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The Flu That Changed the World


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The Flu or Influenza, as it was believed that it was caused by the influence of the stars, has been a part of everyones life. Whether you've had it or know someone who has, whether you're old and receive Flu shots everyone knows that the Flu is just part of life and its not going anywhere.


Occasionally the Flu may mutate into a much stronger strain as each year a new strain is expected. The problem is when a severely potent strain wreaks havoc infecting and more killing people than ever before.


Corona viruses make up around 30% of cold viruses. We've never been able to create a vaccine to these corona viruses and attempts have resulted in severe and disabling side effects.


One hundred years ago the Spanish Flu spread across the world with plague like results. Today with SARS, MERS and Ebola serving to provide all the data the models are using to perpetrate the current pandemic, with the correct application of false positives from flawed mass testing, deaths being recorded as Covid deaths when death for any reason within 28 days of an asymptomatic false positive test result is recorded and all this false data being used to justify draconian laws to inhibit the peoples freedom all under the guise of public health.


We are assuredly in an age of control, ignoring and deceit. However if the tests are false, why not get 1,000 people to take 10 tests each at different places. Why not take you fixed notice fines to court and demand proof of the virus, proof lockdowns are effective, proof masks are effective and proof all this public safety nonsense isnt just an excuse to destroy our freedoms.


What do you think the reason for all this is. Restricting travel, Vaccinating the masses, silencing dissenters etc. What do you think they will do once we are down on our knees. An Alien attack, a world communist government, a new religion. Who knows, all I know is that this is damned uncomfortable and there is evil spreading out upon the face of the Earth and taking over the light.


Where is our Saviour?

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