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5G Electro Sensitivity and The Bigger Picture


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I feel this radiation since 2019 and can tell you that wifi is a key frequency for AI. For indoors. Because I have felt and recognized this brain manipulation directly...but it took me over 1 year to wake up!!! And I was amazed that I had not noticed it myself before.
Wifi is part of 5G, and you will be enslaved with it.

Wifi, Bluetooth, The household microwave, Wifi run at 2.4 GHz
With this frequency you can do super brain manipulation, and the person does not even notice.
Read the book "Versklavte Gehirne" by Heiner Gehring and what the CIA NSA etc. have done for attempts in the 70s, 80s ... (e.g. project Pandora, there it went around manipulation of the masses!!! not individual) Take 2,4 GHz + 10 Hz pulsation + 60 Hz screens + ?...and ready is the Psychotronic!
You will not notice it if you sit in the duration Wlan!!!
And when you get out of the Wlan it still lasts for hours, depending on how long you were in it before.


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This stuff began affecting me probably early 00s....by the time I figured out what was happening, and what the cause of my crazy symptoms, I'd been exposed to it for at least a couple of years. The tech is at the core of everything planned for the world, yet so many people - even on here - just aren't interested or bothered.


But having spent over a decade trying to raise awareness and fight for my right to live, I am not surprised.

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