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Philip K Dick is D.Icke? The amazing similarities


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Philip K Dick wrote about many strange things.

Coincidences, re-occurring faces and names, time travel, seeing in to the future, deja vu, alternate realities and timelines, ideas from the gnostic religion, autism/schizophrenia and their abilities etc. In some of his books he mentions out of control governments and corporations. 



The author Anthony Peake wrote a biography about Philip K Dick.

He is also an author who writes about strange coincidences, dreams, alternate realities and people who can glimpse the future and he also got many of his ideas from gnosticism. 


Amazingly, Philip K Dick wrote a book and the main character was called Anarch Peak, a religious figure who had strange ideas about reality. Author Anthony Peake tries to explain by saying Philip K Dick was a precog, and could glimpse his future, and that time does not travel forwards or backwards, it simply existed, and in his reality he must have glimpsed the existence of Anthony Peak.




In Icke's latest book in one chapter, he also makes many references to the gnostic religion and how time and reality are not as they appear to be. It basically read's like the book Valis, where P K Dick explores the nature of reality. 

We also have the bizarre coincidence that both men have in many ways the same name,

D Icke is basically Dick.



As a side note: David Wilcock and Graham Hancock partially share the same name and write about many of the same things.

Amazingly, Wilcock also wrote a book about coincidences, time, re-occurring life events and synchronicities and has even interviewed Graham Hancock.














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Nice. I like PKD. I've read a lot of his books. The man was definitely able to channel an understanding of the future. 'Flow my tears,the Policeman Said' and ' The Penultimate Truth' are certainly prescient. Valis is mind bending. Especially given the circumstances of its conception. He'd definitely be on my 'dead' dinner guests list. 


I've also recently read Anthony Peakes 'The Hidden Universe'. Very interesting concepts and similar to 'The Eighth Tower' by John Keel. 


I'd like to have a look at Icke's book collection and see if there is any PKD in it....

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