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My theory...

Scottish rebel

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Hey everyone,a good freind pointed me out to this forum,who's also a big David Icke fan,its good to be here & i hope everyones keeping well.


OK about me,im a bit of a conspiracy nut i usually keep most of my thoughts too myself as most people arent awake just yet,since the early 20th century(possibly earlier) i believe belive humanities world has been scripted by people above that we never see,awful evil people,from WW1&2,the creation of IsraHELL,the fake moon landing,the JFK murder princess Diana murders,911 up too this Covid19 malarky.


Right now were in a global PLANdemic,me & my freind whos a member on here have similiar views although our thoughts on the Corona virus differs,I believe there IS a virus out there,which is no diiferent to the flu,just with a fancy name,in no way do i believe it came from a little Chinese man eating bat soup LOL.

I personally thinkits a man made virus just like the bird flu/sars/AIDS etc,..its been tried & tested in a Wuhan lab & put out there too crreate panic,turmoil & crash our economy shutting down small buissnesses,and too keep the working class people on their knees,I also dont believe in the death numbers,if 3 people die from covid(no doubt elderey or ill health) they will exagerate the numbers 3 will rise to 300,..This virus was predicted by Al-Galdaffi many yrs ago along with the 1980 book.


Scottish rebel🍀

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ive requested a freedom of information act from cross house hospital m8, they says it can take up to 90 days !!!! 



the questions i asked were..


Could you please provide me with the amount of people that have died from Covid19 without any PRE-existing medical conditions from March 2020 till present 06/01/2021.




Also is the ICU full to capacity at the moment 06/01/2021 ? is the Hospital 95% full..



Is it normal for ICU’s  & the hospital to be full at this time of year!?



Same question for same time in

2020/2019/2018 /2017.?



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Guest Gone Fishing...
19 hours ago, Scottish rebel said:

Right now were in a global PLANdemic

Hello and welcome. 

Not many members will see this here. 

I'd suggest moving it to the Covid Section or the General Section. 

Pick one and I'll get it done. 

BC :0)


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