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The plan is to assassinate Biden and blame it on Trump supporters

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The Curse of Tippecanoe (also known as Tecumseh's Curse or the 20 Year Presidential Curse) is the supposed pattern of deaths in office of presidents of the United States elected in years that are evenly divisible by 20,[1] since the 1840 election. Because of the timing of presidential elections, these are also those taking place in years ending with 0. The presidents fitting this description were William Henry Harrison (elected in 1840), Abraham Lincoln (1860), James A. Garfield (1880), William McKinley (1900), Warren G. Harding (1920), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1940) and John F. Kennedy (1960).

Ronald Reagan (1980) was seriously wounded by gunshot, but survived more than 15 years after his second term. George W. Bush (2000) survived his terms in office, despite an assassination attempt. Thomas Jefferson (1800) and James Monroe (1820) preceded the supposed curse, and outlived their presidencies by 17 and 6 years, respectively.

The winner of the 2020 election would be next in line to this purported curse.[1] The major national news outlets announced on November 7, 2020 that they projected Joe Biden as the 2020 winner, and Congress certified his victory on January 6th, 2021, meaning he will presumably take office on January 20, 2021.[2][3]


IMO, George W Bush 'got lucky' because he was "the right man at the right time".

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9 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

all maga need to stay at home from the 16th


theres going to be pipe bombs all over the place

What’s your predictions for the next week then? Still think Trump will win/ drain the swamp? Obviously I’m not into Q much like you are, I just can’t see Trump draining the swamp, he seems to be under control of Israel, agenda 21 is going full steam ahead too and if Trump some how got back in, do you really reckon he’s gonna go against the globalists? Especially the Rothschilds who bailed him out of a bankruptcy in the 1990s, he’s in debt to them, had Soros fund his trump tower, he appears to be an asset for them. Maybe I’m wrong but what are your thoughts on all these issues? 

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nothings changed in my view. but like everyone im waiting to see some action.

no doubt the fake news media has already filmed the inaugeration of beijing biden from his basement.


remember the outrage when trump walked in front of the queen.

that was the take down of the queen.

many other royals have been taken down with dodgy msm articles produced

so dont get hung up on controlling families

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@seeker 100% Trump would not have been potus if not approved from the Roths, he is one of their guys and in bed with Israel - remember this that no one can be US president without their endorsement. Trump might have gone astray from a few of their policies which is why they got rid of him but ultimately the gops and the dems are two sides of the same coin.

As for as Q theories are concerned it's 50% truth mixed in with 50% BS (a big psy op for the gullible and uneducated masses) - all of their fantasised predictions have come out false. Yet they continue to spew out the same lies about Pelosi, Biden and co being arrested (even the Queen being arrested for crying out loud) - you see as you witnessed a few posts above, once their predictions come out rubbished, they move onto something else (Biden assasination) and so on.

Trump is a failure - if he was so against the cabal, he wouldn't have approved and pushed the Fed to pump over 7 trillion dollars into the stock markets (basically right into the billionaire elites hands) why would you do that knowing they would backstab you (ie amazon/twitter)

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