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Covid questions from Essex

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  • Basket Case changed the title to Covid questions from Essex
1 hour ago, Gary G 74 said:

 Hi all.

Where i come from Essex there is alot of people getting ill here put down to covid.

Have known of a few people dying as well.

If the covid is a hoax please educate me as i am wondering what is actually making these people ill.

I am a bit confused here.




Hiya Gary. 

Where to start ? 

Have you had time to look through some of the Mega Thread ? 

It's very big and long but I'd suggest jumping in at around page 700 or so and reading through. 


There is much evidence that this is merely this years Flu. 

Flu kills many thousands every year. 

(Flu numbers for 2020 have virtually disappeared) 


The PCR that is being used as a test ISN'T a test. 

Not only is it being used for the wrong reason but it is also being used at a widely accepted over amplification. 

Hence the massive number of false positives - and a huge number of people who 'have it' but don't have any symptoms. 

(anything over 25 or 35 cycles, all depending on the view, is going to yield a wrong result. Cycles of 40 or 45 are being used) 


Despite the fear mongering in the News, overall deaths are not at a 'Pandemic' level. 


Only a 0.117 % rise from 2018 to 2020. 


Have a look at the Mega Thread as I suggested. 

Ask / quote anything in there that you're not sure of.. 

BC :0)


vvv Link to page 700 vvv




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2 hours ago, Gary G 74 said:

Hi basket case

Thanks for taking time out to reply to me.

Looks like its time for me to go down the rabbit hole.

Once again many thanks



Cool, no problem  :O)

There's also the mask issue; 


Not scientifically proven to 'work' in the way we're being told......
And masks are actually stopping the wearers from exhaling toxins properly and then developing respiratory problems / illnesses which are being diagnosed as 'Convid'...  :O(



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