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Divide and conquer


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Covid is the ultimate unquestionable divide and conquer. Can some one help me how the hell am I supposed to live when my relationship is basically destroyed by this covid lark. We have completely different views.


My mrs. has a colostomy so she believes in anything science and medicine gives, she’s tried experimental medication and everything. I won’t be tested or vaccinated, but we both want to travel and immigrate. Now all we do is debate, we can’t even talk about what’s going on anymore. How are you supposed to live and have a healthy relationship like that? I’m waking up every day still in complete shock about what’s going on and I can’t even talk to the person I live with about it. We can’t support each other’s views, how can we live like that?


It’s quite easy to see how people don’t want to live in this world anymore, and I’m still able to go to work right now... god knows where I would be otherwise. Can people not see no amount of lockdown or restrictions is worth taking peoples jobs and businesses and freedom away. Mental health will be the biggest killer of this covid age 

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