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Our Saviour Communism - Ordo ab Chao


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On Your Knees and Beg Our Solution


First they covertly create the problem then when desperate they overtly offer the solution. Ordo ab Chao or order out of chaos is a Masonic motto. The Coronavirus is nothing more than a cold virus as corona viruses make up about 30% of Cold viruses. It is a particularly potent strain and did cause many infections and deaths but has largely dissipated by now and is certainly not a crisis.


Each year we face new strains of the Flu and Cold and have never before managed a single viable vaccine for Coronavirus strains without sever debilitating side effects.


Once Covid-19 spread across the world, as such viruses do the models used from the science that all government's are following predicted a pandemic deadly enough to justify lockdowns for everyone where this virus really only severely effects the old and weak. The lockdown justified mass testing and with Kary Mullis dying suddenly in August 2019 his invention the PCR test was now being used to falsify test results and further justify more and more draconian measures all in the interest of Public Health.


Police forces are harassing and intimidating people, questioning everyone who they see. There is no use of discretion or reasonable cause for suspicion other than that you where unfortunate enough to cross their socio-path.


Travel has been restricted, schools closed down, businesses closed and debt is spiralling the banks could probably foreclose on half the mortgaged properties.


Along with the E.U and Brexit fighting over import and export taxes which you know in the end raises the cost to you the buyer. Food shortages are predicted, we used to mock those Russian Communist bread lines and within a few months we where queuing up for toilet paper.


What's coming is a situation that will make people not only welcome but beg for the Government's of the world to come together and form a single world government. Where every country is down on its knees, crippled by the Fascist regime grown from the response to this pandemic.


I can't see as far ahead as David Icke nor often do I dare too, but simply looking around today I can see that we are about to be brought to our knees.


As terrifying as this is this may also be one of the most important moments for humanity. A time when the true spirit of humanity will rise up from its slumber of opression, rise up and meet this monilithic Cabal head on. A Saviour will come if not in body then in spirit, in the spirit of every rebel that knows who they are and chooses freedom over servitude.


It is in times like these that we discover who we truly are and should the time come to rise up and risk it all then may the Angels steady our hearts for we will recognise our own and come judgement day fight for the freedom of humanity.




Masonic meaning of 'Ordo Ab Chao'


Of the many symbols and phrases of Freemasonry, a few mottoes are important enough to be prominently, and sometimes publicly displayed on flags, seals, or regalia. The phrase “Ordo Ab Chao,” is the motto of the 33rd degree, which can be found on the grand decorations of the Order of the Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, one of the highest honors and roles which can be bestowed upon a Mason. It is also featured on other seals and flags representing various Orders.


This phrase being depicted so prominently, particularly in relation to the 33rd degree, indicates a tremendous importance to Freemasonry. Indeed, Ordo Ab Chao, translated to “Order from Chaos,” is also associated with another latin phrase, Lux In Tenebris, which translates to “Light from Darkness.”


What is meant when we say to bring Light from darkness, or Order from chaos? Much as the operative Masons of old took the rough stone of the natural world and hewed and smoothed it in such a way as to be fit for the construction of elaborate and pristine structures such as cathedrals, so the speculative Masons of today apply the same discipline, and even the metaphor of the builder’s tools, to draw forth Order from the Chaos of their own lives and minds. Just as God is said to have made a Light to shine in the darkness which comprehended it not, so are we to be as Lights of knowledge and integrity in the darkness and ignorance of the world, even when it does not understand that Light.

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Counter Attack - A Liberal Coup


Health & Safety, the hot cousin of Political Correctness, has now become the de facto response to all forms of danger and worse still a Snowflake or cowards response to perceived danger, allowing them to hail the call for Public Safety as if its a Governments moral responsibility to decide your Safety always at the cost of your Liberty.


Individual rights are being poo poo'd that group identity politics can control the individual, they call it Democracy yet it is Mob rule where ones personal experience is invalidated unless it coincides with the groups experience a Liberal experience.


I find myself uncomfortable using terms like Liberal and Liberty however these are the terms people can identify with. The truth or big picture is that the Elites are playing both sides against each other. They Fly a two faced flag on the winds of Feudalism.


Fear leads to Anger as Anger leads to Hate


Take the Riot in the U.S Capitol and a riot is what it was. A chaotic, impromptu riot. That's what I believe is a balanced and central unbiased view. The Left say it was a Coup, an insurrection by domestic terrorists intending to take hostages and kill Liberal law makers. The Right say it was instigated by Antifa, with the rioters lead by individuals intending to cause tye maximum amount of harm to the Republican party and Trump supporters. This was obviously not organised and involving everyone that rioted. Only a few key individuals where organised, they had planned to egg on the rest of the crowd to make it seem like they had all planned a Riot or the most pathetic Coup in History where in fact it was a few that had incited the scaling of walls and break-ins, leading the crowd high on righteous liberty and justice for Trumo and their stolen Election. In this state of mind they where lead like Sheep, coerced and influenced into giving Liberal law makers exactly what they want, control of Government. Control for security, security for safety and safety from enemies. Their enemies being Trump supporters to Republicans who dont support the Liberal security agenda, if you're not with us you're against us, meaning, fight our enemies or we'll fight you.


