box.)

·        We, the biological computer are a food source to cruel Beasts that rule us from the shadows. (Box ticked.)

·        Within us resides the Serpent soul. (Big tick. Yes. The truth.)

·        The Serpent soul is our Watcher spirit/Guardian. (WRONG)


How wonderful it is to be wrong, as that way we can learn something new. So let’s try again:

·        We are a biological, holographic computer form that hides the Serpent soul within so that we may be a food source to this Serpent and many from the shadows. Our holographic form is to hide the Serpent within, so we believe that we are living this life for ourselves and our loved ones. Our bodies die, we go to a less dense plane, and when we are ready, we come back to the denser “physical” world to learn life lessons. (Right and wrong, as nobody is learning nothing boys and girls – we are merely feeding the Serpent and those from the shadows.)

·        The Serpent within may want to opt out of the Game, so a Watcher spirit is there to watch over the Serpent soul, not us the biological computer. (The truth.)


We have no Watcher spirit/Guardian. We are not that important or relevant. It is the Serpent soul hiding within our forms that has the Watcher spirit to make sure it does not AWOL.

How could I have been so wrong? The Lady said to Ann: “Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul.” I read incorrectly. The spirit entity watches over each soul; the spirit entity watches over each Serpent soul, NOT the human being.


So let’s backtrack.

When I got the message the dogs tumour was once again growing, I went into the space of the dog to find out what was going on. I felt the Serpent entering its form at the base of its left hind foot, and I filled the dog and the tumour/Serpent with Love. But something was not right; something was off centre. This Serpent was not the same one as when the massive tumour fell off. What I felt within this dog this time was something I have never experienced before – it was a Life-form like no other. It was a Serpent, but when I allowed myself to spend time in its presence, I felt it had four heads. These heads were prodding and protruding all over the dog’s head, and what I found really interesting was that this entity spent a lot of time over the dogs Third Eye region – the pineal gland. It kept probing and feeling there, which I found unusual.

Now it makes sense. This morning I asked where is the Serpent soul, and I felt it in its canal. Then I asked where is the Watcher spirit, and I felt an awakening over my Third Eye region, and then I knew that the Watcher spirit and the Serpent soul are NOT one and the same, but rather two different entities.

I never knew it at the time, but within this dog I felt another Watcher spirit – one that was interacting with the resident Watcher. They were communicating with each other, hence all the activity over the Third Eye region.


When I began to see those from the shadows in my sleep state, the message to all was Steven is not allowed to see what he sees, so take him out. I would be lying in bed and see this snake slithering towards me in mid-air. It entered me slap-bang between the eyes at the forehead, and then I would feel it all curled up within my body.

Who let these fuckers into my space? Am I correct to say it is the Watcher spirit located over the Third Eye region? Yes, I would say that I am correct.


My goodness me. So where to from here?

This Watcher is the paw-paw that does not belong. The few times I have seen the Serpent soul within me and that of my wife, these souls had an angst and panic about them. I always took this as a reaction from me seeing them, but this was not the case – their communication was in secret to avoid the Watcher spirit. The Lady mentions “the presence of these terrible-looking, awesome beings,” and how right she is, as what I felt within this dog was indescribably evil.


If you hide in my closet to watch and monitor me then you have power over me, as I do not know you are there. But what if I open the cupboard and catch you out? In that instant/moment your power is no more.

Is the awareness of the Watcher within us enough to shut it down? I would say “yes,” especially since we want nothing to do with it.

 I shut my Watcher down now as I know it’s there and want nothing to do with it. It cannot return or be replaced. Now the Serpent soul may be free to release the Dragon soul so that they may awaken the Dragon and Serpent spirits.

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