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UK. What climate change ?

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On 2/19/2021 at 1:41 AM, peter said:

I agree with you something is going on , when you consider what is happening with the magnetic poles and also the position we are in at present with regards to the galactic center

I think people were waking up to the global warming scam,  and then along comes covid , how bloody convenient

The magnetic pole shift is definately causing big wobbles in the climate,look at the USA now record cold in Texas.

After except for a mild 3 or 4 days to start this month we had the most notable february cold spell since 1991,but now its flipped back to very mild,looks like early spring coming later this week.

Spring will probably see cold return again,there are no seasons now.

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I suppose you don't remember the summers in the 1970s then!  

Do you know that we live in a dome? It acts like a green house. You cannot have gas pressure without a container!

You lost the bet - https://public.wmo.int/en/media/press-release/2020-was-one-of-three-warmest-years-record#:~:text=All five datasets surveyed by,2020 being the top three.   All five dataset

Good eg.


Germany has seen its its biggest temperature swing since records began - with an increase of 41.9 degrees in one week.

Climate researchers at the German Weather Service (DWD) on Tuesday said the country had never before experienced a swing like the one that occurred at the weather station in the central German city of Goettingen.

A low of minus 23.8 degrees Celsius was recorded there on February 14. Seven days later, on February 21, the high was 18.1 degrees Celsius,

The previous record had been set in May 1880, in the early days of weather record-keeping. At that time, a temperature rise of 41 degrees had been measured within seven days, said a DWD spokesperson.

In northern Germany, two regional winter heat records had also been broken on Monday. In the town of Quickborn, the high was 18.9 degrees Celsius, passing the record of 17.8 degrees measured two years earlier.

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It's not "climate change" that is the problem.

It is "climate change c****".

It is the degenerate psychopath herdlike agenda wankers.

Identify the people and their phoney fascist agendas themselves as the problem.

Behind all evil is evil people.

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Yesterday (28th Feb) was the 'last day of winter', meterologically speaking.


While a clear and sunny day here in Birmingham, it was still quite cool, coat and jumper still required to feel comfortable while outdoors.


I reminded myself of just how the UK climate does vary at this time of the year, it was in late February 2019 and the last weekend of that month, when I was sat out in my suntrap garden in t-shirt and shorts, although it was only apparently 15-16 degrees C.


The year before that, 2018, we obviously had the infamous 'Beast From The East', no t-shirt and shorts that time, with a daytime 'high' of minus 2C. 2018 also saw us have a very 'hot' and prolonged summer.


The thing is that people only ever focus on the 'extremes', which I would consider 'exceptions'.


I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have a relatively 'mild' summer with lots of cloud and rain. Though I personally wouldn't say no to another scorcher! 😎

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On 1/14/2021 at 5:52 PM, MarpatV2 said:

UK weather has changed in my lifetimes. Far less snow in winter for instance.

Weather in the UK changed soon after they brought in "Smokeless Zones". Back in the 1950's, the whole of Europe in Winter was covered with yellow "smog". After smokeless zones, the smog was better, but the weather changed dramatically. In 1960, I used to get up, look out of the Flat window and see a hump in the snow. That was my car! I had to dig it out every morning. Summers were summer. It always rained a lot in the UK but nothing like now.


By 1965, there was very little snow at all, summer in 1963, 1864 and 1965 were cold, damp and miserable. I went to Spain in 1966 and travelled all over because of my work. I only came back to the UK in 1992 and the weather was fucked. NOTHING like the weather when I was a kid.


Where do they get the carbon dioxide climate change from? When we had the smoke from thousands of coal and wood fires, because there was NO central heating, we had proper summers and winter. Now the smoke has gone and the coal burning, the weather is fucked.

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