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The Catholic church at it again.....why do people follow religion?


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35 minutes ago, Wayfaring Stranger said:

I don't have a month to mentor you on the Bible.

is that how long you studied?


38 minutes ago, Wayfaring Stranger said:

Did you have some point you were trying to make other than you have never really opened the book and have channelled it instead?

oh, now its you that needs schooling? see if you can wrap your head around this one...


live by the stone, die by the stone

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On 1/13/2021 at 9:58 AM, CarpeDiem said:

why do people follow religion?


I think people have an innate spiritual sense


The dangers with codified religions is that they can become a magnet for the worst kind of people who see the institution as an opportunity to gain influence over others


Those people will likely claw their way up hierarchies more aggressively than people who do something as a calling and as a result they will likely cluster at the top of pyramidal hierarchies


I think the whole celibacy thing with the catholic church is asking for trouble but no doubt has origins in the roman vestal virgins. However a celibate institution will inevitably become a refuge for gay people down through history who may not have seen a favourable path elsewhere where they may have been expected to marry a woman


This then creates a situation where a kind of secret is maintained below the surface which creates a tension and i'm not sure that secrets are the right foundations to build such things on

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Like I said, time to make then the Bankers and the Rabbis can straighten the Pope out of what the OT really says about God and Gentiles. (traditional means false Christian in this case)


Traditional Christians believe that their scriptures were divinely revealed and put them on par with the Tanach (so called Old Testament). The letters of Paul of Tarsus present the most critical theological teachings of the New Testament. A vital question that needs to be considered is by what criteria is Paul and the other NT writers validated as true prophets? What is the source of their credibility? This video explores the basis for accepting Moses and the other prophets of the Hebrew scriptures are true spokespeople for God and whether the authors of the Christian Bible have similar legitimacy



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1 hour ago, killing raven sun said:

interesting how there is a popular thread here about the "most evilest man evar" when that man is dead and has no legacy, while the "pope" is the man standing between god and the masses, a man that is chosen by other men to stop you from directly talking to god, while his minions rape children, seems pretty fucking clear to me


Pretty much every Catholic I speak to thinks he is evil too though, it's just not PC to talk about who that imposter really is.

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7 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Pretty much every Catholic I speak to thinks he is evil too though, it's just not PC to talk about who that imposter really is.

perfect illustration of how evil always wins against good, those that have fallen into the churchs trap dont try to get out, instead they embrace the benefits of serving evil and lure new victims to share their misery, thus the self defined good people serve evil

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4 hours ago, killing raven sun said:

you would know

Actually I wouldn't be as I am not part of the 'lost sheep',  I and from 'a different flock'. It's easy to find in the Bible, is that why you are as confused as a Jewish lost sheep?

"I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."  compared to  "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold", . . . notice how different they are?

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It may shock people but GOD judges the flock on their own merits, the 7 letters to the 7 Churches define 14 relationships, 7 allow you to be alive and the other 7 determine that you will not be alive until the GWT event.  If the salvation of the Pope is mocked by others who are 'naive' then they are just making sure they are gathered as late as possible, like way behind the Pope. Bit ironic but then God is calling the shots isn't He?

Anybody need help finding the relevant Scripture?


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