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Rather than clog the USA election thread - or the Q thread for that matter - here is some information on Simon Parkes. I normally wouldn't bother giving too much attention to such a person but YouTube seem to love the man of late and therein lie red flags at a time when censorship rules the waves.



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Sure .... The information in your link is no secret ... SP is quiet open about his life . He tells us his first alien contact was in his cot when 8 months old ! As a child he had repeated contact with Mantids and Reptilians , They said they had a special mission for him and asked him to choose which group he wished to work with . He chose the Mantids and later mated with one of them .... He also is quiet open about his families long history of involvement with MI5 and CIA going back generations ....and this is how he has contacts in these agencies who supposedly give him the inside story on current events ..


We learn from other sources that the ET's who control this planet work with particular families who are very easy to mind control ... they place such people in strategic positions , in the CIA etc ,  it seems they are using  SP to soften people up , ready for the public arrival of these ET's (in craft)... the same ET's  who have been covertly controlling us through their human helpers the illuminati/Cabal.  


He doesn't talk much about ET's now , mostly time wasting stuff the ET's want put out there to distract , like the ship stuck in the Suez canal ... But his hard core followers  know SP's past and accept the lie that ET's are here to help. 

So SP will believe in his mission , he's just genetically very suggestable (hypnotically) and will be putty in the ET's hands ... He may also be dishonorable ripping off his followers selling his fake 5G protection device ...

He has said in a video the goal of the Mantids who he works with/for is to repopulate the Earth with human mantid hybrids   


Simon Parkes , his Mantid sweetheart , and their love child 


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