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Hancock: Act like you have the virus

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It's psychological warfare being waged by governments against their own people.


A virus that is only 'deadly' to a small minority of the population, yet the majority of the population has to act like EVERYBODY has it because it will 'kill everybody' otherwise.


It hasn't twigged yet with most of the normies, just why so many 'asymptomatic' people are being tested 'positive' for this virus.


That's what is driving up the number of 'cases', which in turn is driving the media agenda to put the 'fear of death' into the general population.


"Fear of death" from a 'deadly virus' that is "spreading like wildfire" through the population yet hardly anyone is actually getting sick or falling ill.


"Act like you've got it" - if enough people have to pretend they have this virus, then this so-called pandemic is going to go on forever...

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