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This Encyclopedic Book Lists EVERY Cult, Conspiracy And Secret Society On The Planet. Then It Ridicules ALL Conspiracy Theories.


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This author (Goldwag) seems to have done TONS of research, packing "Everything Cult/Secret Society/Conspiracy" into a 400 page book.


But then he starts making fun of the very notion of "believing in conspiracies". He's literally written a 400 page book to ridicule all conspiracies.


Has anyone else read this book?






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Just now, screamingeagle said:

i can't remember the name, but on the old forum was thread about a guy who "backtracked" ALL conspircies to one movie(or something like that)


think he even had a forum


I remember reading some long dot connecting thread that connected lots of films. Not sure if it was the same person, but I remember being impressed by the pattern recognition on display, especially the Angela Dorothea Merkel bits.


I wasn't a member on the legacy forum, but I remember sharing that thread with people.

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