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does common law not apply to women ?

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😆 that is definitely not true.  There is information available on the net, some easier to find then others depending on where you are situated.
Avoid anything that mentions the constitution, its just a corporate document. 

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Law in enforced, by humans, and that means its always going to be stacked against the male.


Police mainly are most concerned about most dangerous and violent people. More often then not, they tend to be male, but not always. Females would have to do something really bad, compared to man, to get same punishment as the male.


Police are called law enforcement, and law enforcement main concern is people being violent to others. More often then not, thats males, but not always, there is quite a alot of violent females.


Laws are enforced by humans, and that means that humans do have biased ideas on how to enforce it.


This is why more often then not, the female is believed over the male, but plenty of times, its the females fault. Females that are bad abuse this position, and always have.


Just because a law exists does not mean, police will prosecute over it. They are most concerned with people being violent on the streets, and to others, and more often then not, thats males.

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