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24 Dead in NY after getting the vaccine.

Sean Mcarthur

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Not easy to get links from Google about this ... the story does appear genuine , being covered by cnn at the time , but now has been mostly erased from the web or spun  ....  https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/01/covid-19-outbreak-at-auburn-nursing-home-infects-137-residents-kills-24.html


It concerns a nursing home which previously had zero cases of covid ... Then a vaccination team turn up ... within days there are 24 deaths and 137 confirmed cases ! 


This would back up the theory that the vaccination is to give you covid ... transform your DNA so you become a dormant zombie ... old and frail cannot withstand this change easily , hence the 24 deaths ... 137 did survive the change , and will become zombies once 5G is fully activated (see the work of Anthony Patch) ...


So the effect of the vaccination was just as if someone who had covid went into the nursing home and coughed and spat all over the people there...


This vaccination may have been a mistake , they cannot do this to people in nursing homes , too many will die and that's hard to cover up ... this vaccine may have been meant for the general public who will not die , just be transformed without symptoms , a few may get mild flue like symptoms. 



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Any gates vaccine filling every cell in the human body with poison(pathogen) will turn the human body into a virus incubator acting the same as a lab dish.

which are used to maintain optimal temperature ,humidity and other conditions such as the CO2 and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside

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