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Why, For Centuries, Have Various People Had To FIGHT For Basic Rights?


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14 hours ago, Shining-one said:

I don't want to come over as a know-all but..... the term was invented by J. Koch in his book «Die psychopathischen Minderwertigkeiten. That was in the 19th century. The term comes from "psyche" and "pathology". The modern definition of psychopath is unscientific and remote from real psychology. Psychopaths are not necessarily power-driven at all. Many have low levels of emotion and high intellect, often with a high ethical code. Very many are shunned from positions of power as may struggle to relate to others. It is true some become criminals but so do socially motivated people. 


Go to one of the Top 20 Business Schools in the world.


Talk to the students a bit.


You'll get a first-hand demonstration of what high-intellect low-emotions turns people into by the time they are barely 20 years old.


High ethical code? You'll see a bunch of young people who would do ANYTHING to further their careers and make those millions.


80% of MBA programs don't teach a single course on Ethics.


You'll meet people there who spout slogans like 'Ethics is for losers who don't wanna make money in life, man!'.


Just go visit one of these schools in the USA or Europe.


High intellect? Yes. Low emotions? Yes.


High ethical code? Nope. These people have no use for one, and never will.

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There's a reclusive Russian Jewish mathematician called Grigory Perelman. He has long finger nails and lived on 100 dollars a month for years. He was shunned by the maths community. On cracking a complex mathematical problem some years ago, he was offered a million dollars. He turned it down and didn't attend the ceremony. He makes no contact with the outside world but does give lectures. He's closer to the original psychopathy diagnostic than Putin who's a social personality and rich.

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I would prefer to opt out of visiting any American school or course or whatever. I agree with you money and lack of ethics would sum it up quite well. I had bad experiences with 90 per cent of Americans, especially in the area of psychology. They seem to censor views they don't agree with. There is one very highly rated researcher I met who deletes comments that contradict his essays. In the USA they have an issue with the concept of "debate". This is why I'm so skeptical of these vaccines. These people use the internet for all their research but no basic science.

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As soon as you talk of "rights" you are talking of legal instruments that a group of monkeys gave to you.
The only solution to all this ... is to recognize yourself as a child of God.
That is awakening.
After that ... only God is your teacher and ruler.

Asking people for rights or more rights ... and so on ... look most rulers are deeply unconscious sheeplike losers.   They will give you rights if the wind blows right, and send you to jail if it blows left.
At some point you have to get the message.
And exit this world and enter the next.
Humans are in a bad bad way.

Sometimes there is light ... I am afraid that Jesus brought light into this world and now everything he made is being destroyed.
People think they will be free ... but ... doesn't look like it.
But humans are very confused, and afraid.
Be the one to make the crossing, that is all you can do, that is the maximum you can do .. to help yourself and anyone else.

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On 1/12/2021 at 9:53 PM, HistoryIsComplex said:

The 10 commandments are the basis for what we call modern law these days.


God said don't lie, don't kill, don't steal.


How is that designed to fuck you up?


And if there is no God, why are the Elite engaging in Satanism?


What need is there for their Masonic/666 shit if they are not FIGHTING A BENEVOLENT GOD WHO ACTUALLY EXISTS?


The elite are taught that if they do certain HORRIBLE THINGS then GOD'S INFLUENCE ON THE WORLD WEAKENS.


They TOO believe there is a God.


But they are trying to FIGHT HIM.



I was thinking something along these lines. The fact pure evil goes on higher up in society tells me there is definitely a god. If there is pure evil there is pure love - God.

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10 minutes ago, TheAwakened said:



I was thinking something along these lines. The fact pure evil goes on higher up in society tells me there is definitely a god. If there is pure evil there is pure love - God.


agree. i've always related to a scene in the film from dusk til dawn where george clooney's character seth gecko says to harvey keitel's character in response to them realising that they are fighting vampires:


"i've always said that god can kiss my ass but i just changed my lifetime tune about 30 minutes ago, cos i know whatever is out there trying to get in is pure evil straight from hell and if there is a hell and those sons of bitches are from it then there's gotta be a heaven, jacob, there's gotta be".



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