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Will Anti Vaxxers be tagged and unable to leave country ?

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I don't know if they will make the covid vaccine mandatory , but I have a feeling those who refuse to take to the vaccine will be crucified and treated like a criminal , will their next move be to electronically tag anti Vaxxers and ban them from traveling abroad ?

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for a big country like UK there could be some tricks(i don't think they make it madatory just yet)


but in a small country like mine,i see no point half of the country can barley afford trips over the border anyway.....


then again totalitarism has been announced by goverments and i'm pretty sure it's here to stay in one form or another 

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They don't need to make it mandatory ...all the latest news is they will not make it mandatory ...80% will que up and roll up their sleeves ... most of these people will become zombies and come looking to eat the other 20%....I am being serious! 


As for leaving the country , the thing you have to worry about  is the country you are going to , THEY will most likely  require you to have a vaccine , and also go into quarantine on arrival.


Don't overly  obsess on covid , this is just one  of a whole series of calamities soon to come. Stockpile food!  

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