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Earth can be both flat and a globe simultaneously...


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That the Earth is a globe is undeniable but it may be possible for it to also be flat at the same time. 


Imagine, if you will, the Earth is a flat piece of rock hurtling through space at a significant fraction of the speed of light, consequent of the big bang and we exist on the forward facing plane of that rock. 


Relativity shows that matter gains mass the closer to the speed of light it travels, with increasingly massive amounts of energy required to try to increase speed.


Objects with large masses traveling near the speed of light can slow spacetime and curve space around itself. 


Imagine again if you will that the Earth is travelling very near the speed of light and consequently has enough mass to curve the very space it exists within. That flat Earth could then be curved into the appearance of a ball with us existing on the outer plane.


If you're still following this lol, a couple of things about Earth could be explained if what you've just imagined were actually true...


Gravity. Stuff falls to the ground. Or does it...? Einstein said that there is no force acting on falling objects to pull them towards the Earth and that it was as if the Earth was travelling up to meet the object that was simply at a fixed point in space until the Earth arrived and pushed it along again. 


If we exist on the forward face of a moving flat rock and we jump into the air that moving rock would travels up to meet us but to us it would appear that we were pulled down to the rock by 'gravity'. If the flat rock is so massive it has curved the space it exists within in on itself that flat Earth would be curved too with that space. It would remain flat and travelling with us on the forward facing plane but due to curvature would appear to us to be globular. 


We could jump into the air at any point on the surface of the Earth and the Earth would still be travelling up to meet us because it is fundamentally flat and travelling forward but existing as a globe in curved space.


Would explain too why the surface of the globe Earth doesn't knit together very well at certain points around that surface and why science has never been able to detect a graviton...


Personally, I'm not really bothered if the Earth is flat or round lol, but having a lazy coffee this morning in our lockdowned dystopia, I found the closed flat Earth thread and had a bit of a ponder about it. Please feel free to correct my reasoning with reasoning of your own and hopefully I will learn something 🙂


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2 hours ago, Johnnysmithy said:


Interesting idea but wouldn't there be signs of the orbiting bodies slowing down and lagging behind the sun after 4+ billion years of it happening? Also, wouldn't the flight path of far flung spacecraft like Voyager, traveling outside of the solar system, reveal the effect in comparison by being free of our system?


Objects travelling at or very near the speed of light is key still though. Perhaps a sun traveling vorticentrically would also pull the curved space around itself along as it travels and consequently the planets in that curved space?

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