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don't mix the oil with the water

steven geldenhuys

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Anything you do within Hell will be countered by Hell, as you are within a frequency that has the majority vote – on the contrary, it is the only vote.


For some weeks now I have been treating a dog with a horrific tumour in its mouth – the size of the tumour was about the size of your hand.

The cause of the tumour was from the infiltration of a huge astral Snake – the tumour was an expression of the Snake within this reality. Look at the tumour with our eyes, and you see a tumour. Look at the tumour from the eyes from those from the shadows and you see a snake showing its ugly head within the realm of the seen world of planet Earth.







By understanding the problem, the tumour was destroyed by the dog by empowering its astral form to understanding what was going on.

We were all ecstatic that the dogs horrific ordeal was over. A minor portion of the tumour remained attached to the dogs mouth, but we were confident it would soon be completely gone. (This was about five weeks ago.)

Yesterday I got a message that the tumour was full-steam ahead with its growth. I went into the space of the dog to understand what was going on, and there it was: I felt the Snake – it had entered through the base of the left hind paw of the dog, travelled through its body, and was showing itself in our reality as a growing tumour at the base of the dogs mouth. This Serpents presence I felt the most at the base of the dogs paw as it pushed itself through there into the space of the dog.

This entry into our forms through the base of the left foot I have personally felt many times as these monsters entered my space to do with me as they wish. Unfortunately for them their wish was not granted, as they had to retreat as their foul ways are known to me, but this does not stop them from affecting countless beautiful, innocent beings. And they most certainly never stopped trying to destroy Steven over the years. At one point it became a heightened competition to see who would be the one to take me down.


This is the bugger-up in standing alone to find a way out of this mess: one does not cover all bases, and one does not see the obvious.

To be free from Hell, where you are in this world but not of it, one needs to be different from Hell – the one needs to be oil, and the other needs to be water, so that the one stands separate from the other. The majority rule of cruel bastards has to be no more, or even better still – there are no Beasts within our seen or unseen existence.

What I done to this dog last night, as well as to all I Love and all those who Love me, was that I allowed the strand of the Creator to take over the presence of this animal and all its associated states/frequencies e.g. biological computer, astral, Serpent within. Now the presence/space of the dog was no longer the frequency of Hell, but rather the strand of the Creator. This state is “different” from Hell, and thus a repeat comeback or presence by cruel Beasts cannot happen.


You do the same to yourself and those you Love. Go into the silence. At your throat area is a speck of light – it is about 3mm long. (I saw it a good fifteen years ago around the horse I was about to treat, but I did not know what I was looking at. What happened at that moment was that I was stopped in my tracks, where I looked at what I was doing to help the animals in a different light. Instead of me helping them, I opened myself to learn from them, hence the journal is called “What the Animals Taught Me – a journal of self-discovery.”

If you are sitting somewhere as you go into the stillness/silence, imagine that if someone walked past they would not be able to see you as you are no longer there – all that is there is this strand. Now take this strand and fill your entire existence with this strand. It fills you; it engulfs you, and it most certainly covers that hole at the base of your left foot where Beasts can enter your space. (This portal at the base of the left foot is not the only entry into our space – there are others, but the speck/strand will cover all of them.)

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