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Can people from other dimensions have sex with humans

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people from other dimensions , Jimmy Savile &the oligarchy Friends from dimension with no limit and no border , they do it all the time and they really like working class children  just like aroman lolypope likes naked nuns  ,  while inside naturaly infinite universe enslaved humanity is captured into prisons known as states and theres are plenty predesigned limits and the borders , its all about limiting and bordering humanity as the slaves ,  each limit and the border is dimension. 

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On 1/12/2021 at 3:55 PM, Pinkie said:

Can anyone answer my question plse?



Hi my name is Karsten and i am telling you YES from experience. These ones i'm interacting with are from venus and appear to be made out of some type of radiation . can flutter in front of your face to communicate and an touch your face arms ect also stimulate sexual organs by intensifying their radiation on that part of you to climax ... id call that sex. Answer Yes. Can someone please tell me how to contact David Icke .. he's the only other person i have seen anywhere who describes them touching on his face as a feeling of spider webs and i am having them interact with me right now! why does he have no place to contact him. im at <redacted>

Please get me in touch with David Icke.

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