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Talk radio......the station of free speech


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After the ban by Youtube was lifted I was amazed at some ALL of the presenters’ reactions and of course the dicks that are ‘allowed’ to talk to them. What a joke they are. Freedom of speech must be allowed they all chant. How can Youtube be allowed to stop freedom of speech they asked.

What a joke! Yep you have freedom of speech on Talk radio as long as you do not question the PCR test, question NHS bed occupancy or Covid19 or it’s vaccine.

What the hell is happening? Surely the presenters know they are talking shite? Can they really be that brainwashed? It’s not just Talk radio, it’s f——-g everywhere in the MSM. I just do not get it. Why the hell can they not see what is happening?

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I am a daily listener to this station. Talk radio is as close to non-controlled main stream radio as it gets. They question 'case numbers', 'hospial admissions' and 'deaths' but stop short in saying Covid is just seasonal flu. Dolan got disciplined over cutting up a face nappy on air a couple of months ago. The most alarming thing about some of their politician or civil servant guests is how these liars can just spout off alarmist quotes like 'cases doubling', 'unprescedented pressure on hospital's' and the rest of the BBC brainwash crap, when JHB just hands their asses to them using ONS and PHE official figures to the contrary! Shocking!

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