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of Dragons and Serpents

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Within a field of the Infinite the Dragon and Serpent children played.

Semiramis too wished for such a beautiful place that Sophia had created. She said to the children: “Come and play in my Garden, and you can experience more than what you already have.” Many took of the frequency; they bit of the apple, and they Fell into the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. By “illusion,” we imply something that is not real, and this Garden was  not real as it was separate from the Infinite – separate in the sense that Semiramis created it and not one of the Creators from the All within the Infinite.


We stress that there was no bad intent from Semiramis to create her own world for the children to Play in. She meant well. Over the years in the journal I have knocked this all-powerful entity, and as with any stupidity and ignorance, the egg landed on my face. I was wrong in criticizing without understanding, and I apologize for this.


Never before within the fields of the Infinite has “more” been offered, as there is no “more.” One is in a state of Bliss and Joy – something that we mortals cannot fathom, but when we see/experience it we will know we are Home.

Within the Infinite there is no such thing as disharmony, as Love is Love, and there is nothing else, but the illusionary Garden of Semiramis was a game-changer. To put it bluntly, this place was not normal. In an unknown place unknown things happen, and this is what happened within the Garden.

I can only assume the invitation of Semiramis created an unknown state within the children – something called “curiosity.” In the fields of the Infinite this state would have been diffused and squashed, but within the illusion this state could take hold and grow. This state became what I call the parasitic frequency of Deception. It was just that: a parasite; a worm that always wanted more. It meant no harm; it just was what it was – something that the children unknowingly created.

In this unknown place/Garden this parasite could take hold and form, and unbeknown to all within the Garden, this parasite took us over. We wanted more. Now everything was not enough. The Serpent and the Dragon (who were brothers and sisters in unity and Love) were encouraged to clone themselves, as with two, more could be obtained. From the Dragon spirit the Dragon soul was created, and from the Serpent spirit the Serpent soul was created.


As the parasite became stronger within all, our excess wanting created an excess hoarding. We held onto what was ours – others had to keep their fingers off what was ours. Insanity took us over, where we trusted no one, and sooner or later something had to give. There was a cataclysm, and the souls and the spirits Fell into a denser frequency from where they already were.

During and after this Fall there was a free-for-all battle for survival. It was a question of one life vest for two people stuck in the middle of the ocean, except that the souls never had time to contemplate who got what. It was survive, and survive now. Fear got the better of them –it was as easy as that.


The Dragon and Serpent spirits Fell into a slumber, and I assume this is so as the dense frequency stunned/knocked them out.

The souls Fell deeper, and with the ensuing battle the Serpent soul won over the Dragon soul. Thus Hell, in all its “glory” is governed by Serpents. (Not snakes as we know them, but Serpents from the shadows.) Semiramis showed herself to me one night in my sleep state in Human form and in her true state – half Serpent, half Dragon. Those that speak of “their God” don’t know it, but they bow to Semiramis. This I understand, as her state is so powerful it is intoxicatingly beautiful. I have met some powerful demons, but none come close to Semiramis. She could have squashed me like a bug.


That long-winded tale was to bring me to what I would like to discuss, and that is the Dragon soul – the one the Serpent got the better of. I know of the Serpent soul within me and all out there; our “partner in crime,” but I do not know of the Dragon soul. We have to find and awaken this entity as it plays such a vital role in completing the picture so that we may all be free of this dense frequency. As long as the Dragon soul is entrapped, so are we. When the souls are free, they can be drawn to the state from which they arose, which is the spirits of the Serpent and the Dragon. The souls can awaken these Giants from slumber so that the spirits and souls may return Home.


When you know what the problem is you can fix it. The question to fix the problem is where is the Dragon soul in correlation to our space? When I ask this question I feel a lot of activity over the right heel, extending over to the right foot. Is the Dragon soul the Achilles heel of the Serpent soul. In awaking/releasing this area, is the Serpent soul “destroyed?”

Well, let’s find out. Remember, the battle was not over nastiness or cruelty, it was over the sudden angst of survival as fear took them over. These two entities were one and the same in that they arose from beings of Joy, thus they are one and the same as themselves and the spirits. We keep this in mind, so that the awakening of the Dragon soul may be a uniting of old friends and nothing else.


The Serpent soul awakens/releases the Dragon soul. Why is this done? Firstly, to make a wrong right, and secondly, for the Dragons essence/breath/fire to awaken the heightened state of the Serpent soul. Without this awakening from the Dragon soul, the Serpent soul is going nowhere. The prison it created for the Dragon became its own prison.

Man-oh-Man. It was nobody’s fault. Had the Dragon won the “battle,” the same medicine would have been bestowed to the Serpent soul. Fear took them over – it was not from a nasty and cruel heart.

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