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Wearing A Hair Piece Or Toupee


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For a joke, I decided to buy a hair piece, made in China. Cost? Ten pounds.


I was watching a lot of Dallas and Columbo episodes and kept noticing very many men wore "a rug". You can tell the 1970s pieces by the flat fringe and sort of "too good to be true" aspect. In those days, hair pieces were "in". 

The amazing part was the reaction I got. In the street, nobody seems to notice. 75 per cent feedback from those who know me was negative. One girl from Europe seemed to get the huff and said, "Well, if it makes you happy". Another European female winked and declared, " Who cares what they think". 

These days you can get pieces called "hair systems". Mine is just a net toupee that takes a minute to push on. Others are made of real hair and fitted by a hairdresser. 


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Larry Hagman and William Shatner wore "pieces" and possibly Wogan


"IDreamofLarry.com is my site. Thanks for the credit. I knew those photos looked familiar :) That's Hagman's real hair in those 1959 screen shots. His hair started receding when he was in his 20s. He resorted to a combover on I Dream of Jeannie, but often showed his bald head in the 1970s. Larry wore some HORRIBLE toupees on Dallas before getting decent ones towards the end of the series. He abandoned the fake hair in the 1990s, but still wears that cowboy hat!"

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What people do with their pate is their own business but seeing as this is an open forum i'll put my tuppence worth in....


imo a person pursuing truth is someone seeking authenticity. Part of authenticity is accepting yourself. it means recognising what your own strengths and weaknesses are and working with them to lead a fulfilled life


This includes being comfortable in your own skin and not being overly attached to an outer shell but instead shining your light from within

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