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Petition to Protect those who refuse a vaccine with existing anti-discrimination laws


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Hi friends




After parliament debated the petition of not forcing people to take the vaccine (which basically turned into a rant of how good the vaccine was) I thought it may be worth a different tack?


I think the Gov wont be the ones forcing people into taking the vaccine it will be businesses forcing men & women by not allowing them access to their services such as being able to go into shops or cinemas etc.


I think allowing non vaccinated people to be protected with current anti discrimination laws would help?


I already know of one employer who told his staff "if you turn down the vaccine you need to go and seek other employment".



My petition:


Protect those who refuse a vaccine with existing anti-discrimination laws


I am asking the government to add men & women who chose not to take anyone or more vaccines offered to them to be given protection under law by adding this group to existing anti-discrimination legislation.


On the 14th December 2020 the government stated it had no plans to force vaccinate anyone. Medical intervention should always be consensual. The government also agreed men & women should not be coerced into vaccinating against their will by way of removal of goods & services. Adding this group of people to current anti-discrimination laws would give them protection from unscrupulous corporations & Government agencies ensuring the continuation of freedom of choice.


I need help with a few more signatures to get this one off the ground





Love and peace.




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