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I have always been uncomfortable with Davids explanation of how Reptilian controlled Humans can at times appear to shapeshift. The idea that the Reptilians, being of lesser density or higher frequency, are invisible yet sometimes become visible from a Human, never seemed to fit in with my understanding as much as one can understand these things.


I recently came across the works of a man called Alex Collier. He relates extremely detailed information that he believes is given to him by the Andromedans.


When asked about the phenomena of Reptilian shapeshifting he explained it as follows.


Following a human abduction usually carried out by small Grays. They bring the abductee to the point of Death. When at this point as they exhale their last breath being the breath of life that is know to decrease ones body weight at the point of death and departure of the Soul. They quickly insert a Reptilian soul before the body completely dies and then bring the body back to life.


It is said to take from four to seven months for full integration of the new soul and for its full expression. However one thing Reptilians will never get used to is the absolute fire of our emotions and passions.


The emotional body is part of the physical body and was the gift of fire given to us by Prometheus (Enki) from the winged Gods. It was never stolen but gifted and a constant major annoyance for those seeking our rule, see vaccine.


So at times when our Human emotions are ignited like a flame of passion, these Reptilian souls literally jump out of the Human body as their Souls have never experienced emotion nor where they ready or prepared to as they weren't born into the Human body.


At these times their Reptilian Oura becomes momentarily visible and thus gives the illusion of shapeshifting when in fact they where scared out of their body and expelled as in a near death experience or OOBE when one views oneself from outside.


Here's a couple of links to Alex Collier videos





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