Liberty for Security - The Devils Deal


The response is increased security and of course Liberal law makers are accusing their Republican colleagues in the House of sedition and treachery in the hopes of having them removed from Congress. Accusations that Republican law makers where seen giving tours of the House to the very rioters during the days prior to the attack. This reminds me of those random work men seen entering the World Trade towers prior to the attacks being believed to have installed the explosives that 'Pulled' those buildings down. It stinks of Spooks, Operatives whatever you want to call them, it stinks of CIA. I mean the shit they get up to but remember, they don't operate on American soil.... because, there not allowed, yeah right, as if there aren't trained Operatives working in the U.S. I remember following Trump putting pressure on on the FedEx Postal system Pelosi said, and the way she saud it really stuck with me, when asked 'Do you think this will effects mail in votes' Pelosi replied 'There's still a few things we can do'. Yet she was visibly angry, having just come from a meeting where she was told Trumps actions will go ahead, the comment was very cold as if she wouldn't comment on what they'd do but if he's going to cheat and play low ball then just wait and see what things we can do.


"There's still a few things we can do"


I've no doubt that most vote counter's where Liberal, with a group in each flip State's counting station making sure Biden would win. I'm sure there are checks but given the way every Trump supporting Vote monitor was treated in every counting station in every State then its obvious they arranged for many people, who believing just as hard as the those far Right Qanon reading crazies believe in Trump, these far Left Quinoa eating babies believe that heI must be stopped at all costs to prevent a second Civil war. This kind of belief justifies the worst kind of behaviour as both sides truly believe they are righteous and fighting an Evil, that no matter the cost, must absolutely be stopped.


Bolshevik, Bulletproof Biden


It would make sense that an assassination attempt on Biden takes place so that Biden must retire due to medical issues, stepping down so that Kamala Harris becomes President the Liberals now have the perfect reason to take on their Republican Kryptonite, Gun control for they well know that 'A well-armed populace is the best defense against tyranny'. No matter how many school shootings, real or theatre, street killings, Gangs, Cartels etc they never can take Guns out of the hands of Americans.... predominantly Republican Americans.


Eitherway, they want a female President. They want full control that they can assure Liberty and Justice for All, however many don't believe their means justify the ends, the ends being heaven for some and he'll for others.


America Today, the World Tomorrow


America is an image of the coming world. America leads the world as a symbol of Liberty and Freedom. Ghandi and the Dalai Lama both said, 'Western Women will lead the coming changes of the world', and 'The world will be saved by the western woman'.


Fairy Tales begin Tragically


These prophetic statements are in line with the changes taking place in America and across the world. As we enter this, the new age of Aquarius, we attract powers such as 'Out with the Old in with the New, No Sin with permission, knowing not believing and most amazing of all is the rising of the Feminine Spirit to match the Masculine in harmony and balance. For ages the Feminine Spirit has been lost to the world on whole, dominated by its Masculine counterpart. This has allowed Man to conquer an unite the world, bringing world travel and global communications, Man has truly conquered and dominated the Earth but as this Masculine Spirit has no more hills to Conquer it ends up fighting to conquer itself. Therfor it is high time Man reconciles himself with the Spirit of the Earth, the sacred Feminine spirit that brings harmony, understanding and balance to all. She is the Princess in the Tallest Tower, Guarded by the Dragon. The Female spirit in tower of the mind guarded by the beast of Mans Ego. She is Snow White, watched over by seven Dwarfs. The unconscious Feminine spirit watched over by the seven consciousness of Man. Anger, Sloth and Happy etc. All seven may be transmuted from vice to virtue in order to awaken our Feminine spirit back to consciousness, thus saving Snow White, awakening Sleeping Beauty, slaying the Dragon that beast of the masculine ego and the seven vices we harbour and turning them into Chakras of virtue that Mans Kundalini may rise the Spine like a Phoenix, the Prince ascending the Tallest Tower, climbing Rapunzels Golden hair, saving the Sacred Femenine with true loves first Kiss. Yes, indeed there was Alchemical wisdom within those Fairy Taless as with the Myths of Greece and Rome and the stories of the Bible, yes the greatest knowledge of all is that of the Tree of Life and the ascension of Spirit to its life giving Fruits.


Balance leads to Harmony as Harmony leads to Peace


Only when the Masculine and Feminine spirits are in harmony and in balance can they rise up the sacred Tree of Life, our beautiful, intricate and wholly unique system of Nerves and Glands, that when used without knowledge, will support life for a number of years. Death is said to be the wages of Sin and Sin is all that which is un-harmonious and out of balance with Nature. For such Sin, instead of regeneration as we see in childhood, we get degradation as seen in the aged. However when used with knowledge your nervous system, it's Glands and secretions, when in balance and consciously used correctly forgoing lust, anger, gluttony etc can not only heal the body but fully regenerate it and not just back to health but to youth and vitality. The life giveng properties of our generative organs can be made to regenerate oneself when used properly in harmony with the two principal spirits in Man, the Masculine and Feminine the Yin & Yang.


Wisdom of the Serpent


Only when these two spirits are balanced can we ascend, only with harmony can they rise up in support of one another. This understanding extends to all. All peoples and the all the world we live in, for today in times such as this, times of great upheaval and unrest, is there the most opportunity to effect positive change so that finally, finally all of Mankind can for the very first time in Human History, say these the most beautiful words a race can hope to believe in together, words that speak of a peace, a lasting peace, words of a true peace, a most noble and just peace, its a peace for all, for all time and all peoples, it is..... A World Peace.




In order for Mans two principal spirits to ascend, they must rise together, in perfect harmony and balance. Only together can we reach for Heaven.

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