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Has anybody else joined this group on facebook? (Yeah I know but freelancers need a forum to advertise)


It's estimated 3 million people have been left out to dry without furlough or self employed support. Were you to read through the page you would learn about a of people left in despair due to having their incomes taken away due to lockdowns.



That's a huge number and although a small percentage of the population my time in the group the cognitive dissonance coming from the people who have been helped is on the levels of saying to somebody 9/11 was an inside job.


On the flip side it's good to see people in the group really turning against the politicians and the seeds of doubt growing that something needs to be done about the controller's. 


No real point to my post other than to make anybody on here like myself aware that a large number of people have been screwed as well.



Rishi Sunak is not a liked individual over there, saville levels of contempt.






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