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Hello there , as Mr Ike said couple of weeks ago, “random” power cuts will occur. This is a text I’ve teceived to ight:

“””Power cut alert from UK Power Networks. We're aware of a potential unplanned power cut affecting your area. Our reference is INCD-211491-Z. If your power's off you can keep updated by texting POWER and your postcode to 80876 e.g. Power CM1 4WD (standard text fees apply to 80876, but any texts we send are free). Or via our real time incident map and for information on our privacy policy at http://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/power-cut/map?incidentid=INCD-211491-Z””””

Tgank you

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All seem agreed that these are coming ....So what you gona do ???


Everyone can get started on a very simple solar set up which will easily handle your lighting needs , and low power devices like charging phones or laptops ....


Here's how you do it on an EXTREEM Budget ....


Look out for old car batteries ....These are discarded when they can't supply the high current required to start  a car engine , but they will still work fine  ...Maybe you have an uncle who tinkers with cars , he probably has some .... or your kid brother might be a joy rider who steals cars . perhaps burns them out afterwards .. ask him to remove the battery for you .... or a car recycle yard will have them cheap... The more you have the better ... but one should supply lighting for a  night ....


Then you need a solar panel to charge it up ... these are very cheap now , you need an open circuit voltage output of around 20V , this can charge the battery directly ... 50 or 100 Watts ...Used panels are fine and even cheaper , they last forever so they are virtually as good as new ones ....


And you can expand the system , adding more batteries and panels as you like  to run a fridge or anything ....


You need some 12V lights , don't try to convert to 220V to drive your existing  mains circuit...  it's trouble  ...LED warm white are perfect ... This sort of thing , self adhesive strip ,  they consume minimal power.




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